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Calamity Jen - S1-E2

Question: In this episode, there's a commercial about "999" being changed to a ridiculous long number. While I get why it would be funny, was there some basis for joke itself? Like, was there talk about the UK changing the emergency number or something? Or is it just completely random. And when Roy says "how hard is it to remember 911, I mean 999", is this just a joke for American viewers to understand what 999 is? Or do British people say or use "911" too?


Answer: It's a joke on the "118" numbers in the UK. 118 numbers were used for directory enquiries and adverts for them on TV always tried to give a way to easily remember one for a particular company. The fake ad in the show takes it to the extreme. People in the UK do not use "911", the point of the joke was that Roy had forgotten "999" while saying it was easy to remember.

Question: If the package got delivered to the cheating husband, which we see in the scene where he receives it shirtless wearing a cowboy hat, then how did that package end up back on a plane headed to the USA and crash and wash up on beach? Wouldn't that package have been opened by said cheating husband?

Answer: I just re-watched the movie, and realise my previous answer is wrong. Here is what happened. Bettina Petersen, the lady on the Texas ranch, sends a FedEx package to her husband in Russia. She appears to regularly send out packages via FedEx, possibly to customers of her artwork. When driver picks it the package, she tells him she will have another one for pick up on Thursday. That, presumably, is the package that is aboard the doomed FedEx plane that Chuck is on and the one he returns to her four years later.

raywest Premium member

But why should that parcel return to her?

It "shouldn't" do anything. If the package raywest is referring to is in fact a second package to whoever, really, that just so happened to be on Chuck's plane, there wasn't actually a reason to return it, he just chose to return it to the sender if he ever made it off that island because that package was his saving grace and his will to get back home. That's the only reason he never opened it and why he returned it just so he could thank them by saying it saved his life.

Answer: It appears the package he received contained the divorce papers, which he would have signed and then returned to the woman in the U.S. in a different package.

raywest Premium member

Might be possible! And maybe for the reason Bettina Peterson never got them she just took of her ex-husbands name at the ranch to just live free for herself again after her husband cheated on her.

Answer: The package delivered to the soon to be ex-husband has pink wings and the package Chuck never opens has gold wings.

Question: During the sex discussion when Anita says "don't worry the burning sensation is normal" what does she mean by that?

Answer: She's playing like Josie asked her an embarrassing question, in this case, likely related to a urinary tract infection or a sexually transmitted disease.


Question: When Rocky says "Come on" before a round Drago says something angrily, was he cussing in Russian? Also, Rocky and Drago both kept pummeling each other after the bell, Rocky slams Drago, shouldn't they have been disqualified for this stuff?


Answer: He is telling his coach "My hands hurt, it's like hitting a slab of iron" referring to Rocky's seemingly superhuman endurance.

Question: I can understand Michael hallucinating his mother but why is he also hallucinating his younger self? Is this supposed to be him remembering an innocent period of his life?


Question: Why does Clarice not have the handcuffs on when she is found by the police at the end? if Hannibal cut his hand off, then he would slip the cuffs off and she would still be wearing them. Even if she had the key, there was little time to get them or take the cuffs off.

Answer: She had plenty of time to take the bloodied cuffs off, we only see her again when she is outside looking for Hannibal.


Question: As the Cerberus codes have been entered, with the time limit set prior to the missile's destruction, how did Jang expect to leave the country within what I assume was the 5 minute time limit and not feel the fallout from the nuclear missiles, or be killed or at least full of radiation, and also, why take the president then?

Answer: Kang wanted the USA to suffer famine and be a 3rd world country. His plan was to get in, set off all the warheads and plunge the USA into the dark ages. During one of the exchanges between Kang and Mike, Kang says "I just want the USA to experience poverty and famine." So he had no plans to survive his mission. He needed the president to gain the 3rd code incase it couldn't be broken by the hacker. He faked the presidents death to give himself more time with the president.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: The Washington monument is destroyed in one scene and in a later scene, it is fully erect.

This isn't an answer, this seems to be a mistake entry.


Answer: My best guess is they went in knowing it was a suicide mission.

That suggested answer doesn't make any sense. Jang idea was to capture the code to start a war presumably between N &S Korea. There is no indication that Jang's computer whiz had the ability crack the code, or was even trying, and that sounds unlikely. I think the whole story line went off the tracks at that point and they were trying to wrap up the shooting. Pretty shaky in my opinion. Just a movie with some good stars and and a lot of stuff got blown-up and the good guys won.

Question: What's with all the baby corpses that Monica found in the hidden tunnels?


Question: What happens to Jennings after Howard destroys the Laser Spectroscope to prevent more Dark Overlords from coming to earth? He is never seen with Howard, Beverly and Phil after it's destroyed.


Answer: He means, what happens to him in that very scene.

Answer: He probably goes back to being a scientist afterwards. Maybe he went into hiding after what he'd been through out of fear of the government wanting to hold him responsible for that power plant's mess.


Answer: The corpse was old and he was around people he knew. Seeing a severed head walking around on a turtle was just too much for him.


