Mad Max 2

Question: It appears that the boomerang would have had to spin in the opposite direction to kill the blonde guy the way it did. Am I looking at this the right way or is my limited knowledge of aerodynamics totally backwards?

Movie Nut

Chosen answer: The filmmakers obviously didn't research the intricate logistics of aerodynamics of how a boomerang is thrown. It simply looked cool leaving the kid's hand and killing the blonde guy the way it did.


Question: Where exactly are Humungous and his men getting their gas from? Given the amount of vehicles they have, it would take a fair amount of fuel to run them. But there is no explanation as to where they are getting it.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: The same way Max did until finding the fortress- scavenging, and when possible, attacking other vehicles like they attacked Max at the start of the film. They take what they can find.


Answer: The answer could be referenced to the first movie "Mad Max." In that film it shows some members of the outlaw gang, though not necessarily the ones in "Road Warrior" stealing gas from a tanker by jumping onto the back of it and filling cans; apparently the driver of the tanker unaware. "Road Warrior" was a continuation of "Mad Max."

michael g

Question: How did the gyro captain and especially the little boy get back to the rest of the group from the refinery without attracting Humungus and his crew? The caravan left in the opposite direction like 15 minutes before, mad max had no vehicle to drive back, the boy can't drive at all, and the gyro captain crashed his gyro. But in the end the boy and the gyro captain manage to get back into the caravan before sunset without Humungus following.

Answer: The gyrocopter was just unable to fly. It still could roll along the ground. It is possible that he repaired it to get back to the rest of the group. As for Humungus and his minions, I'm pretty sure Humungus was killed in the impact with the truck that Max was driving. The few surviving minions probably lost interest in the whole affair when they lost their leader which one can assume when you see them turn around after seeing the spectacular collision and not even bothering to see if anyone survived.

Damian Torres

Question: Did Max know the tanker was full of sand before it crashed?

Answer: No, Max even puts his hand under the stream of sand pouring out of the trailer as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Answer: No, because it was necessary for Max to believe he was hauling the tanker filled with fuel so that the ruse leading the marauders away from the settlers' compound could work. After Max drove the decoy tanker away with the marauders in pursuit, the settlers were able to smuggle the fuel away in oil drums concealed in other vehicles.


Question: In the initial chase scene when Max secured the Semi for pulling the tanker, the driver of the car with the man in back firing the triple arrow cannon gets the snake dropped on him and fires the arrows into the back of the driver's seat. The arrows stop because of the padding. Am I mistaken, or did the arrows not go through enough to reach the driver?

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Answer: From what I saw in that scene, the arrows did penetrate through the padding into the driver, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.


Question: Why doesn't the Feral Kid ever talk?

Answer: If he grew up feral and was not around other humans, he would not have learned how to speak. Some functions, like language, have to be learned at an early age when the brain is at a critical development stage.

raywest Premium member

Answer: SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the film we learn that the narrator is in fact the feral child as an adult, and that he grew up to become the leader of the tribe. The feral child may have known how to speak, but chosen not to, or may have not yet mastered speech. Either way, he did eventually speak.

Question: What type of car is the red Hummungus car with the bat on the hood that Max destroys during the chase?

Answer: The car is either a FORD XA Falcon or Fiarmont Coupe, built in the early 1970s. The X series falcons were only availible in Australia, and you'll find most of the vechiles in these movies (the cars at least) are some hybrid of the Falcon. Here's a link to the car: and to the site in general:

Michael Westpy

Question: Early in the movie Max finds an abandoned truck with graffiti on its side saying "The Vermin Have Inherited the Earth". Is this a reference to something?

Answer: Maybe the Judeo-Christian bible "The meek shall inherit the earth" (Matt 5:5). Not much of a stretch that someone in that environment would change meek to vermin.


Question: In the first film, society was still functioning; there was still law enforcement and a criminal justice system, there were still hospitals, businesses and a news media. However, in this film there is no law and order at all, it's all chaos and kill-or-be-killed. What happened in between films?

Answer: There was a global war causing civilization to collapse after oil supplies were nearly depleted. The world then fell into a state of barbarism.

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Answer: There was a war over oil which included nuclear warfare and the complete loss of civilization. People ended up like the biker gangs, loners like Max or the Refinery people who were trying to get to the presumably safe northern areas of Australia. In the narration the old man tells the whole story.

Answer: In the opening scene, the narrator explains about the fall of civilization with clips of war and social collapse.

Continuity mistake: When the rear window of the semi is smashed, you can see in the very next shot that the chain of Wez's ball mace is already hanging from the ceiling to Max's right, long before Wez even starts swinging it and leaves it hanging there after he is killed.


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The Gyro Captain: No! It's my snake, I trained it, I'm going to eat it! I got a recipe for snake. Delicious. Fricassee of reptile. You are what you eat.

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Trivia: You might have to look close, but the Gyro Captain's copter is completely covered with pornographic pictures. It took many viewings for me to notice this. Apparently he's very sexually motivated, as later in the movie he complains that the only thing he really misses from the old world is lingerie, and the only reason he joins the escapees in the end is because he wants to be with the cute blond girl.


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