Mad Max 2

Other mistake: When Max is making his escape from the compound in the Interceptor, he turns on the blower to speed through the bad guys' camp. Here you can see everyone running at fast-forward speed.

Other mistake: The climactic chase scene at the end of the movie has us believe that the tanker being driven by Max is full of "precious fuel", which is why The Humongous and his goons are desperately trying to halt it. But during one shot, the ending of the movie is spoiled because red dirt is seen spilling from one of the pipes leading to the tank. The climax of the movie, of course, is when Max discovers that he was used as a decoy hauling dirt, not fuel. But when the dirt is seen spewing from the tanker in an earlier shot, that surprise is ruined.

Other mistake: Max had already driven his car a distance along the highway before he crashed. When the Gyro captain spots the smoke the next morning, it's coming from behind the hill which is way too close and suggests that Max crashed right after passing the knight riders.

Gavin Jackson

Other mistake: As the pink Chevy is blasted with flame from above, all the fire is on the hood, and top of the car. But the explosion is from the tank under the car. The body and hood would have shielded the tank.

Movie Nut

Other mistake: The amount of vehicles leaving the compound at the end doesn't make sense and the amount of fuel they carry is far less than they could carry in the tanker. The amount of vehicles they use apart from the bus being used as the gate are never seen parked in the compound throughout the film, they just appear when needed.

Other mistake: At the end of the opening chase Max starts to collect the leaking fuel from the crashed car. Only problem is, the fuel is so contaminated from the dirt in the containers he is using, it makes the fuel unusable for his car, considering his red low fuel warning light is on.

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