Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein (1974)

36 mistakes

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Inga, Fredrick and Igor throw the net over the monster, Inga sticks the syringe of the sedative in the monster's back but does not push down on the top, yet the monster still falls over. A few seconds later when she collapses on the monster, you can see all of the fluid inside spray out.

Continuity mistake: When Igor is holding onto the cemetery gate, his hands swap between angles from holding two bars close to each other, to having an empty bar in between.


Revealing mistake: Right before Doctor Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) gives life to his creation he is standing behind the monster on the platform giving his speech. While he is giving his speech you can see the "dead" monster breathe, not only once but several times.

Continuity mistake: The monster puts his bowl way above the pot for the blind man to serve him. A frame later from a different angle, bowl and pot are at the same level.


Continuity mistake: The brain that Frankenstein draws on the blackboard in the first scene is different from the one behind him as he is seated and lecturing. Check the shading on the brain stem.


Factual error: The movie is set in Transylvania, but the natives all speak German and with German accents (probably an homage to the book, but still incorrect).


Other mistake: When Igor arrives at the Brain Depository, there is a shadow of something from inside the door. But when Igor enters the room, there's nothing there that could have made the shadow.

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Revealing mistake: When Frankenstein and Inga are having breakfast, the entire screen tilts.

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Continuity mistake: During Inspector Kemp's visit at the Frankenstein manor, Frankenstein is playing darts while he is having his conversation with Kemp. He throws the first dart at the bottom 10, but by the time he throws the second dart at 7, the first dart he threw at 10 is now at the bottom of 18.

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. F meets Igor and says "You were sent by Herr Falkstein, weren't you?", the expression on Igor's face from a side view doesn't match the immediate following the front shot (smiling / serious). The rest of the shots changing back to front do match.


Continuity mistake: When Dr. F arrives at the train station there's a lot of smoke/fog around him. In the close-up that comes a split second later it's all gone.


Continuity mistake: Dr. F arrives at the train station and stands to the left of the candle light. A second later he is right in front of it.


Continuity mistake: At the castle, Dr. Frankenstein throws darts while talking with Inspector Kemp. The shot of the darts hitting the board does not match with the shot where Inspector Kemp takes the darts back from the board.

Continuity mistake: During his lecture on the brain, Professor Frankenstein draws the medulla oblongata on the black-board twice.

Continuity mistake: As the townspeople gather to storm the castle, the clock in the town square shows 10:30. When the Inspector steps out of the building to address them, the clock over his shoulder shows 10:00 PM.

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Revealing mistake: When Helga is sent flying into her room, the support cable that is attached to her is visible.

Audio problem: When Frederick is playing darts with Inspector Kemp, the last dart that Frederick holds flies backwards when he raises his arm quickly causing the dart to land on the floor, but when he throws his now empty hand forward, the sound of the window breaking is heard.

Continuity mistake: When the blind man serves soup, there's a spoon in a cube on the left skewed to the right. A couple seconds later it's straight.


Continuity mistake: The blind man reaches for the cigars, and when the angle changes, half a second later, the broken pieces of the mug have changed position and have also increased and suddenly appear scattered all over the table.


Revealing mistake: For most of the opera house stage presentation, the monster is a full head taller than Friedrich. During the tap dance, however, they're the same height. Although the camera angle/depth of field used tries to disguise this by keeping Gene Wilder in the foreground for most of the shots, it's still apparent that Peter Boyle isn't wearing his probably-impossible-to-dance-in platform shoes during the sequence.

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