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Answer: The movies never say. According to Wookieepedia, cybernetics or prosthetic limbs can be powered by batteries, with no further explanation.

Question: Who is the character with him in the picture?

Answer: This question needs way more context. Who is the he you're referring to and what picture are you referring to?


If you're referring to the pictures that Eddie is looking at, the guy in the pictures next to Eddie is his brother Teddy who was killed by Judge Doom.

Question: In a deleted scene at the beginning before the meeting, leader Cleon tells the gang that the Warriors are a street gang of over 100 members, counting affiliates. Why at the end of the movie when they were running from Luther and the Rogues, they're on their turf, why wouldn't they have used a pay phone to call back up or at least lure the Rogues to their gang house where other members would be able to run them off or hold them in custody until the Riffs could get them?

Answer: Because it would have lessened the impact of the large number of Riffs showing up at the end.

Answer: Based on this exchange, one can also question why the Warriors didn't call for help at any point that night. One phone call saying, "meet us at..." would have brought members running and ended their ordeal. Thoughts?

Yes you're right but you gotta remember they were stuck in the Bronx far away from their turf in Coney Island, so the likelihood of them calling back home for backup when they could have been anywhere at anytime in the Bronx fleeing from rival gangs would not have been possible.

Answer: You answered your own question when you said "deleted scene." With that information cut out of the movie, it wouldn't have made sense to the viewer that the Warriors suddenly have a large number of members at the end.

Question: Touching Lorna's computer Riggs unintentionally started a Three Stooges game which Lorna claimed to be a weapon. Why?

Answer: She didn't want him to see that she was a fan of those comical idiots. She was supposed to be a tough nonsense internal affairs officer. She was in fact his soulmate, exactly like him, wild and crazy.

Question: I saw that Robert O'Reilly is in the movie playing a character called "The Figure." What scene is that character in or was he cut from the movie?

Question: What is the machine that grabbed Neo, and why did it let him go after the cables that were attached to him get removed from his body?

Answer: The machine is probably a regular maintenance machine for the pods. It grabs hold of him as the cables are detached to prevent him from falling out. It let him go so the body could be drained for recycling.


Answer: It let him go because he woke up and became self-aware. Everyone else was asleep in the Matrix fantasy world. The machines knew if anyone woke up, they would join the resistance, so Neo was considered defective and literally flushed away.

Question: In The Matrix Reloaded, the Architect tells Neo that each incarnation of the One went into the Source while the machines killed everyone in Zion. If the machines knew where Zion was the whole time, then why did the machines need the code for the Zion mainframe?

Answer: Because that would make it easier to access Zion, like opening the gates and shutting off defences.


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Question: Even though we know in the pilot that Mike was widowed, the show kept Carol's status a secret if she was widowed or divorced (though TV guides in the 70's labeled her as widowed). It seems obvious that widowed would be the answer since the girls never kept in touch with their father at all (or ever mentioned him). So the main question here is regardless if Carol was widowed or divorced, why were her 3 daughters' last names changed to Brady? Marriage would only change Carol's last name.

Answer: That the girls be adopted was for good reason - it would not be "proper" to have girls housed with boys (or a grown man) they were not related to, even if only by marriage. They may not be blood relatives after their adoption, but their statuses as step-sisters to the boys (or step-daughter to Mike, now their step-father) help clarify their roles and set appropriate boundaries (especially prohibited sexual behavior).


Answer: It's implied that Mike Brady adopted Carol's daughters, which would result in their last name being changed to Brady as well.


Question: How did the Marshalls know Kimble had been picked up by the lady when he was hitchhiking? (00:45:20 - 00:46:00)

Answer: They didn't. When Cosmo tells Sam that, "He's shacked up with some babe over in Whiting," they were actually talking about Copeland, who had also escaped and was with his girlfriend. Although the line was meant to let people watching the movie think they had found Richard, as eventually shown. It was really Copeland they had found.

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Question: I've heard they're a paper company but what do they make exactly? Just paper? Nothing but copy paper or do they make other stuff as well?


