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Correction: That's because she decorated both bathrooms. She even says so in the episode.

Correction: The word "shotgun" isn't said in the episode. They never say what type of weapon Peg used, she just holds it up and fires.

Correction: And why wouldn't they be? nothing ever states that they are real metallic knives.


A Taxing Problem - S4-E14

Corrected entry: Marcy says she paid her cousin 5 dollars to take her to prom. In an earlier episode when she was making fun of the person who took her to prom, Steve said wait, "I took you to prom." Marcy turned to Steve and said "yes you did." So who took her to prom? Her cousin or Steve?


Correction: It's entirely possible she attended more than one prom; I attended two different proms at two different schools in my senior year of high school.


I guess that could be also.


A lot of schools have a Jr. and Sr. Prom. It's entirely possible that she went with her cousin to one and Steve to the other. The prom also could've been at Steve's school if he went to a different one.

Correction: Why is this in the corrections section? should be in the question section.

This was not submitted as a question, it was submitted as a mistake, then it was corrected with a valid correction. Sometimes mistakes such as plot holes or continuity errors include wording in the form of a question, but that does not make them questions.

Super Grover

Thanks for the info.

You Better Shop Around (1) - S5-E21

Corrected entry: In The scene where the store manager comes over to Al and ask him to buy something but wont take his checks. He is still asking for 2 forms of ID. If your paying cash, why would you need 2 forms of ID?

Correction: The store manager does not trust Al. So he wants 2 forms just to burden Al.


Im-Po-Dent - S2-E19

Corrected entry: Steve is having dinner in bed. He asks Marcy for the salt. She brings it to him, and he puts a tiny pinch on his potatoes. Takes a small bite then puts his napkin over the food. He didn't even eat any of it! Just took a few bites of potatoes.

Amy Emerick Tice

Correction: Steve deliberately did this to punish Marcy for damaging his car. As seen at the end of the episode, Al had been giving Steve ways to not only fake his impotence but, also ideas on how to torture Marcy. This was most likely one of Al's ideas.

I know he wanted the salt just for a pinch to make Marcy mad. My entry isn't addressing this. Steve had a whole plate of food and didn't eat any of it. Just a bite of potatoes.

Amy Emerick Tice

So where's the mistake? Wasting food isn't a movie mistake, it happens all the time.


A Man's Castle - S5-E15

Corrected entry: Al goes upstairs and yells in excitement that "she listened to me" referring to Peggy not messing with the bathroom upstairs. Later in the show Al says he will use the bathroom upstairs because she ruined his bathroom in the garage. Peggy says he shouldn't use the upstairs one because she decorated it like a woman's bathroom. So at first he saw it and was happy she didn't change it. Later she said she did and he acted surprised but he already saw it normal.


Correction: Al does not make the statement referring to the bathroom upstairs. He doesn't like using the upstairs bathroom because of all of Peg's stuff in it, so it's unlikely he would checked. He's more concerned about his bedroom so he just did a quick check of that.


I understand what you are saying but he said it when he went upstairs and there is only one bathroom upstairs. I guess I am only saying bathroom because he knows she was doing a bathroom and went upstairs. But I do see what you are saying. I guess we both could be right ;).


At that point he had no idea she was going to redecorate a bathroom. She only chose to do the bathrooms because "a bathroom is not room." Since we know he didn't check all the rooms in the house before making the statement or talking about his win with Bud, it's safe to say he only looked at his bedroom, since he also wasn't up there long enough to check the kids' rooms.


The Dance Show - S5-E5

Corrected entry: Peg goes dancing with Marcy. She meets Andy, who is gay and married. His husband shows up at Al's house telling him about Andy always being with Peg at the dance hall. Peg tells Andy her name is "Lola" though. So how did the husband know to go to Al's house and say, Are you Al Bundy? He has no clue of Peg's real name, let alone where she lives.

