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Question: I am positive I remember a scene in Annie from when I was little where they took her shopping and then another scene maybe with the shopping packages piled in the car. I can't find this anywhere now. Did I dream this?

Answer: I pretty sure I've seen that scene too, when I first saw the movie, but haven't seen it in broadcast airings. They always edit scenes for time. When they air "Scream 3," they cut out the scene where Patrick Dempsey says, "All I know about movie trilogies is in the third film. All bets are off."

Question: During the mink fight scene, Buddy pulls Dave up and falls backwards. Was this scripted?

Question: Why was Linus with them when they went to steal the pinch if he was just supposed to sit in the van and do nothing?

Answer: It's not explicit in the film but it would have been prudent to bring someone to stay in the van and act as backup in case something went wrong.

The Junk Mail - S9-E5

Question: When Kramer is at the post office, Newman tells his co-worker to take her three-hour break, and she walks away. Is she really going to take a break for three hours?

Answer: This is probably riffing on a stereotype that postal workers are lazy, and taking a break for three hours is not unusual for them.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: When Karl and Hans shoot all the glass in the office, why didn't they follow the blood trail left by John and then kill him?

Answer: Karl wanted too, but Hans said, "Forget him, we got what we wanted." The detonator caps, to blow up the of the top building. They were on a tight schedule, to use the explosion, killing the hostages, leaving the police to think the terrorists were killed. Despite everything McClane did, they still thought of him as an annoying distraction, not worth their effort to find him.

Question: At the end of movie there is a 2 story building with a porch and a small boat or canoe next to it, Where is that building?

Answer: It was an abandoned boat house, a storage place for marine equipment. Oars, nets, fishing gear. Since it was winter, the hit man knew nobody would be there.

Question: After Frank survives the Buxton fire, John rings his mom and goes through to her voicemail. The next day he tries again and gets through to a Deli (obviously because his mom has been killed and therefore someone else has what would've been her phone number). How did this work exactly? His mom died a long time ago from his perspective, one day isn't going to make a difference since it happened in the past. Can anyone explain this or is it a plot hole?

Answer: John calls his mom, which goes to voicemail, before he uses the ham radio where he ends up talking to his dad. At that point, the timeline hadn't changed, his mom was still alive and his dad still died when he was a kid. The timeline changes (along with getting new memories) after his dad decided to listen to John's advice and make different choices.


Answer: There are 30 years separating Frank and John, but it seems that the timelines are parallel and unfolding at the same time. Example: if something happens on October 10th 1969 at noon for Frank, any repercussions from that will unfold for John at October 10th 1999 at noon. We see evidence of this when Frank burns the desk, when he survives the fire, when he shoots Jack's hand off, etc. After Frank survives the fire, he comes home and has a conversation with John. After they talk, John calls his mother (Julia) and gets her answering machine. Then, keeping in mind this is happening in a parallel sense, young Julia in 1969 saves the life of her killer, setting in motion a new future in which she is killed. It is then when a sleeping John in 1999 starts getting memories of his mother's funeral. So, when he called and got her machine earlier, she had not yet saved her killer's life in her timeline. After she does save his life, John wakes up and tries to call her, but gets the deli instead.


Question: When McClane crashes the bicycle into the bad guy, as he's trying to get back up airport police hold a gun on him and ask him for his ID (allowing the bad guy to get away) The airport police was with the janitor who let John into baggage area in the first place. He could've collaborated with John' story and confirmed he saw his ID previously but instead he just stands there smiling. Why would he not tell the airport police they've got the wrong person straight away?

Answer: As Captain Lorenzo explains (in very colorful language) what McClane does is improper. He has no authority to order the janitor to let him in an employee-only area by flashing a badge from the LAPD. All the janitor knows is that some cop (not airport police) showed his badge and asked to be let into the baggage area, which should sound suspicious to airport police right off the bat. It is likely they intended to detain anyone they saw in the baggage area, including McClane, and confirm their ID. The airport police officer apologizes once McClane's badge is found (off-screen) and gives it back to him, saying "Sorry, officer. Had to check." Even after all this Lorenzo suspects the men were simply stealing luggage and castigates McClane for getting into a shoot-out and killing a man on a hunch, especially since he has no jurisdiction in the airport.


