Married... with Children

Banking on Marcy - S8-E5

Other mistake: Peg reads from a headline saying "[Marcy] announces NBC fall schedule, people still disappointed." But the text below it reads "State officials..." showing the text doesn't belong with that headline. Also when you see each headline the article is the same for each one.

Field of Screams - S8-E19

Continuity mistake: When the chain is cut with Marcy by Al to release him from the pole, later in the newscast in the background they are showing the cut chain. When on the news, it shows the chain was cut about a foot from the goal post. However when you watch the guy cut the chain for real, he cuts it flush with the pole.


Sofa So Good - S8-E14

Revealing mistake: When Kelly is at the house of the crazy guy who made the couch, when they drink the cappuccino and he throws the cup, it's clear that the cups are just props as the drink stays in when it falls towards the camera.


Nooner or Nothing - S8-E21

Other mistake: The guys push Bud out of the line and to the back. When they do that, there is a guy with a black and yellow jersey on with the number 25 in it. There were more guys behind him in the line. A little later, Kelly returns to the line where Bud is. All a sudden that guy with the black and yellow jersey with the number 25 is the person right in front of Bud.


The Mystery of Skull Island - S6-E14

Al Bundy: "I Care", by Al Bundy. When hooters jiggle around and I find nickels on the ground, I care. When a Mustang engine purrs and the bathroom is not hers, I care. When the pitchers on the mound and the wife is underground, I care. But when I've been playing this for days, I will kill anyone who stays, I SWEAR!

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Dial 'B' for Virgin - S9-E7

Trivia: When Al and Peg are in the video store looking for a movie to rent, the video store is giving away free copies of the movie Dutch. Dutch is a comedy that starred Ed O'Neill.

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Show generally

Question: Who sang the opening theme song for Married with Children?

Answer: According to IMDb and some Married with Children fan sites it's Frank Sinatra who sings the theme song.

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