Mad Max 2
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Revealing mistake: When the tanker crashes at the end the driver is clearly wearing a crash helmet.

Revealing mistake: When the gyro captain crashes, the rotor on the craft is already bent before it hits the ground.


Revealing mistake: When they leave the compound at the end, the gyro captain drops some petrol bombs on the ground as he flies over the bad guys. The ground is already wet with petrol where the bombs land.

Revealing mistake: When the gyro thing is in the air and that bloke grabs the snake you can clearly see that it is a rubber snake.

Revealing mistake: When the warrior woman cuts the bikers throat who is trying to grab the woman through the side window of the van its obvious that the knife does not even touch the mans throat, its positioned at his chest and she doesn't even cut the clothing he's wearing.

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Revealing mistake: As Max runs through the encampment, a car is run off by the semi. After it hits the back of the car being worked on, the wire pulling the car off the supports to crush the dummy's legs is visible.

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Revealing mistake: As one of the raiders shoots Papagallo with an arrow, you can see the wire it went along to his thigh.

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Revealing mistake: As the tanker approaches the camera in the final chase, you can see the stunt driver in an obvious, terrible wig in control. (01:17:30)

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Revealing mistake: During the tanker chase we go to an aerial shot behind the gyro captain and we can see on the wasteland Pappagallo getting chased - you can also see tyre tracks in the dirt from previous takes.

Revealing mistake: The buggy that the landau crashes into is stationary when it should be moving, also the driver has been replaced by a dummy.

Revealing mistake: When Max has the head on at the end you see a shot from in front of the truck to show the impact. Look at the cars and bikes behind that should be moving as they are chasing the truck - the motorbike riders and cars are stationary; the motorbike riders even have their feet on the ground.

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene, when Mad Max searches the Mack truck, he finds a clearly fake body in it.

Continuity mistake: When the rear window of the semi is smashed, you can see in the very next shot that the chain of Wez's ball mace is already hanging from the ceiling to Max's right, long before Wez even starts swinging it and leaves it hanging there after he is killed.


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Humungus: I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war.

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Trivia: When Max opens the Semi's door, a dead body falls out. This body is actually the same "eye popping" dummy that was used at the end of Mad Max 1.


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Question: It appears that the boomerang would have had to spin in the opposite direction to kill the blonde guy the way it did. Am I looking at this the right way or is my limited knowledge of aerodynamics totally backwards?

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Chosen answer: The filmmakers obviously didn't research the intricate logistics of aerodynamics of how a boomerang is thrown. It simply looked cool leaving the kid's hand and killing the blonde guy the way it did.


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