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Question: Why was Dr. Crews such a two-faced, corrupt, dishonest and manipulative person? He never intended to help nor cure Tina but wanted to exploit her abilities for sake of his own career, to the point of deliberately aggravating her. He was a psychiatrist so why was he so evil?

Answer: He's just... not a good guy. I don't think it's any deeper than that - he thought he could exploit her for personal gain. Some people are just slimy and like to take advantage of others for their own purposes.


Answer: I think Gibson is shown wearing the ribbons (and rosettes) of the Distinguished Service Order and Bar and Distinguished Flying Cross. He was awarded these medals before the Dam Busters raid. In black and white, the ribbon for the VC with its miniature cross can look similar to the DSO with a rosette for a second award.

Question: Hopper's brother, who died fairly early in the film and really didn't do too much fighting of the aliens received the second highest Navy award for valor, the Distinguished Service Cross. Whereas Hopper, who saved the world, who had the initiative after his own ship was destroyed to commandeer a vintage battleship and lead it into battle, knocked out the aliens' ability to communicate, etc, received a lesser honor - the Silver Star. Why the disparity?


Answer: One one hand, his brother's sacrifice could be deemed a greater act of valor. On the other hand, the movie is hardly a documentary on naval matters.


Question: Why was Henry excited when he saw Carina's ankles?

Answer: It would have been considered "risque" to see a woman's ankles. Well-bred, modest ladies always wore clothing that covered most of their bodies.


Question: Why was the tape of Christine's suicide handed over to a law firm instead of simply destroying it?

Answer: The late station owner's wife respected his wishes. She's admitted she doesn't understand why he didn't want to destroy the tape, either.


Answer: With strength, determination and pure hatred for the society she lives in.

Question: How come The Joker's not affected when he jumps into the vat with Quinn?


Answer: Because he's already been into the liquid, it's how he became the Joker. He wanted Harley to be just like him.

Question: When they notice there's a gap in the freeway they keep to that route. However, there were other routes available. Why not take them?

Answer: If they had, there might have been the possibility that to get to these routes they would have to go down a different road and depending on which route they take they might have to slow down to make the turn which would likely cause the bus to drop below 50 mph. Better to just keep going straight and keep the bus going. There's also the possibility that had they taken a different route, they would have to deal with a lot of traffic especially if there was traffic stopped at a red light. By using the highway, there'd be no traffic lights and less traffic to deal with.

Question: When the 3 kids are in the back of the train, and they start rolling away and end up in Santa's bag how did the know-it-all kid get in there? People are saying he followed them but you have to remember they were in a moving train.

Answer: He just went off on own to snoop around and ended up in the bag before the other three kids did.

Bunk Off - S1-E2

Question: Why do the boys decide to steal their parent's booze? They have three bottles of spirits between four of them, which is more than enough for them to get drunk. In fact, in Will Is Home Alone, they share twenty cans of beer between the four of them (five each, all things being equal), and are dreadfully hungover the next morning. Assume this is classed as a character mistake, it just makes no sense.

Answer: Jay, Si and Will steal Simons dad booze as they are planning on meeting Carly later on and have lost their own supply when kicked out of Neil's place by his dad after being caught and insulted.


Question: If Laura was unconscious from blood poisoning, how did they introduce penicillin?

Answer: When they went to the abandoned ship, outside the library, to retrieved penicillin from the infirmary, they must have also gotten a medical kit with supplies.

Question: What happened to Flounder's girl Sissy? Flounder never mentions her after he brings her to the toga party.

Answer: Nothing "happens" to her, she just isn't in the movie anymore. She's only in a single sequence and is completely inconsequential to the plot, so there's no need for to the film to address her or her movements after the party. Flounder has no reason to mention her.

Question: Who played the saleswoman Clark talked to at the mall in the beginning?

Answer: Nicolette Scorsese (no relation to director Martin Scorsese). She's credited as "Mary" in the film.


Question: Why, in the 3 hour TV version of the movie, does Luthor waste time on that elaborate trap if he already knows, from reading Lois' interview, that bullets, fire, and cold won't stop Superman?


Answer: He wanted to see for himself if the stories were true. Some reporters tend to exaggerate the facts and if he had any other weaknesses. He couldn't be sure the kryptonite would work.