Answer: They're a paper and office supply company. I'm pretty sure they never actually make the paper. But their main clients are businesses and corporations, not individuals, so they would sell business cards, pre-printed paper with letterhead, and other office supplies that they get directly from the paper or supply manufacture. They're basically the same as Office Max or Staples, but without stores for individuals to go and buy 1 pack of printer paper or a chair.


Question: Why didn't anyone else hear the guy shouting for Carter? Others were mere meters away from Carter. Was everyone deaf?

Answer: His yells were already faint where Carter was sitting. The others were sitting together and talking and minding their own business, so they were not listening for him.


Question: After John asks Muldoon to take one of the Jeeps to bring back his grandchildren, Ellie says she's going with him. They didn't at that point know the T-Rex had escaped, so why does Ellie insist on going with him? Considering the Jeep has four seats and there's five people spread across the two tour cars, how did Ellie expect to squeeze everybody in?

Answer: He was sent to bring back the grandchildren, not everyone. If anyone else wanted to leave they could be picked up later when Muldoon was finished bringing the children to safety. Hammond was just concerned about them and wanted them to be with him. Ellie went with him to be with Grant, to make sure he is safe as well. So she would stay with him anyway.


Question: Why would Dracula need to put Wilbur's brain in the body of Frankenstein's Monster? I understand the Count wanted a Monster who would be much more obedient and easier to control, however it seemed like the Monster was that way already; he would follow Dracula's commands with "Yes, Master." So what did Count Dracula need Wilbur for again?

Answer: The monster may have seemed obedient, but its overall behavior is unknown to us. It's possible that it was at times defiant, obstinate, or just didn't follow instructions completely or competently. It's also just a plot device for a silly movie. There has to be some reason, however flimsy, why Dracula wants Wilbur's brain.


Question: How could Jason figure out where Alice lived? Especially since it's established he's mentally disabled?

Question: What happened to the man who shot himself at the beginning of the movie? Was his body devoured by titular anaconda?

Answer: The reason he shot himself was because he was being chased by the anaconda. Since the anaconda doesn't care if its prey is alive or dead, yes, he was devoured.


Answer: She escaped off-screen and created a copy of herself to fool everyone.

Question: Why did Mort/Shooter kill Chico the dog? I don't think he wanted to upset Amy, because she never finds out that Chico is dead. She calls his name when she takes the divorce papers to the lake house, where Mort/Shooter kills her.

Answer: "Shooter" (actually Mort), killed the dog as a threat and a warning to Mort, implying this will happen to him if he doesn't cooperate. Mort, as himself, has no recollection of doing this and believed "Shooter" was threatening his life. Mort then reports it to the sheriff, which only fed into his delusion that Shooter was real and shows he's losing his grip on reality. It wasn't about Amy.


Question: Han says, "Crazy thing is, it's all true. The Force, the Jedi, all of it." Why does he consider this a "crazy" thing? He met Luke and Leia only nineteen years after the Jedi were killed, and he is about ten years older than them. The Jedi were still around during his childhood. And anyone older than him could still be talking about the Jedi, also. Why would he ever doubt that they were real?

Answer: I took his response to be more introspective. In A New Hope, Han heavily doubted the Force. This was likely just his own personal life experiences to that point. When he says that line to Rey/Finn, it's more of a "wouldn't ya know it?" kind of statement.


Question: Why didn't the prisoners unhook several cars at the rear of the train, to roll down the tracks and crash/block the troop train coming up behind them towards the end?

Question: Originally Christian says that when his biological mother overdosed he was taken to the hospital which is where Grace, his adoptive mother finds him. Then near the end of Fifty Shades Freed, they see the picture of the foster family where he and Jack were in the same foster home in Michigan. How was he in a foster home in Michigan, if Grace took him and adopted him when he was at the hospital?

Answer: Christian mentions he was in and out of foster homes for various periods of time before his mother overdosed and died. She had likely cleaned up enough to where Christian was returned to her custody, but she then reverted to her old ways and became involved with an abusive man before overdosing. Christian then met Grace at the hospital.


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