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Answer: According to the IMDb, his middle name is Quincy.


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Question: Is it true that the show's set was burned down? Either way, why was the show ended so suddenly (before Laura and Steve's wedding was even shown)?

Answer: It was just cancelled. Read more here:


Dog Day Halloween - S2-E7

Question: The robber instructs Steve to go behind the counter and fill the bag with money. Why tell a customer to do this, instead of a bank employee?

Answer: A bank employee would be well-trained in what to do during a robbery and could hit a silent alarm, hand the robber money with a dye pack or tracer, or otherwise do subtle things to thwart the robbery. A civilian wouldn't know any of that and would probably be too scared to resist.

Brian Katcher

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Question: Would Eddie have actually been able to become a cop? In earlier episodes, he is drunk and has even got in trouble with the law several times, which resulted in him being arrested.

Answer: Having an arrest on your record will not disqualify you. Only a conviction will count against you because in the United States, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. And even then most police forces will only consider felony convictions or specific misdemeanors such as theft as disqualifiers.


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Question: In the mistakes section it mentions that Richie's mother, Rachel, and the Winslow's younger daughter, Judy, disappeared without a trace. Was there ever any explanation?

Answer: It is said that as Steve Urkel became a more popular character on the show, Judy became less important to the storylines, plus either her or her parents were demanding more money, causing her to be removed from the show entirely.

Answer: No. Call it "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome". A character is written off the show without any explanation at all.


Answer: She disappeared because Judy and Steve's actors, Jaimee Foxworth and Jaleel White, didn't get along with each other.

It Didn't Happen One Night - S5-E2

Question: How did Steve and Laura get a hotel room? Neither of them are eighteen years old yet. Most hotels require the room to be paid for by someone who is eighteen, if not twenty-one.

Answer: Most reputable hotels/motels would not rent a room to minors. This was a lower-end motel, which may have had lax standards and requirements, engaged in unsavory business practices, and was otherwise unconcerned about who their customers were or what they did as long as they paid their bill, probably in advance.


Answer: At first, the original cast was not thrilled about Jaleel White, Steve, becoming a popular main character. According to White, Jaimee Foxworth felt that he was taking attention away from her. Foxworth has also claimed that White was a bully to her on the set. White, however, has said that he was mistreated by the cast when he first became a regular.

Brain over Brawn - S3-E2

Other mistake: In this episode, they have a leak in the roof. Yet, the house is a two story house with an attic. So it should not be able to leak into the living room. Also, when Carl and Eddie go up to fix the roof, Eddie falls through the roof and ends up on the living room couch. Again, two story house with attic. Should not happen.

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Steve: Laura, this is a... A really special moment and... Well, I think we should celebrate it by... Getting married.
Laura: No.
Steve: Engaged?
Laura: No.
Steve: Going steady?
Laura: No.
Steve: A date?
Laura: No.
Steve: A kiss?
Laura: No.
Steve: A handshake?
Laura: No.
Steve: I'll see ya tomorrow?
Laura: Yeah.
Steve Urkel: I'll take it.

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Trivia: When this show first went into syndication, a market in New England declined to pick it up, thinking it wouldn't be popular with their demographics. They ended up providing the show for free with the agreement that the market would end up paying for the broadcasting rights if the show reached a certain ratings threshold.


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