Correction: While Andy might not know Peg's real name, Pete (Andy's husband) says he's been following Andy every Tuesday and Thursday (so this has been going on for a while) to see where he goes and finds him dancing (with Al's wife). We know Pete follows Andy to see where he goes so he could easily follow Peg to where she lives. There's a number of ways for Pete to find out who lives there (ask a neighbor, looked at the mail, etc.) Andy still thinks Peg is Lola, and single, because he's not following her.


Correction: This correction makes no sense. Andy has never been to Peg's house. He doesn't even know her real name. There's no way his husband knew Al was Peg's husband at all. This entry shouldn't be corrected.

What part didn't make sense? I never stated Andy went to Peg's house. And I said Andy still thinks Peg's name is Lola.


You Better Shop Around (2) - S5-E22

Corrected entry: When Marcy loses her contact lenses she is run over twice by shopping carts, leaving tire marks on both sides of her clothes. In the overhead showing shot showing all the characters, she is clean. Cut to a closeup, she has the tire marks again.

Correction: Marcy is never seen in an overhead shot. Only Jefferson, Al and Peg are seen running her over. When Marcy is shown, she is lying on the floor with wheel marks on both sides of her suit.

Oldies but Young 'Uns - S5-E17

Corrected entry: Oddly enough that the song Al is looking for is just played when Al switches on the radio. But then the DJ announces days of music - but after a jingle nothing happens. No music, no DJ, just silence for seconds - and no-one has switched the radio off. (00:14:00)

Correction: The first part was simply a coincidence, which happens often in TV as well as film. The second part (known to broadcasters as "dead air") occasionally happens on broadcast radio stations (as well as TV) for any number of reasons (human error, etc.).


Frat Chance - S7-E6

Corrected entry: In this episode Bud fills the empty milk box with water right from the faucet. In the next episode Al tells how he has been attacked by the water company's woman on payday forcing him to pay his water bill. 2 episodes later there is water right out the faucet, and they say it's "for the first time in months". (00:03:45)

Correction: That's because each episode of married with children is not tied to the episode before it. Months can pass from one episode to the next.

It's a Bundyful Life (1) - S4-E11

Corrected entry: After being strip searched by the Bundys, Marcy looks at her left hand and wants her wedding ring back. If you look at the strip searching closely you will see that no Bundy is near her left hand, and is untouched the whole time. (00:04:50)

Correction: When Marcy gets in, Bud moves her left hand and it is at this time he takes her ring.

You Better Shop Around (2) - S5-E22

Corrected entry: Jefferson puts door stoppers under Al's cart so it wont move forward and they will win. Al and Peg just stand there and are upset because they can't move the cart and will lose. Common sense: Back up.

Correction: Peg and Al have been shown a number of times to lack common sense and in the scene they just couldn't figure out what do and initially thought it was something wrong with the cart. However, this is not out of character for them, especially since when people are in a rush is when they make stupid mistakes.

Correction: Following the release of the egg (i.e. fertility), basal body temperature increases by about half a degree in almost all women. Progesterone secreted after ovulation heats the body to prepare for pregnancy.


Peggy and the Pirates - S7-E18

Corrected entry: At the end of the episode, the ending credits say "Special Appearance: David Garrison as Steve Rhoades." David Garrison did not appear as Steve Rhoades in this episode, but as Rubio the Cruel.

Correction: There is no mistake. The pirate story uses Married With Children characters, rather than real life people being the characters. So Al Bundy was Captain Courage (as opposed to Ed O'Neill being Captain Courage), so Steve Rhoades was Rubio and David Garrison was Steve Rhoades.


He Thought He Could - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: When young Al reaches forward with his left arm to take the book that Miss Degroot wants to give to him, she quickly pulls back but young AL still has his arm raised. In the next shot, his hand his down by his side.

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Trivia: Ed O'Neil has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was placed right in front of a shoe store, which is now closed.

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Question: When Bud's date says something stupid, Kelly says, "What did we send to her country? A head of lettuce and some sand?" What in the world did she mean by that?

Answer: Bud's date is a foreign exchange student and Kelly was wondering what was sent to the country Monique was from in exchange for Monique being sent to America.

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