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Answer: It was cancelled due to declining ratings. Season Two had about half as many viewers as Season One.

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Question: Why did the Dementors attack Dudley?

Answer: Dementors are blind and can only sense a human by feeling their emotions. They were sent to attack Harry but couldn't tell the difference between him and Dudley so both were attacked. They don't care about collateral damage and are all too eager to suck up someone's emotions or soul.


Answer: She recognized Farhad wearing the Jersey number.

Answer: As soon as Davian escaped, Hunt realised Julia could be in danger and tried to call her cellphone. When she didn't answer he called their house, and her brother told Ethan "some English guy" was looking for him and he had told him the hospital where Julia worked. Posing as a paramedic, the English guy found Julia at the hospital and put a sedative patch on her arm, then smuggled her out on a gurney covered with a sheet - he is walking out as Ethan runs into the hospital.

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Sedative patch? Where would the English guy get the sedative patch?

He's a kidnapper. They have related gear.

Answer: Carol Anne Susi played the character in both appearance and voice. Susi passed away in real life on November 11, 2014, which is why in the show Mrs. Wolowitz also passes away.


Question: In Rocky II we're told Rocky suffered an eye injury, a detached retina. However, in this film that's suddenly no longer an issue. What happened in between?

Answer: A detached retina can be fixed with surgery, and since Rocky is now well-off, we can assume he did just that.

The Queen's Justice - S7-E3

Question: When Jon Snow and Davos visited Daenerys on Dragonstone, at some point, Varys runs in and whispers to her. Then she said something in Dothraki to a Dothraki who was there. What exactly did she say? The subtitle is missing here. Other foreign lines were included but not this. (00:17:35)

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: According to the Dothraki Wiki (!), she says: "Idriso jin mahrazhis gacheshaan mori. Ti morea chek, vosma vitihiri mora." = "Escort these men to their rooms. Treat them well, but keep an eye on them."

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Question: Is there any particular reason the ghosts are still there after Tangina has declared the place clean, other than these are just the biggest, baddest ghosts on the block? I'm fine with that explanation but I always wondered if there was more to it.


Answer: Tangina may have believed the house was "clean," but the dark spirit she called the "Beast" was more powerful than she realised and was preventing the other spirits from moving on. The real estate development that the Freelings' house was built on was supposed to be a former cemetery. However, no-one, including Tangina, knew that the bodies were still buried there (the developers had only moved the tombstones) and was why the spirits were angry.

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Question: When Professor McGonagall acquires a Nimbus 2000 for Harry, that's pretty much the state-of-the-art broom, and very expensive (given no-one else has apparently got one, and only the wealthy Malfoys can afford the next-gen 2001's in the second film). It seems unlikely for a teacher, or a school, to buy an untried first year a state-of-the-art broom when the school is generally muddling along with old cast-offs that he could have used. Who paid for Harry's Nimbus 2000?

Answer: Prof. McGonagall personally bought the Nimbus 2000 as an anonymous gift for Harry, though he knew it was from her. The Nimbus 2000 may have been too pricey for Hogwarts to buy for all four Quidditch teams, but it was not beyond what most wizard families could afford for their own children. Lucius Malfoy was rich and could afford to buy the entire Slytherin Quidditch team the more expensive brooms, which he provided as a bribe for Draco being made the new Seeker. Up until then, all teams used school brooms, though some individual players may have had their own. It's unclear what the rules are about what brooms can or cannot be used.

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Question: Why didn't Scar just kill Simba himself right after Mufasa died?

Answer: That would have been a little too suspicious, if both Simba and Mufasa died in the same stampede and Scar, who's made no secret of his desire to rule, declared himself king. It helped him solidify his claim to have Simba go into exile, seemingly renouncing his own right to Mufasa's throne, clearing the way for Scar, as Mufasa's brother, to take it for himself. Making Simba the scapegoat for Mufasa's death didn't hurt, either.

Answer: Scar didn't tell them Simba killed his father and went into exile. He blamed the stampede for both deaths. Hence, when Simba returns Scar brings up Simba's role in Mufasa's death.

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Question: Many times Hogan and company manage to actually escape Stalag 13, especially at night. If they can escape so easily, then why doesn't everybody in the whole Stalag do it and head to an American Embassy?

Answer: The core POWs regularly escaped and returned to the prison camp because they made it their mission to conduct espionage and commit sabotage in the surrounding German territory. They also collaborated with different underground resistance groups and used a network of secret tunnels to help prisoners from other POW camps to escape, who then relayed vital information back to the Allied forces. Hogan and his men maintained the illusion that Stalag 13 had never had any prisoners escape in order to avoid their covert operations being shut down. Being that the prison camp is set in Germany during WWII, there were no American embassies.

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Hogan has mentioned to different characters that they are actually stationed at Stalag 13 to help allied soldiers and prisoners from other Stalags to escape Germany.

Answer: Agree with the other answer but would add that while the entire cast thought Robert Shaw was a charming and pleasant man, his chronic alcoholism caused problems and tensions on the set. I remember a TV interview with Richard Dreyfuss saying he once lost his patience with Shaw during the production, strongly telling him to just stop drinking after Shaw commiserated about his problem. That may have been the source of the feud rumor.

