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Question: When Terry was on the couch, why was there not a wheel chair or crutches nearby for her use?

Answer: This question has already been asked and answered.


Show generally

Question: Leo mentions he was born in 1924 and it's mentioned that he died in 1942. That's 18 years. Supposedly before dying he got married, started medical school and got promoted to corporal how? The time line makes no sense, plus he doesn't look 18 when the girls meet him.

Answer: According to the Charmed Wiki, Leo was attending medical school, when he met his first wife. He was drafted shortly thereafter. Leo could have been an overachiever and entered college at an early age.

Question: I had a Grease Novelbook in 1979 (a book version with movie pictures and most of the script from the full movie popular shortly after the movie's release) and in that, during the end of the pep rally scene (before Frenchie's house where Sandy is crying and talking with Frenchie about Danny), the line Frenchie says ("The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy") has the added line "if he doesn't drink." I then noticed the movie didn't have that last line added. Did the play version ever have that line in it?

Answer: The original Broadway show (early-mid 70s) did not have those lines, and it didn't have that early pep rally scene. Also, in the Broadway play, the sleepover pajama party scene was at Marty's house, not Frenchy's. For the film version of Grease (1978), there were many changes, omissions, and additions. As for the book versions (novelization, storybook, fotobook) based on the 1978 film, there can also be some minor discrepancies between them and the film, regarding deleted dialogue or production photos from cut scenes.

Super Grover

Show generally

Question: Whenever Rose shows up, why does she always climb onto the patio deck instead of just walking through the front door?

Answer: She is a stalker, a voyeur, she doesn't expect or even intend to be welcomed, or invited into the house. So she arrives at a location where she is harder to ignore. Also, at some point in the show she points out she doesn't actually know the way from her house to the front door or the other way around. So she is also used to it.


Question: Laurence Fishburne is obviously a person who would be familiar with the workings of the entire spacecraft. Wouldn't he have known that the Autodoc had the capability of putting a person back into hibernation? Why wouldn't he have informed Aurora of this after being told that she was purposely awakened?

Answer: I suspect he was too busy with fixing the ship and his own health.


He's a technician, not a medical person, and likely had no idea if the autodoc could safely keep someone in suspended animation for long periods. It is also possible he may not have known it even had this particular function.


You can't call a service rep if equipment on a spacecraft, billions of miles from Earth, has a problem. An onboard technician would have to be highly trained on every system on the ship. He wouldn't necessarily have medical training, but would have to have been trained on all the systems on something as important as the Autodoc. It was the only one on board.

It may be the only Autodoc, but there would be many highly-trained technicians on board to tend to the ship, each specialized to work in particular areas on certain types of equipment.


Sacrifice of Angels - S6-E6

Question: Kira was going to plant a bomb to take out the computer to stop the mine detonation, but instead Rom spends some time trying to disable it. Why did they not use a bomb, which would have been much quicker?

Answer: The bomb was to be used as a last resort. They knew by taking it out, it could crash the entire system. Air, gravity and environmental systems. That's why Kira was happy for Rom's escape but only had minutes to disable it.

Question: When Joker informs Hartman that Pyle loaded his rifle with live ammo, Hartman finally realises that Pyle has gone crazy and then tries to talk him down gently. When that failed, why did he start shouting at Pyle again? Couldn't he see that yelling at Pyle constantly is what pushed him over the edge?

Answer: I'm pretty sure Hartman realised he was a dead man, no matter what. Only thing left to do is be the drill instructor until the very end.

Answer: He spoke to Pyle in a (relatively) calm tone. Yes, he believed Pyle to be mentally challenged, but when the Private failed to respond to the nicer tone he went full-on Marine at him. He didn't necessarily believe he was God to the recruits, but to effectively train and adapt their motivation he must ingrain in them that he alone is in charge of them.


Answer: He didn't start talking to him calmly, he started talking to him slowly, emphasizing his commands to him, hoping he would understand, because he thinks Pyle is mentally deficient. Hartman is not a sensitive or patient man, not really in touch with reality either, thinking he is God within that compound. His mistake of course, was not realising where the danger was, for himself mostly.


Question: Is this film supposed to be set in the same universe as the DC Extended Universe (in other words is this supposed to be a prequel, with Robert Pattinson's Batman being a younger version of Ben Affleck's) or is this set in a completely different continuity?

Answer: Completely different.

Jon Sandys

Answer: This is answered in a later episode so you should watch the entire season, but if you really want to know...SPOILERS She didn't, 1 (Vecna) killed all those children.


Answer: You see what happened in one of the later episodes in the season ("Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab").


Question: What town is the Mist supposed to be in, I know it's Maine, but what town?

Answer: Bridgton, Maine.


Question: How could any electrical lines, water pipes or even the basement be placed under the house without graves being discovered?

Answer: As you could see at the end in the pool, the graves were buried really deep. Obviously below the sewage and water lines.


Goodbye, Alice, Hello - S4-E10

Question: It's known that Robert Reed did not appear in the show's final episode due to differences with the producers/Sherwood Schwartz, but he did not appear in this episode either (an earlier episode). Does anyone have the reason why?

Answer: Robert didn't appear in this episode because of a prior commitment with Broadway.

Question: How did the German U-boat know where the ship carrying the ark was? They completely lost track of it after the truck chase, so they should've had no clue as to where it was and where it was going.

Answer: True, but they had agents everywhere and could make an educated guess that Indy and Marion would try to smuggle it out of the country, so they would have been watching the ports and seen them board the ship.

Question: Where did Dre and his class go to on their class trip?

Answer: The forbidden city.

Question: Unless I'm wrong, how could Anna kill Rachel if she was sedated? Possible that someone with two personalities can have the other take over when the other's knocked out?


Answer: The sedation started wearing off enough for Anna to grab the knife to kill Rachel.

Question: In Robocop 2, Robocop electrocutes himself to remove all the ridiculous directives he was given. When he came back online, even his original prime directives were gone. In this movie he was given his first three prime directives back but, why would the fourth prime directive be reinstalled?

Question: How did the thugs who killed Jericho's family find out where he lived? Also, how were they able to break into his apartment without anybody doing anything such as trying to interfere and/or call the police?

Answer: They had followers everywhere. Cops, politicians, civil service workers and who knows who else. They could have easily found his apt. Just because they were thugs doesn't mean they don't know how to sneak in and out of places.

Question: What house was Michael going to at the end?

Answer: According to the plot summary on Wikipedia, Michael (narrating) says he returned to the farm because it was where he grew up.


Question: What is the thing that the five guys are saying in the plane before they make a toast to Billy?

Answer: The words of their chant are "Beware, beware, walk with care. Careful what you do. Or Mumbo Jumbo's gonna hoo-doo you. Mumbo Jumbo's gonna hoo-doo you. Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, boom!" This comes directly from a poem titled "The Congo" by poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay ("The Congo and Other Poems"), specifically the lines at the end of part I.

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