Question: How much time passes between the party for Anthony's first communion and Michael's testifying before the senate committee?

Question: Why doesn't Dr Gordon and Adam try to cut through the pipes that their chains are attached to?

Answer: They do. That's how Adam breaks the blade on his saw. There is even a mistake listed here where it switched from cutting the chain to cutting the lock.

Ssiscool Premium member

The Caddy - S7-E12

Question: When Elaine pointed out that her gift for Sue Ellen was a bra, not a top, Sue Ellen said she knew that. So why was she wearing it as a top anyway - and not wearing bras underneath her clothes before?

Answer: She's a woman utterly unashamed of her body, not afraid to go braless or to wear a bra in lieu of a top.

Brian Katcher

Harry and the Tramp - S6-E4

Question: I swear when this episode first aired, Bull broke Roz's Mr. T coffee mug. I remember seeing it with gold chains hanging off it. When I just watched the rerun, it was just an ordinary floral cup and Mr. T was never mentioned. Did they film two versions?

Brian Katcher

Question: How did McLoughlin's team not see the second plane hit the South Tower? The South Tower is still intact when they first arrive at the WTC. Surely in the time it would take to organize a team to drive down to the complex and enter, the plane would've struck.


Question: After giving Dudley a pig's tail, Hagrid asks Harry not to tell anyone as he's not allowed to do magic outside of Hogwarts. Why can the other teachers do magic outside of Hogwarts but Hagrid can't?

Answer: As the other answer says Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts 49 years previously as people thought he was releasing the monster that killed Myrtle. Once expelled his wand was snapped by a Ministry official. Hagrid then, unbeknownst to the Ministry, kept the two parts of the wand and at some point used Spello-tape to rejoin them. He keeps them in his pink umbrella and uses that as a "wand." While he isn't allowed to use magic he was granted a few little bits of magic to find and retrieve Harry to bring him into the wizarding world.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts as a boy, and is technically not even supposed to have a wand. He's not a teacher, either (yet).

Brian Katcher

Question: In the divination class where Hermione walks out, what exactly is she up to when she says "The Grim, possibly"?

Answer: She was being sarcastic to the professor about her predictions, thinking that it's all just guesswork. She doesn't believe in divination and walks out because she feels it is wasting her time. And she was insulted, of course.


The Mural - S3-E12

Question: When James is arguing with Mr. Hewitt over his decision not to pay JJ, at one point James says "You're gonna pay him Boojie." I never understood who or what is a "Boojie"?

Answer: He says "bourgie", from the word bourgeois. Basically it's a derogatory term or insult for someone who is or acts middle class and acts like they're better than the working class or blue collar people. He's saying just because you can't relate to The Mural doesn't mean it doesn't have value.


Question: Why did Vince say "Don't be a slob don't get a job"? How does that make sense for high schoolers? Isn't it a good thing for them to get a job?

Answer: On the radio we hear Vince Fontaine say, "Get out of bed. It's the first day of school. Don't be a slob. Don't get a job. Go back to class. You can pass!" Vince is advising his teen listeners to go back to class on the first day of school. That they should not be a high school drop-out and get a job (full-time), but instead to stay in school and they can pass their classes. Vince doesn't mean the teenagers who have part-time jobs while they're going to high school.

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Question: If the shooter's plan was to be a good person and take down the scum of society then why did he slit the pizza man's throat?

Answer: He said it, but didn't mean it. He's a psychopath, they have warped minds, believing in their own lies.

Show generally

Question: Throughout the whole show Gomer Pyle's rank stays as Private First Class. With how long he had been in the Marines, why was he never given a promotion to a higher rank?

Answer: If you saw the whole series run, you know that Gomer was a country bumpkin. He fumbled, stumbled and tumbled his way into one disaster after another. There was an episode that questioned why he was never promoted. However, a few years before Jim Nabors died, the real Marine Corps, gave him a ceremonial promotion to the rank of Lance Corporal, which Jim gladly accepted.

Unfortunately, I never saw all the episodes. Only a few episodes and a clip of the episode where he sings "The Impossible Dream" which made me wonder why he was still a PFC. Thanks so much for the info.

Question: Why was Kat sent to juvie for pushing the bully down the stairs when it was self-defense as she was literally being assaulted and kicked to the ground?

Cody Fairless-Lee

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