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Correction: With the shadowing, the dim lighting, and the fact that Frankenstein's hand is blocking the viewer's point of view, it is difficult to ascertain whether he was holding two pieces of the broken handle or one. The close up shot of his open hand after the handle broke shows two pieces, however.


He is holding one because if he was holding two broken pieces, then the sound of two pieces of the door handle should be heard hitting the floor and not one.

Corrected entry: Right before Doctor Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) gives life to his creation he is standing behind the monster on the platform giving his speech. While he is giving his speech you can see the "dead" monster breathe, not only once but several times. (00:43:35)

Correction: You must have really good eyes, because aside from the camera movement and angling, there is nothing that shows the monster is breathing.


Corrected entry: Frau Blucher's name makes the horses whinny because Blucher is the German word for "glue". Draw your own conclusions.

Correction: This is an urban legend. Refer to

Corrected entry: Igor arrives at the Brain Depositary, but it is not spelled correctly, it should be Depository. In the bonus features on the DVD a copy of the script is shown that has the same mistake.

Correction: lists both "depositary" and "depository" each as correctly spelled, completely interchangeable words.

Phixius Premium member

Correction: Also, a Depositary is a "trust", making this a Brain Trust. I think this is humor.

Corrected entry: Just before the monster comes to life, Dr. Frankenstein has his hands clasped around the monster's head. Cut to a close-up of the monster's hands. Cut back to the Doctor and his hands are still clasping the monster.

Correction: There is only one time when Frankenstein touches the creature's head, before he gets on the elevator platform. A shot on the monster's head before Frankenstein touches him indeed shows no hands, but there is no such shot after Frankenstein touches him.


Corrected entry: When the guard is teasing the monster with a match he takes the cigarette from behind his ear to light. When the match goes out he lights another and the cigarette is back behind his ear.


Correction: The guard is a sadist. He takes the cigarette from behind his ear, but realizes that he can torment the monster with the match before he lights the cigarette. The shot stays on the monster for several seconds, and when it switches back to showing both characters, the guard's hand is just moving away from his ear. He put the cigarette back so he could torture the monster with fire.


Corrected entry: Frankenstein pulls up at the Transylvania Station. Transylvania is a region, not a city, and would not have its own station. Even if this is the only station in the region, it would be named after the nearby village.

Correction: There are rules governing how railway stations are named? There's a Waterloo Station in London, but Waterloo itself is in Belgium. If the locals want a Transylvania Station - even if it is to support a really, really lame joke - there is no reason not to have one.

Corrected entry: Dr. F and the monster are on a platform that's being raised up to the loft. Inga and Igor are turning the crank to raise them, but the platform is going up faster than they're turning.


Correction: Obviously you've never heard of a little thing called gear reduction.


Corrected entry: When Inspector Kemp comes out to incite the villagers to riot, the clock in the steeple shows 10:30. But the classic mistake is made- the hour hand is exactly on the 10, even though at 10:30 it should be halfway between the 10 and 11.

Correction: There are clocks where the hour hand does not move until the top of the hour.

Corrected entry: After the Monster has raped Elizabeth, she comments on how impressive it is that a man could do it 7 times. Then the Monster leans in for another and she says "seven is my lucky number", implying that they only did it six times.

Correction: When she comments about how impressive it is that a man could do it seven times, she is goading him into 'performing' a seventh time.

Corrected entry: When the monster enters the blind man's house, the room is well lit. Why would a blind man bother to have lamps burning?

Correction: He was lonely and wanted a guest, so he'd naturally make his home inviting.

Corrected entry: While playing darts at the castle, Inspector Kemp upsets Dr. Frankenstein by talking about the possibility that he has created another monster. This distracts the doctor as he is throwing his five darts (one ends up on the wall, two out the window, one hits a cat, and one is tossed behind his back). But when the inspector's car leaves, there are at least six darts in the tires. (00:59:45 - 01:01:15)

Correction: Can you call a joke a continuity error? This is merely one of Brooks' extreme (and obvious) jokes. And there are more than six darts outside. There are three in the front tire, three in the rear, two in the spare and one in the driver's helmet. Also, there's no indication how long they had been playing. Maybe they were playing for a while and the inspector had been distracting Frankenstein all night.