While I don't exactly disagree that Lex wanted to see for himself how invincible Superman is, I don't think that's the main reason why he did it. The bullets and fire were simply a charade to make it look like this was his security system. Keep in mind, he wanted Superman to enter his lair because the real trap was the Kryptonite that he had in the lead box.


Answer: Ash can understand Pikachu from his gestures and movements and from his imitations as well. He pretty much can understand because he has had Pikachu the longest and has a really strong bond with Pikachu.

Question: What happened to Miles? He stops his motorcycle to look back at the flood and - nothing else.

Answer: That has been a question of debate for years. Some say he died, others say he lived. The only real answer I can give is, there were talks of making a sequel. In it, Lou and Maria were living in San Francisco, while Miles and his partner were headlining his motorcycle act in Las Vegas, when another, stronger earthquake hits.

Answer: Since Elsa created Marshmallow, it's very likely since after creating him, he threw Anna and Kristoff out of the ice castle.

Elsa is extremely emotional at this point. While she can make sentient things with her powers, it doesn't seem like she is in direct control of them. Most likely she gave Marshmallow the idea to keep everyone away from her castle and that's it. Elsa would never purposely hurt Anna, therefore Marshmallow is acting on his own, albeit following the last orders Elsa gave. So yes, he obeys her but is not under her direct control.


Question: Stewart gives the tower 2 minutes to talk to planes and tell them to hold at the outer marker. Why didn't they just use that 2 minutes to say they are under attack or something and to land elsewhere? They could have said it quickly and the bad guys wouldn't have had enough time to turn their communications off.

Answer: Because then the movie would be over. The filmmakers have said that they included deliberate mistakes in the plot so that actual terrorists would not be able to "recreate" the scenario in real life. This is one of those instances where, in reality, the control tower WOULD do what you say, but in an action film, it's a deliberate deviation from reality in order to advance the plot.

Answer: Because the Control Tower employees would have been murdered or some innocent person. The Terrorists could have taken over given the wrong landing coordinates to crash a plane as punishment, as they did later on in the movie.

That's not how it would work. If the tower tells all the planes that someone has taken over their systems, and they've lost all control, then the terrorists wouldn't be able to crash any planes because the pilots would already be aware of it. It's simply because like the other reply said, if the tower warned the planes during the time Stewart gives them, then there would be no film.

Question: How did Honolulu know that it was the castaways on that boat hut so fast? How did all those people get to greet them get there so fast?

Answer: When the Coast Guard chopper found them they radioed ahead, that they found the castaways that went missing all those years ago.

Show generally

Question: On every planet SG-1 travels to, plants are the same color as those on earth. Shouldn't plants have different colors on different planets?

Answer: The Aliens choose planets that were similar to Earth. They possessed human beings, so they needed worlds with vegetation and atmosphere. In the original movie, their race was dying and humans were the only ones who could give them eternal life - they took many inhabitants as slave labor.

Answer: There have been times where plants are different color, but generally speaking, green is evolutionarily better at capturing the best amount of sunlight energy for photosynthesis. Thus, plants evolved to have green chlorophyll on other planets as well.


Answer: Planets with Stargates were chosen because of the similarities to Earth.

That's ridiculous. Stargate command would never choose a planet based on similarities to earth unless it would to make sure it was safe to travel to.

Stargate command had nothing to do with where the Stargates were. The answer is saying those that placed the Stargates throughout the galaxy chose Earth-like planets. More accurately though, inhabitable planets, which tend to be similar to Earth.


The Ancients put the Stargates on planets, and since their physiology was very similar to modern Earth humans, it stands to reason that they only chose to put planets which could support a similar lifeform. Hence, why most planets or moons resembled Earth at some point in their history.

Huh? First of all, you're trying to surmise what a fictional agency would do. Second, SG-1 and other SG teams frequently visited both Earth-like planets and planets with toxic conditions.


Stargates were placed at worlds that were similar to Earth, this mostly due to the ancients establishing themselves on Earth over 50 million years ago and finding planets to colonize from there. Some worlds may have become inhospitable over the millions of years after the stargate was built though. It is quite possible all these planets were seeded with life from Earth and planets close to Earth's appearance, hence the same vegetation and animal life.


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