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Married... with Children (1987)

22 mistakes in season 2

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You Better Watch Out - S2-E13

Revealing mistake: When the mall Santa lands in the Bundys' back yard, everybody looks toward the back, and when Al looks forward, he cracks a smile although he's upset about the matter. Ed O'Neil admitted he couldn't contain his laughter.

Poppy's By the Tree (1) - S2-E1

Factual error: At the end of the episode, the killer shoves a long machete up through the mattress. This isn't possible considering he's under a bed and there's not enough vertical space to shove a machete straight up.

Poppy's By the Tree (1) - S2-E1

Revealing mistake: When Al, Peg, and the kids get to their room, notice the "hole" in the blanket on the bed. It's there the entire episode so at the end, the killer can shove the machete up through it.

The Razor's Edge - S2-E10

Plot hole: Al comes home from work. He purposely doesn't look in the kitchen, so he can act like he's surprised it isn't Peg that brings him a beer. Steve talks and Al acts surprised that he's there. When you walk in the front door you automatically see the kitchen.

Amy Emerick Tice

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Suggested correction: It's quite possible to do this. My house has a similar layout: front door opens into the living room, and the kitchen is at the back of the living room. I can come inside and walk to the couch without paying attention to the kitchen. Plus, Al is cranky after work - he says "Ah, what a day" - and he is focused on getting to the couch and relaxing.

This is the only episode where Al does this... Just because he knows it's Steve and not Peg. Pretty obvious.

Amy Emerick Tice

Just because something is only shown in one episode, that doesn't mean it has never happened before. And because he said "What a day", it seems that his work day was especially frustrating, busy, etc. It's reasonable that he could focus on getting to the couch, not bothering to look at the kitchen.

The Razor's Edge - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: Marcy tells Peg that Steve has been gone for 5 days. Yet when he gets home, he has grown a full beard. It would take longer than 5 days to grow a full beard like that.

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Suggested correction: Steve is the bank manager and is closing up for the day. There is also a security guard sitting right by the door. And he has to unlock the door to let Al in. No mistake here.

Amy Emerick Tice

The mistake is about leaving the vault door wide open instead of closing it. Not about Steve needing to unlock the front door to let Al in.

My point is Steve is closing the bank with a security guard there and the door is locked. So what if the vault is open? Steve just hasn't closed it yet.

Amy Emerick Tice

Poppy's By the Tree (2) - S2-E2

Plot hole: Al and Peg are upstairs with the killer. Both of them are screaming, but downstairs, you can't hear anything. Everyone is sitting around talking. It's not until Al and Peg scream again that everyone runs upstairs. And you can tell the screams were "on cue" also.

The Mystery of Skull Island - S6-E14

Al Bundy: "I Care", by Al Bundy. When hooters jiggle around and I find nickels on the ground, I care. When a Mustang engine purrs and the bathroom is not hers, I care. When the pitchers on the mound and the wife is underground, I care. But when I've been playing this for days, I will kill anyone who stays, I SWEAR!

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Dial 'B' for Virgin - S9-E7

Trivia: When Al and Peg are in the video store looking for a movie to rent, the video store is giving away free copies of the movie "Dutch" which is a comedy that starred Ed O'Neill.

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Answer: It was one of the hoses connected to the engine, nothing specific, but to indicate that Al tampered with the vehicle.

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