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Question: Why do the Owens go to the doctors to have their mail read? Even a small town like Grady would have a librarian, not to mention they certainly have friends who can read.

Brian Katcher

Answer: That's just the long-standing relationship they had with Doc Hogue and assumed it would continue with Dr. Stone. Hogue was more than a doctor to the town folk. He was a strong father-figure that everyone felt they could go to for a variety of reasons. Also, this is a comedy film, so the characters and their situations are deliberately cliched and quirky.

raywest Premium member

Two Heads Are Better Than None - S4-E14

Question: Who screams the second time when Kenan tries to question Kel about the first scream?


Answer: Kel.

Question: If the wormhole was sent to help the human race, why put it out by Saturn? If it was meant to encourage humanity to redevelop spaceflight, it could have done that closer to earth.

Answer: It was never explained, so any answer is speculative. However, as a plot symbolism, Wiki Fandom suggests: Saturn is the Roman god of the harvest and visually impressive; it makes sense for the wormhole to be there thematically. As possible homage, Saturn's orbit is where the Monolith was in 2001: A Space Odyssey as well (in the book only; in the movie it was Jupiter). Saturn's rings also mimic the shape of the accretion disk around Gargantua.

raywest Premium member

Question: Where do all the drones go?

Answer: They are shown descending down from a satellite. It's reasonable to say they return to space when not in use. And also they can just encase themselves in more illusions to stay hidden regardless of where they go.

Quantom X Premium member

Happiness - S4-E10

Question: Tobin Bell starred in this episode, as what character?

Answer: According to IMDB, he was Charles.

Question: How did Shredder escape the back of a garbage truck after it was turned on by Casey Jones?

Answer: He didn't escape. He just managed to survive somehow. Hence, we see him escaping at the dump after the truck drops off the garbage.


Then how exactly was he not crushed while inside a garbage truck?

Athletic Jason

People have survived (badly injured) in real life. Being crushed in a garbage truck is very dangerous but can be survivable depending on how much and what sort of garbage is in there, when the victim gets rescued and what medical care they get afterward. Also Shredder is a movie supervillain in armour so he is stronger and better protected than the average person.

Question: Here are a couple of questions: 1) Let's say Anakin let Mace Windu slay Chancellor Palpatine / Darth Sidious. If that happened, would Anakin have been kicked off the Jedi Council because Windu told Anakin to wait at the Jedi Temple and not interfere? 2) Would Anakin have been promoted to Jedi Master if he stayed behind and let Windu kill Palpatine? You would think that because prior to that Windu tells Anakin, "you will have gained my trust."

Answer: 1) It is unlikely given the situation that had Windu killed Palpatine, Anakin would be punished at all for defying Windu. It would only have helped Windu's case that he wasn't assassinating Palpatine because Anakin was now a witness. 2) Likely he would have been promoted, the darkness that surrounded Anakin and his unusual relationship with Palpatine is all that kept him from achieving the rank.


Question: After an examination, Patrick, Anne and Dennis are told that as part of the quarantine, they can't have sex for ten days. Why? Excluding the fact that Patrick and Anne had been infected, what would happen to all three if they had sex before the quarantine was up?

Answer: Nothing would happen to them. The restriction on sexual activity was to keep them from spreading any potential contaminants through bodily fluids. It's nonsense because there are plenty of ways to spread bodily fluids that don't involve sexual contact and 10 days seems arbitrary, but it fits with the overall erotic themes of the film series to have the quarantine specify no sexual intercourse.


Question: Why is Peggy Wood's face in shadows the entire time sing she is singing "Climb every mountain?" One cannot see her face at all until the very end of the song. During the other songs everyone else got a full face shot. I feel like she wasn't getting full credit.

Answer: This was probably a deliberate artistic choice. Mother Abbess (Peggy Wood) is singing the song directly to Maria, telling her to follow her dream and not remain cloistered in the convent (in the shadows like her). The strongest lighting is always on Maria's face, and she is framed in a pyramid shape of light on the wall, always keeping the audience's focus on her.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The director explains this choice in his commentary on the DVD. He'd seen a stage version where the presence of the Mother Abbess was too dominant during 'Climb Every Mountain' and he wanted to make sure that didn't happen in his film. So he focused more on the setting and on Maria's face and reactions.

Question: After the scene where Jack convinces Kenny to give up his "woobie" for a couple days, he's in the kitchen and throws some noodle like things into a boiling pan. They immediately boil up and start to go in every direction soon looking like a mop head. What was it he threw in that pan and why did it react that way?

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: Deep-fried rice noodles. I believe they're known as cellophane noodles. That's actually how they react. You heat oil in a pan and when the noodles hit the oil they "explode" like what you see in the film.

Jason Hoffman

Christopher - S4-E3

Question: How could Bobby be talking to Karen when she had just died in the car accident? he was stuck in traffic talking to her on the phone, and the traffic was caused by her accident, so she would already be dead.

Answer: Bobby Jr. was talking to his son (Bobby III) on the phone, not Karen. Karen couldn't get a hold of Bobby Jr, so she called her son and told him to give his dad a message. For whatever reason, Bobby III waited to call his dad (perhaps he couldn't get a hold of him at first as well). During this time, Karen had her accident and traffic backed up enough for Bobby Jr. to be stuck in it.