Adding to this, he also hadn't just recently killed a man when an arm was ripped off. He was still going through PTSD after his shootout and killing of Tuco when the head thing happened.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: Hank is very emotionally vulnerable at this point. He'd just had an intense shoot-out with Tuco that affected him more than he is willing to admit.

Question: Why did the zeppelin turn around, and how did the approaching airplane fighters know it was them in the zeppelin's airplane?

Answer: The zeppelin is turning around because Indy sabotaged the radio. They are presumably going back to get it repaired, lest they end up getting into danger on a long journey with no way to reach out for help. The approaching planes likely deduced it was the Joneses absconding with the plane, as it would be unlikely for anyone else to be taking it when the zeppelin was simply returning to its point of origin.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: In the desert the tank first shot towards the Joneses. Then one of the bad guys implied that they hit their vehicle, by saying they couldn't get out of the desert on foot. How did they know? The vehicle wasn't visible from their location.

Answer: He didn't know. He was just making an assumption and probably boasting, assuming that he had not missed the target.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did the train that wakes Vinny and Lisa comes through town every morning rather than coming through anytime besides 5 or 4?


Answer: A train has many stops on each trip it makes, and reaches each one at a different time of the day. It's not just going to one town where the time could be adjusted.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why was Elsa so horrified about the killing? We don't know how much she knew. Let's assume she thought the camp was full of luxury. She still knew they were imprisoning people. We don't know whether or not she knew the people were innocent, but either way, it still doesn't make sense. If she knew they were innocent, why would she have no problem with the imprisonment, but be horrified when she learned they were killing them? I know killing is worse, but she acted like she thought her husband was an angel, and then all of a sudden realised he was a monster. If she thought they were destroying the country, it makes no sense that she was so devastated they were being killed. Many people are against the death penalty, but I don't think anyone cries over bad people being executed. I also wonder how much the grandmother knew. She seemed angry, but not horrified.


Answer: She represents what many people, including the wives of many Nazis, were during the time of the Holocaust: brainwashed. Many people during the time of Nazi Germany did not know what the camps truly were. They thought they were labor camps meant to keep Jews "under control" and "beneficial to society" as many thought they couldn't be trusted unless monitored. This shown in the movie where they show the "labor camps" as being resorts with swimming pools and cafes in the Nazi propaganda commercial. When she realises the camps are actually death camps; she is horrified for the reasons many others who supported Nazi Germany were horrified in real life. #1 They realised they were lied to and now have to question what they believed. #2 Many folks were afraid of Jews and did not trust them, but they did not think they were evil and deserving of death. This seems confusing in light of what we know now. However, at the time, many Germans including the wives of Nazis were brainwashed.

Question: Why wouldn't Shmuel escape? It would've been very easy. He could've done it the same way he let Bruno in.


Answer: Samuel knew the dangers of the camp and knew that trying to escape would result in death. He knows Bruno is likely to be allowed IN to the camp as he is a German and Germans are running the camp. Plus, if Shmuel did escape, where would he go? He's 8, on his own and alone in the woods.

Question: Batman states Joker killed his parents, Joker acts confused. Then after being told he made Batman he says he was a kid when he did it. My question is did he remember, or was he humoring Batman?


Answer: The Joker most likely did recall the specific killing by that point, especially when Bruce confronted the Joker at Vicki Vale's apartment earlier in the film and told him the story of "a kid I once knew" followed by the physical confrontation in which the Joker "killed" Bruce. The Joker had enough time to put two and two together by the time of the climax at the clock tower; when Batman repeated the Joker's "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" line from earlier, everything fell in place within the Joker's memory.


Question: If they know the mother boxes are dangerous why not destroy them? Surely they'd have figured out some way before Steppenwolf came back.


Answer: "Surely they'd figure it out" is hardly a suitable solution. If they knew how to destroy them, they would have. They did the next best thing by hiding them in different places.

Question: How can Gwen pose as a student at the Academy wearing part of her costume, tights and ballet shoes, with no teacher noticing and forcing her to wear the same socks and shoes as the other girls?


Answer: Gwen is only briefly shown in school, there's nothing to suggest she wasn't given any warnings about uniform violations. If she did receive warnings, she simply didn't address them, considering she isn't even a real student. Some schools don't force students to correct uniform violations on the spot.


Question: Given how narrow that ledge is, just how could the Joker grab hold of it and silently pull himself onto it prior to yanking Batman and Vicki Vale over the side?


Answer: Most likely, in real life, this would be impossible. Movies take liberties with facts and realities in order to tell the story.

raywest Premium member

Question: How was Princess Leia already on Admiral Radius' ship? Was she on Yavin with Bail while he was meeting with the council and he left her there when he left?


Answer: She was on Yavin IV, but after the Rebel council meeting Bail returned to Alderaan and assigned Leia to travel to Tatooine to fetch Obi-Wan Kenobi. Her ship the Tantive IV was damaged in a previous mission and was undergoing repairs on Admiral Raddus' ship, so he was escorting Leia to Tatooine when he instead decided to assist the Rogue One team on Scarif.

Sierra1 Premium member

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