Corrected entry: When Dr, Frankenstein introduces the monster on the stage, he makes the monster take some steps back and forth. The sound is an extremely deep and loud clomping we would expect from a big heavy man wearing those heavy shoes. But in the tap dance, the same heavy shoes change to a light tap sound that matches Dr. F's tap shoes, no heavy sound as if worn by a smaller person. Even if the monster was light on his feet he couldn't suppress the sound of his heavy shoes on the wooden stage.

Correction: It's a joke.

Corrected entry: At the breakfast table while planning how to make the new monster, shots on Inga's face have an mostly dark background, but angled shots on her and Frankenstein show an illuminated background behind her. (00:33:50)


Correction: She is sitting in front of a soot filled fireplace. It is always dark.

Corrected entry: After Dr. Frankenstein flips his last dart behind him during his dart game with Inspector Kemp, a loud commotion of breaking glass is heard, but behind them is only the castle wall and a set of fireplace tools that are undisturbed.


Correction: That's just a joke - a disproportionately chaotic noise compared to the events.

Correction: It's more of a mistake than trivia. A clock can only chime up to 12, but chimes to 13. So it's a mistake.

Casual Person

I doubt this was a screw up on the director's part, but rather a deliberate attempt to be spooky, and a little silly. After all, you can't really transplant a brain, and yet.

Brian Katcher

Corrected entry: When the monster sits on the teeter-totter and flings Anne Beesley (Little Girl) through the window, she lands on her bed, head on pillow, eyes closed as if asleep (or knocked out by the landing). When her parents, rushing upstairs, open the door, she is tucked neatly under the covers.

Correction: This is part of the joke about how fast the monster shot her thru the air. When she lands in the bed, you can see the covers move to cover her up.

Corrected entry: Inspector Kemp is known in the village to have had his right arm to be prosthetic (supposedly torn off by the original monster), but during the searching in the woods scene, after the riot starts, when he signals the villagers to keep quiet, his LEFT arm is suddenly prosthetic. The entire shot was apparently made of the villagers moving from left to right, but the negative was threaded backwards to get them to move from right to left. The Inspector's eyepatch is also on the wrong eye, and a villager is holding his shotgun left-handed (shown at the town gathering at the start of the riot as being right-handed).

Correction: It's a running gag: Igor's hump changes sides, Kemp's missing arm and eye change sides.

Brian Katcher

Except that for the whole movie every time Inspector Kemp uses his right arm it keeps making a sound to indicate that it's fake, but he can move his left arm normally, showing that it's his real arm. Not only that but, the moving hump was Marty Feldman's idea. It can't actually be confirmed that Inspector Kemp's prosthetic right being switched to the left for that one scene was part of the gag or not.

Correction: Mel Brooks' movie are known for having many "mistakes" put into them for the enjoyment of those watching. This is one of those. for a very short, throw away shot, much attention is paid to Inspector Kemps arm and dress, proving this was an inside joke.

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Frankenstein introduces himself to the monster with a soothing "Hello, there", his right hand is on the restraint over the monster's chest. The next shot shows the doctor placing his hand on the restraint again.


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[A wolf is heard howling in the distance.]
Inga: Werewolf.
Frederick: Werewolf?
Igor: There.
Frederick: What?
Igor: [Points to moors] There wolf. [Points forward] There castle.
Frederick: Why are you talking like that?
Igor: I though you wanted to.
Frederick: No, I don't want to.
Igor: Suit yourself. I'm easy.

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Chosen answer: While no specific date is given, Mel Brooks wanted to do a tribute parody to the classic 1930's horror film, thus the Black and White film and the 30's style film techniques. However, Hans Delbrück (the brain Igor is suppose to steal) was a real-life person who died in 1929. Given that and the cars seen, it's a safe bet it's suppose to be set in the early 1930's.


Answer: Near the end of the film the (now improved) monster is in bed reading the Wall Street Journal. The article in the top left corner refers to the Brown Vs. Board of Education Supreme Court case after 25 years. That puts the film in 1979. (It was made in 1974.) Also, the young Dr. Frankenstein refers to his grandfather, the infamous Dr. Frankenstein. The original movie was made in 1931. That places the movie two generations later.


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