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Answer: It was one of the hoses connected to the engine, nothing specific, but to indicate that Al tampered with the vehicle.

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Question: When Bud's date says something stupid, Kelly says, "What did we send to her country? A head of lettuce and some sand?" What in the world did she mean by that?

Answer: Bud's date is a foreign exchange student and Kelly was wondering what was sent to the country Monique was from in exchange for Monique being sent to America.

Answer: It's implied that Steve filed for divorce since in s04e16, "You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em", Marcy says that Steve is suing for alimony. Alimony is something that has to be requested when filing for divorce. Although the show doesn't spend time on the actual legal proceedings of their divorce.


The House That Peg Lost - S3-E16

Question: After Al and Peggy snoop through the Rhoades' safe, Al wonders if Steve knows that the house is only in Marcy's name. If Steve thinks the house is also in his name, wouldn't he have signed mortgage paperwork at some point?

Answer: If you recall, Marcy worked in a bank. Perhaps she told Steve she'd taken care of all the paperwork. And the Rhodes were somewhat well-to-do, maybe they paid cash for their home or borrowed money from family.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Masking tape on windows and glass doors during a tornado or hurricane is supposed to secure the glass if it shatters, containing any flying chunks. However, safety experts say it actually provides little protection and recommend against it.


No Pot to Pease In - S9-E9

Question: In this episode we see the television show with the house looking very similar. Is this the real Bundy set redecorated, and when we see the porch and living room, is this the same set? Or was this a custom set specifically for this scene/episode?

Answer: Same set, producers often do this to save money. It can even transcend shows and movies; for example most film companies only have one airplane fuselage set, so the plane in Die Hard 2 is the same as the plane in Planes, Trains and Automobiles is same as the plane in Airplane. Just redecorated a bit.

Answer: It's called "You belong to the City", and is by Glenn Frey.


Answer: According to IMDb and some Married with Children fan sites it's Frank Sinatra who sings the theme song.


The D'Arcy Files - S8-E20

Question: Jefferson doesn't know who the vice president was during Eisenhower's presidency. Why does this convince Al that Jefferson is a real American?

Answer: The joke being that Americans don't know their own history, whereas foreigners do. When applying for US citizenship (naturalization), non-exempt applicants have to take a civics test that tests the person's knowledge of US government and history.


Answer: Although the vice presidency is the second-highest U.S. office, it is also a relatively non-powerful one. Few VPs were notable or distinctive while in office, and most are forgotten once their term ended unless they later assumed the presidency, such as Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson. A few VPs who became president, such as Andrew Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, John Tyler, and Millard Fillmore, are barely remembered for holding either office.


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Question: I remember at least a couple of jokes on this show about Michael Bolton: a character disliking him, Al wanting to get rid of him, etc. Is there a story behind it?

Answer: A lot of "manly men" like Al, don't like Michael Bolton's music. He's just an easy target.

Captain Defenestrator

My Mom, the Mom - S3-E12

Question: When Al, Bud, and Steve are discussing the window that Bud broke, why does Steve say "I guess the lesson is mine to learn"?

Answer: When it comes to Bundys, anything that can be broken, will be broken.

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Question: In which season and episode did Al Bundy recite his poem, "Ode to Jack Lord"? My friends and I were discussing the new Hawaii Five-0 series and why it is no good, Al Bundy's poem was brought up (because we all love Jack Lord) and none of us know when it was aired.

Answer: I believe it's S06E11, Al Bundy, Shoe Dick. He gets a job working for a P.I., being the janitor. Before starting, he recites his "Ode to Jack Lord" poem.

Answer: In the first season, Steve and Marcy are portrayed as being more proper and "straight-laced", compared to the following three seasons (and Marcy's later personality, after they divorce). I think Steve is having more "exotic" urges than usual, after going to Buffalo. If I am correct, it's not considered a very wild and intense place, but it was a change from the Rhoades' well-managed routine.

Answer: After which episode are you talking about a wig change? According to Katy Sagal, she didn't start wearing a wig until season 3. The first 3 seasons she would just do her own hair. Once the show became successful is when the show bought her a wig. Any changes to her hair style during the first 3 seasons would be natural. They may have used a couple different wigs later just to keep her hair style changing.


He Thought He Could - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: When young Al reaches forward with his left arm to take the book that Miss Degroot wants to give to him, she quickly pulls back but young AL still has his arm raised. In the next shot, his hand his down by his side.

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Peg: Hi honey. Did you miss me?
Al: With every bullet so far.

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Dial 'B' for Virgin - S9-E7

Trivia: When Al and Peg are in the video store looking for a movie to rent, the video store is giving away free copies of the movie "Dutch" which is a comedy that starred Ed O'Neill.

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