Thank you.

Show generally

Question: In one episode Phil said something he shouldn't have to Claire and tries to save himself by saying, "I mean, I love you" What episode was this and what did he say that he should not have said?


Answer: I remember that. A quick search suggests it to be season 7, episode 8: "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer." Phil asks Claire "When did you get so old?" :-).


Question: I am not sure of the overall logic of the plot makes sense. If Musgrave's intention as a mole is to make sure the rabbit is sold to the middle eastern buyers so that there can be a pre-emptive military strike by the US, why did he interfere in the first place with the transaction by sending Ethan? He could have just let events take their course. Am I missing something?

Answer: Davian and Musgrave need Ethan to steal the Rabbit's Foot for them, which is why they get him involved and lure him to Shanghai. Once he does, they force him to confirm it's the real thing by threatening "Julia." Lastly Musgrave wants him to confirm that Lindsey thought Brassel was the mole and not him so that he can order the strike without suspicion. Musgrave doesn't send Ethan to interfere with the transaction - Ethan escapes and tracks Julia's location, which is not what Musgrave wanted or expected to happen.

Sierra1 Premium member

Show generally

Question: Why does Oliver Gates come up with ridiculous reasons for the people he defends whenever they commit murder? In the episode "Hate", Sean Webster was killing Muslims and Oliver claims that his hatred was genetic but, it was found out that Sean had been raised to hate Muslims after his dad left his mom and married a muslim. In the episode "Game" a guy is murdering people the exact same way that's done in a video game when it's clear the suspect is using the video game as a scapegoat for his crimes.

Answer: His clients are guilty and won't take a plea. He's using desperate defenses in hopes of swaying a juror or two. Also makes for better television. "Temporary insanity" isn't nearly as compelling as "the video games made me do it."

Brian Katcher

Question: Why does Mola Ram only use the kids and not the adults from the Village for slave labor? Wouldn't using the adults benefit them much more? Does he just think that children make better workers than adults twice their size and strength?

Answer: Adults are much stronger and smarter, making them a liability to enslave and could more easily revolt or escape. Children are far easier to intimidate and control.


Question: This movie shows Jason Voorhees didn't drown in Crystal Lake in the first movie because he's shown to be alive in this movie. It's a known fact that the kid Jason Voorhees can't swim, so how exactly did he avoid drowning in Crystal Lake?

Athletic Jason

Answer: This particular film does not address this, and seems to imply that Jason didn't drown and grew up living in the woods as a psychopath. Later sequels heavily imply (or outright state) that Jason was brought back as an un-dead creature by unknown supernatural means and cannot be killed in a conventional sense. As it stands it is best to view Jason in this film as un-dead, as the number of films that show him as supernatural far outweigh those that show him as a normal man. The character is generally remembered in popular culture as un-dead.


I think that the whole franchise didn't take much care of continuity (for example, in part 2 Jason is a woods-boy full of beard and hair, in the third he is taller and bald), but it's explainable to the fact that Jason managed to survive somehow, never told his mother he was alive (even because the camp was closed many times and Pamela never showed up frequently), watched her die and took her place for revenge. We always have the feeling that there's something supernatural in Jason, since he never dies he can be hit with axe, machete, fire and even hanged up, and he is still alive, but he definitely becomes something supernatural only from part 6 further. Yes, seeing as the story starts, it could be simpler to think Jason somehow returned as a ghost, as an Un-dead man, but in the first half of the franchise they gave a bit of reality to the thing.

What information in this sequel gives any indication that the kid Jason didn't drown in Crystal Lake?

Athletic Jason

The fact that he's a full-grown man instead of a young boy. The fan consensus, and the original intent of the filmmakers, is that Jason is a human being, albeit extremely tough and completely insane, in parts 2-4, and comes back as an undead being in part 6.

Jukka Nurmi

That's valid along with the small house in the woods, except that doesn't explain how a kid that can't swim didn't drown in Crystal Lake.

Athletic Jason

Luck, misinformation, etc. Yes it's vague, but a lack of explanation doesn't entirely constitute a mistake.

Answer: That is indeed a plot hole, and up to speculation. The best guess is that Jason somehow made his way ashore, and chose to hide in the woods rather than face further bullying from the rest of the kids.

Jukka Nurmi

Question: Is it actually possible to break apart solid metals such as the trailer hook as was done in the movie?

Answer: Yes. Freezing it with liquid nitrogen made it brittle. When hit with the hammer it smashed.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: What did the woman say to Dom just after the briefing after getting to Mexico?

Question: After getting caught and locked up in Dr. No's lair they have some coffee which made them fall asleep. What was the point of this?

Answer: The scene is fairly faithfully adapted from the Ian Fleming novel, in which Dr. No enters the room and "examines" Bond and Ryder (who are both naked in the book and passed out on their beds rather than on the floor). It's not really explained in either medium why he does this, but the book is a bit more detailed about No checking them out in a kind of medical/physical sense.

Sierra1 Premium member

Mr. Monk Paints His Masterpiece - S6-E14

Question: How come Monk's Painting of Natalie isn't shown for the rest of the scene?


Answer: It was apparently embarrassing and ridiculous, enough that Natalie tried to burn it. It's funnier if you let the viewer image what it looked like.

Brian Katcher

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