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Continuity mistake: As Rachel is preparing the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, she places the knife on top of the open PB jar in a closeup, yet in the very next shot the knife has disappeared, the reappears again. (01:23:15)

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Continuity mistake: When Rachel goes in to Max's bathroom, all the water falls down from the ceiling drenching everything, but then Max comes in, and takes a dry brown towel off the rail to wrap around Aidan. Also, the white towels behind them are bone dry too. (00:46:05)

Continuity mistake: Rachel prepares some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then brings them into the lounge. She then takes a bite out of it. Then, when she takes the second bite, the first bite she took has gone. (01:24:10)

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Trivia: When Rachel is talking to Dr. Temple, the name 'Dr. Kôji' is cited as someone who treated Rachel for PPD. This is an in-joke, because the author of the original book, Ring, as well as its sequels Spiral and Loop, is called Kôji Suzuki. (00:52:15)

Trivia: Daveigh Chase declined to appear in the sequel because of the small amount of screentime. She appears in the movie via archive footage from the first movie, and her stunt double from the first movie, Kelly Stables, plays evil Samara in this movie.

Trivia: At the end when the camera slowly zooms out of the house, look at the moon. It is the same shape as the opening of the well when Rachel is in it. (01:38:30)

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Aidan Keller: She came looking for me. That means she loves me.

Aidan Keller: Let's watch some TV together.
Rachel Keller: It's kind of late, Honey. Don't you think you should sleep?
Aidan Keller: I never sleep.
Rachel Keller: Then let Mommy make you something.

Evelyn: It was you! You did it.
Rachel Keller: What did I do?
Evelyn: You let the dead get in.

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Question: What was the point in Rachel jumping off the cliff?

Chosen answer: It was the only way out. She followed Aiden's voice to the cliff and kept hearing it from the same direction. She knew she had to jump off to get back to the real world.

Question: What was with the dear attacking Rachel's car? Was is something to do with the pile of antlers in the Morgan's basement? If it was, why were the dear attacking HER?

Chosen answer: The deer were attacking the car because Aiden was in the car. Aiden was possed by Samara at the time and Samara makes animals go crazy.

Question: If Samara was possessing Aidan, who was possessing Samara as a baby? She couldn't have possessed herself.

Chosen answer: Samara wasn't posssessed as a baby. She herself was evil.

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