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Answer: It's possible it's a different race of Jawas. The ones we saw before with red eyes were on Tatooine. These are a different group of Jawas on a different desert planet, thus probably have mutated or adapted different isolated from the other groups and have their own traits.

Quantom X

Question: When Mystique is in Logan's tent, why did she keep shape-shifting into other people?

Answer: She wants to have sex with him, but he's not going for it, so she takes on the appearance of other women to see if it will entice him.


Question: Why did Lady Lisa look like an ordinary person instead of a Pixel?

Answer: She was a pixel but turned into an ordinary person. Probably to make the fight look epic.

Answer: Strassman didn't want to play the character again in a third feature-length movie and was involved in a number of other acting projects at the time.


Question: Why is it that the recon unit Gunny Highway leads is comprised of nearly 20 guys (early fall outs) and when they head off to battle the unit only has the 6-8 main characters?


Answer: It's because it's a movie. The plot could not ably handle the stories of twenty different characters while maintaining the action's pace and a cohesive story line within a two-hour time frame. It instead focuses on a few key characters.


Answer: Mrs. Tredoni was enraged that Father Tom refused to give her communion during Mass after he had given it to Catherine, who Mrs. Tredoni calls a whore.


Why did he refuse to give her communion?

Answer: In (non-canon) Legends, Thrawn was the central character of a trilogy of novels by Timothy Zahn. He was a Chiss officer in the Imperial Navy, who rose to the rank of grand admiral despite being non-human. Thrawn was brought into canon in the Star Wars Rebels series, where he commanded the Empire's Seventh Fleet and led the occupation of Lothal, which was opposed by the series' protagonists including Ahsoka Tano. In the final episode of Rebels, the Jedi and Rebel Ezra Bridger commands Purrgil space whales to drag Thrawn's Star Destroyer into hyperspace, jumping to an unknown location with himself and Thrawn on board. The final scene of the series shows Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren leaving Lothal to search for Bridger, and presumably Thrawn.


Question: I'm confused, was Vanessa a fembot all along, from the start of the first film, or was she replaced?


Answer: I don't believe there is a definitive answer, primarily because Vanessa being a fembot is more-or-less just a purposely absurd joke that by very design doesn't really make any sense. (It was a way for them to do a riff on action heroes like James Bond that have a new love interest in every film.) The closest explanation you get is Basil saying "We knew all along, sadly," which might suggest she was a fembot the entire time. But I wouldn't really think too deeply about it, since it's a very tongue-in-cheek revelation.


Answer: Hard to tell, but here is my test to see if House had any genuine feelings for anyone throughout the series. Did House do anything for or to that person that was not in furtherment of some other agenda? The producers played with this notion many times leaving us to guess if House was acting compassionately or selfishly. I would say no, he didn't love her, but was pleased that they both benefited from the arrangement.

Question: What song was Atwood listening to on his headset?

Answer: According to IMDb, the title is "Sleazebucket Pull", by Fudge Factory Inc.


Show generally

Question: At the start of every episode, it shows a man dressed in black carrying a black briefcase with the name R.L. Stine on it. Is the man in black really R.L. Stine or a crew member, and we are meant to only think it's Stine?

Answer: According to all online sources I found, yes, this really was R.L. Stine.


Question: Does anyone know what was in Scot's pocket that he threw out during his final circuit?

Show generally

Question: What happened to Byron? He only appears in the first season and disappears without explanation.

Answer: No explanation was given as to why his character disappears. As to the actor who played him, Christopher Poree, this appears to be his only acting credit, and he retired as an actor following his time on the show. There is little online information about his personal or professional life and none that I could find on why he left the show.


Question: During the Nazi rally books are being burned. Why and what kind are they?


Answer: This is from Wikipedia on what type of books Nazis wanted burned: The books targeted for burning were those viewed as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to Nazism. These included books written by Jewish, communist, socialist, anarchist, liberal, pacifist, religious, and sexologist authors among others.


Question: So the original plan was to kill Kimble and not his wife (or her too, but he was meant to be the main target). However, if I'm not mistaken, Sykes didn't break into the apartment but was granted access instead, probably by Nichols. If the plan wouldn't have gone wrong and Kimble had been killed, would Sykes had forged a breaking in?


Answer: It's unlikely he would have made it look like a break in. He would make it look like an accident, or even something like a heart attack. Sykes killed Lentz by making it look like an accident.


Answer: It's unknown what Sykes' exact plan was. Any answer is mere speculation though his plan would have to somehow include both Kimble and his wife as Sykes would apparently expect both to be at home late at night. Leaving the wife alive would be a liability. It would be difficult to make two deaths look accidental or a result of natural causes.


Question: I know this might be a stupid question but why do they want to lift the curse? They can't die and can't feel pain.

Answer: As Barbossa explains, their needs and desires are no longer sated - no matter how much they drink they are still thirsty, food turns to ash in their mouth leaving them perpetually hungry, their lust is no longer satisfied no matter what they do, their flesh disappears in the moonlight, etc. And they are cursed to endure this for all eternity unless the treasure is returned. Sure, they can't die and feel no pain... but the trade-off is that they aren't able to truly live or experience any true satisfaction of any kind. The cost of their immortality is simply too great, and they don't want to endure it anymore.


Answer: McCoy's place is aboard the Enterprise. If they fail to deflect the asteroid, everyone left on the planet, including McCoy if he remains behind, will be killed. If they are successful, then both Spock and McCoy can return to continue searching for Kirk. McCoy, being a Star Fleet officer and a doctor, knows that his first duty is to the Enterprise and its crew. "The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few, or the one," certainly applies here, and it is what Kirk would have expected of him.


Question: Why does Tim go by his brother's name instead of using his own?

Answer: He is stealing his brother's identity as an IRS agent to research the people he wants to help.


Answer: Everybody Loves Raymond is one of the few TV shows that talks directly to the viewers (such as during the intro) So Meg uses this opportunity to talk to Neil.


Answer: I think because "Everybody Loves Raymond" was a very popular show at the time. There was a good chance of Neil receiving Meg's message.

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