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Question: How did Marty free himself from the animal box after falling into the ocean? This obviously happened before the scene where he was surfing on dolphins, but it is never shown nor mentioned how he managed to get out of this box.

Answer: It is entirely possible his box hit something in the water and broke or was weakened enough for Marty to escape.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Gary Busey (Angelo) is supposed to be keeping an eye on the bank, the one that he and Johnny Utah expect the Ex-Presidents to rob. Instead, he is reading Calvin and Hobbes comics and not watching the bank at all. As a result, he doesn't see the Ex-Presidents pull up and enter the bank to rob it. Why was he not doing his job? Is he simply an idiot?


Answer: Probably not an idiot, but perhaps a big disappointment to FBI higher-ups. Having Angelo distracted was designed to make the movie more exciting, but there's a good chance this could have happened (and does happen) in real life. Stakeout work is typically long and boring, and may be non-productive because the agents can't know with certainty if/when (or where) the robbers will show up. After years/decades of conducting boring stakeouts where no-one came or robbers arrived after several hours, agents' experiences may lead them to believe nothing is going to happen right away - it will be a long wait. A false sense of security leads to slacking off, and opportunities for robbers to be more successful increase. While it might be required that FBI agents give their undivided attention on the job - no matter how boring - it is unrealistic to expect that all agents stay alert at all times. Reading comics to pass the time isn't impressive, but being able to laugh is a stress reducer.


I gave you an "up" vote because I am an idiot and Angelo is "simply an idiot."


Question: Why did Cecil tell Charlotte to give him the sovereign? Wasn't he owed only 15 shillings by Freddy? A sovereign's 20 shillings so was he gonna give Freddy back the other 5 shillings? I don't understand, please explain.

Question: What's always bugged me is this: Where did the helicopter come from? If military no way would that stuff on board not be inventoried and everyone screened (The USO or RedCross, etc would be involved). If civilian, how would they really know where the ship was and how would the ship have a place for them (a Battleship is not a carrier).

Answer: It was Commander Krill who arranged everything. The chopper, the band and the girl, since everyone was told it was a surprise for their Captain, no-one suspected a thing. He told most likely told the crew he personally inspected everyone and everything, being a veteran sailor they had no reason not to doubt him.

Question: When the ambulance rams the police car Arthur's in was this accidental or intentional? If intentional how'd the guy driving it know Arthur would be in it?


Answer: I think they intentionally rammed a police car, not because Joker was in it but simply because it was a police car.


Question: When Sandy and Danny bump into each other after the pep rally, why did the rest of the T birds make angry looks towards Danny?

Answer: Because he dropped his tough guy attitude and sounded like a wimp. That's why they looked at him like that.


Answer: Probably because Danny's attention has been diverted to Sandy rather than him hanging out with them.

raywest Premium member

Question: Was the Soviet Union hockey team as good as the movie makes it out to be?

Answer: Yes. Prior to the 1980 Olympics, the Soviet Union's men's hockey team had won 5 out of the last 6 Olympics (taking 3rd in 1960). They also won the next 2 Olympics (plus the 1992 Olympics as part of the Unified Team). The 1980 team also consisted of at least 6 returning gold medalists and several world champions and future gold medalists.


Question: What song is playing at the Blue Oyster Bar when Copeland and Blankes are forced to dance with the patrons? It's the one that has, what I think is a mambo like sound.

Answer: The song is called "El Bimbo" and was performed by Jean-Marc Dompierre and his Orchestra. It's a cover version, the song was originally produced by Bimbo Jet (a French group). This song is played in several other Police Academy films.


Question: The end credits say that BLUE'S CLUES and DORA THE EXPLORER are referenced and the "References" in the movie's IMDb page say that Edward was watching them on TV, but when did he? I don't see clips of either show.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Show generally

Question: Why does Murdoch's bike not have a ring bell or horn? He is often seen cycling through the busy streets at high speed to arrive on a scene ASAP but never uses any sound warning apart from yelling occasionally - which looks pretty awkward for an official person.