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Answer: Simply put, they didn't; rumors of a feud between them got blown out of proportion over the years. Richard Dreyfuss himself said that he and Shaw got on famously throughout the shoot, and that there was one altercation between them that was an isolated incident. "It's not true, and where that started I don't know, but trust me, Robert Shaw wouldn't countenance that idea of a feud, forget it." You can read the interview with Dreyfuss from 2019 here:

Question: Eddie reveals that he's not even a direct descendant of the original staff but was actually adopted. Why would the Darkness still try to kill Eddie even though he had no ties to the staff or institute?

Answer: The Darkness thought he was lying to save himself, everyone killed had the seven deadly sins. Greed, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath and Pride.

Question: When Wanda uses her powers on Tony, he sees his friends lying dead on the ground. Later, Tony says that what he saw was something that was actually going to happen? Why would Tony believe that the deaths of the other Avengers is something that would actually come true? Wanda was very good at messing with his mind so, she could have made him believe that their deaths would occur.

Answer: What Wanda did was to amplify Tony's existing anxiety about failing to protect his friends and the world. He was probably already having dreams and thoughts to that effect before encountering Wanda - when she used her powers on him, the resulting vision was so vivid, but in keeping with his previous fears, that Tony was convinced it was an actual premonition of the future.

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Question: Isn't that tunnel (a new addition to Homer's story) bordering on the unlikely or stupid? The Trojans have a tunnel, it was nearly discovered, so on Priam's orders, they close it off "just in case." But later, the city is very desperate. Yet they don't reopen it until the city has already fallen. Secondly, at which time the Greeks are waiting for them at the far end, having found out at some point. Neither side uses a perfectly good tunnel?

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Question: I read that, according to Margot Kidder, when working on this movie, Christopher Reeve and Sidney J. Furie didn't get along at all. Is this true? If it is true, then what was the reason behind their feud in the first place?

Answer: There appears to be multiple reasons. They had creative differences, ultimately resulting in a poorly received movie. Kidder said Reeves, who co-wrote the story, had an inflated ego and clashed with Furie.

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Question: In the first film, society was still functioning; there was still law enforcement and a criminal justice system, there were still hospitals, businesses and a news media. However, in this film there is no law and order at all, it's all chaos and kill-or-be-killed. What happened in between films?

Answer: There was a global war causing civilization to collapse after oil supplies were nearly depleted. The world then fell into a state of barbarism.

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Answer: There was a war over oil which included nuclear warfare and the complete loss of civilization. People ended up like the biker gangs, loners like Max or the Refinery people who were trying to get to the presumably safe northern areas of Australia. In the narration the old man tells the whole story.

Answer: In the opening scene, the narrator explains about the fall of civilization with clips of war and social collapse.

Question: Where did the boy and horse get fresh water to drink?

Answer: Alec collected rain water whenever he could.

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Question: It's never explained why Bobby would ever even consider going into business with Jeff? It's not as if Jeff is some great business mind. The entire Dearly family has no respect for him and treat him like a buffoon. There's absolutely no reason given for why Bobby would ever set foot on their property, much less inside their house.

Answer: [Continued] Bobby may have had a better "presentation of self" than Jeph and LOOKED smarter, but he had his own deficiencies (plus mowed over Peaches, losing that contract, and intended to kill Jeph, not Mona). Would a stranger (outsider) be willing to enter a business agreement with Bobby? When choosing someone you have known for years, you have a good idea of what to expect from that person and might have fewer doubts and face fewer unknowns (such as whether the person can be trusted). Partnering with a stranger can be a very risky endeavor. When starting a business, there's no guarantee that you will be successful. Landscaping businesses/ jobs involve hard physical labor - something a lot of people are not interested in doing, so Bobby may not have had (m) any potential candidates with the exception of Jeph.


Answer: I doubt anyone can give THE answer with any degree of certainty. This may be why your question hasn't been anwered yet. One possible answer lies in the film's setting, Verplanck, NY. In real life, Verplanck is a small area (less than ONE square mile) with maybe 300 houses within the city of Cortlandt. Such an area, where "everyone knows everyone else," is classified as a hamlet (smaller than a village). Household/ family income probably falls below the U.S. median. In the movie, residents were portrayed as poor and not very intelligent (read: dimwitted, "Forest Gump smart" or "idiots"). Jeph and Bobby were part of this close-knit community and probably had more similarities than differences. Bobby didn't even have money to start the business - his brother Murph put up his half. Who would become business partners with someone who didn't have the start-up money? Someone in the hamlet who needed a job and could get money from his parents - Jeph. [Why would Jeph partner with Bobby?].


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Question: Would Eddie have actually been able to become a cop? In earlier episodes, he is drunk and has even got in trouble with the law several times, which resulted in him being arrested.

Answer: Having an arrest on your record will not disqualify you. Only a conviction will count against you because in the United States, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. And even then most police forces will only consider felony convictions or specific misdemeanors such as theft as disqualifiers.


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