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Factual error: Mad Max turns on his engine blower with a switch. The blower in Max's car is driven by a belt attached to the engine itself. The only way to turn it off is to turn off the engine. It is possible to put the blower on an electric motor, but turning it off would simply shut off the oxygen and fuel, both of which are pretty important in an internal-combustion engine.

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Suggested correction: Switch-controlled superchargers are real devices, for example the commonly used Toyota SC12 and SC14. They use an electrically controlled magnetic clutch to engage or disengage the pulley. When such devices are disengaged (off), a bypass valve on the air intake redirects air around the supercharger via some extra plumbing. Also, fuel doesn't go through the supercharger - it happens below the supercharger stack as normal (in the carburettor or via fuel injection directly in the cylinder head), so that part of the entry is also wrong. For the Interceptor in the movie, it's true that the Weiand supercharger isn't set up this way. It's all fake for convenience - just a hollow shell with a regular carburettor inside. The switchable effect is simulated through the use of a small water pump connected to the front of the blower drive shaft, driven by a tiny electric motor under the hood. But there is no technical limitation to having a real supercharger controlled with a switch, just like Toyota's SC14.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Wez rips the door off the tanker you can see a crouched crew member next to Max. This has been disputed but it is there, watch underneath the steering wheel just after Wez starts shouting "Go! Go! Go!". (01:19:05)

Jack Vaughan

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Humungus: I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war.

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Trivia: The logo on the tank truck is "7 Sisters Oil", reference to a conspiracy theory, popular before OPEC-conspiracy theories took over, that Standard Oil and six other companies controlled the world oil market and bought up and suppressed 200-MPG carburetor and so on to keep oil prices up. Source

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Question: It appears that the boomerang would have had to spin in the opposite direction to kill the blonde guy the way it did. Am I looking at this the right way or is my limited knowledge of aerodynamics totally backwards?

Movie Nut

Chosen answer: The filmmakers obviously didn't research the intricate logistics of aerodynamics of how a boomerang is thrown. It simply looked cool leaving the kid's hand and killing the blonde guy the way it did.


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