Answer: It's certainly a personal choice about using one, and probably similar to how some people refuse to wear a helmet or forego other safety equipment. Most bells and horns on bikes are not very loud and probably wouldn't be heard in busy traffic, making them mostly ineffective. Murdoch would likely still yell, even if he had a bell or horn.

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Question: Why does Shredder wants to poison the citizens of New York in order to take over?


Answer: Some would die by exposure and the city officials would immediately offer The Foot anything they wanted in hopes it would stop them from further using the biological weapon or any others they've got if possible.


Question: In the surgery scenes, it actually appears to this nurse that the scrub nurse may be a real one. Is she?

Answer: No, she's played (uncredited) by Barbara Bosson, an actress who had an extensive TV career.

Answer: She was the wife of Steven Bochco. He created the TV Shows, Hill Street Blues, Doogie Howser, L.A. Law, N.Y.P.D. and countless other shows. All of which influenced TV programming today, with hard hitting stories, ripped from the headlines and subject matter.

Answer: The film was extensively shot on location in San Francisco, foregoing a sound stage for interior scenes, and was noted for depicting realistic police and medical procedures. The scene in the E.R. used real doctors and nurses as extras. The actress, Barbara Bosson, was likely coached by the medical staff.

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Question: Bullitt goes to little market and buys 6 Swanson TV dinners. What kind? And right before that he sniffs something near the doorway. The grocer says "fresh today." What did he sniff?

Answer: He sniffed green onions. He actually grabbed 7 dinners. The dinners were: on the left going down; Italian Style (lasagna), Meatloaf, and Turkey. On the right going down; Fillet of Haddock, Chinese Style (chow mein I believe), Swiss Steak, and Beef. The Beef was under the Swiss Steak that he grabbed when moving the dinners over to the left.


Question: What happens right before the well blows up? Like almost like a premonition of what is about to happen?

Answer: I'm afraid you are going to have to be more specific. Several things happen before the well blows, several things that happen at once and are crucial to the well blowing out.


Question: They are found and removed from the patient's eye so easily. Why didn't they go in through the eye from the very beginning to begin with?

Answer: The miniaturized sub was injected into the man's carotid artery (neck) because it directly led to the brain and the blood clot. It was an unobstructed pathway taking the least amount of time for the sixty-minute mission. Exiting through the eye was done as an emergency escape route after the mission was sabotaged and the sub was destroyed. It was only easy to remove the crew once they exited the eye and were floating in the tears. Getting to and out the eye was difficult.

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Question: Is it really possible that the guards left Andy's cell completely unchecked after his deal with Norton? I mean, no all round inspections, structural maintenance or even repainting - anything that would have revealed his escape plan at once - for 20 straight years?


Answer: The prison is known to be corrupt and thus maintenance would be at a bare minimum. Prison guards rarely actually go into the cells unless there is concrete information of a smuggled item etc. Andy was well liked by most of the inmates so no-one would really snitch on him. He was also working for Norton so his cell had a lot of things a prison cell should not have - books, the poster, the rock collection, a table etc. Red narrates that Andy worked for so long to escape, working in small increments, chipping away bit by bit and dumping the dirt outside. Guards, managers etc would change over 20 years and nothing happened that would warrant a renovation.

Answer: Well they probably did do inspections, but of the common things like the mattress and toilet. They don't check behind the poster, I think most try their best to ignore it. None of the guards expected he was making a hole behind it, since that's not possible, in their eyes. I hardly doubt they paint (or plaster) a cell that's occupied by an inmate. And the construction work is so expensive and time-consuming, they don't do structural maintenance unless it's really necessary (meaning when something falls off).


Question: Why does the snitch at the pier claim that Nordburg was a dirty cop?


Answer: Because Nordberg was working undercover in Ludwig's organization; not knowing this, the snitch would only see him working with Ludwig's crew, and would thus believe he was dirty.

Answer: I would say his death in Phantom Menace was more of a controversy. He was a fan favorite character from the movie, and his fight scene largely regarded as the best part of the movie. It was more he was brought back to please the Star Wars fans and few, if any, had problems with it.

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