Bride of Frankenstein

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film the Monster tells Dr. Frankenstein, to leave. The Doctor and his fiancee run off. The Monster grabs a lever and says "We stay, we belong dead." He pulls the lever which blows up the castle. If you look to the left of the screen as the roof is collapsing, you can see Dr. Frankenstein knocked out on the stairs. Seconds later they cut to the Doctor and his fiancee running to safety outside the castle. It turns out in the original ending Universal killed the doc, but it tested poorly with audiences. They probably wanted a happy ending so they did a new ending where the doc lived, but they could not afford to blow up that castle again.

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Suggested correction: We see Henry Frankenstein leaning against the wall with his arms outstretched, bracing for the collapse of the watch tower.


Continuity mistake: When The Monster is roaming in the woods early in the film, he comes across a shepherdess and her flock of lambs. Having fallen in the stream and been pulled out by The Monster, she starts screaming. In the long shots, The Monster puts his hands across her mouth very quickly to silence her, but in the close up shots of her, his hands are missing, even though they keep switching between the two shots.

Other mistake: It's the scene when Dr. Frankenstein's fiancee is being held hostage. To prove that she's all right, her captor allows her to talk to Dr. Frankenstein through a telephone type device. She's supposed to be tied up with her hands behind her back. But she pulls one arm from behind her for a fraction of a second, then tucks it back behind her again.

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Suggested correction: While some may see this as a gaffe, consider this: Elizabeth is quite resourceful. She has been tied up in the cave for some time and has been working on freeing herself from her bonds, to the point of success. As Karl attempts to cover her mouth, she has a moment of panic and almost gives away how close she is to escaping. Remember, she does escape and gets to the watch tower just in time to make a plea to Henry to leave with her to safety.


Continuity mistake: After escaping the burning mill, the Monster is wandering through the forest when he comes upon a small pool of water. He placed his burned arm into the cool water, then leans further in order to take a refreshing drink. He sees his reflection in the water. The mirror image shows the scar on his forehead to be on the left side, when it should be on the right. The film was reversed by accident and not corrected.

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Continuity mistake: When the hermit teaches the monster that fire isn't always bad, he has a cigar in his mouth. When he gets some firewood, the cigar is suddenly in his hand.

Factual error: The movie's title is factually inaccurate. The bride isn't "of Frankenstein" (the doctor), she's the bride of Frankenstein's monster.

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Suggested correction: First, that's not what constitutes a factual error. At this point in time, "Frankenstein" was commonly used as the creature's name. Even today, it's understood. And in the novel, Frankenstein was never a doctor or held a doctorate of any kind. So, based on your faulty logic, it's a factual error to call him "doctor."


In addition, in the book the monster is always called "The Creature".


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Trivia: Boris Karloff hated the idea of having the monster talk because he had built the integrity and 'charm' of the monster around silence.

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Question: How were the special effects of the miniature people in the glass displays accomplished?

Answer: From "Behind the Camera - Bride of Frankenstein": "Special effects experts John Fulton and David S. Horsley spent two days shooting Dr. Pretorius' miniature beings. The actors were placed in full-sized bell jars set against black velvet. These shots were meticulously lined up to match them with shots of Ernest Thesiger, Colin Clive and the interior set."

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