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The 39 Steps picture

Continuity mistake: Hannay is talking to the milkman inside the door. Outside the door you can see across the street, the two guys walking down the sidewalk. A moment later, Hannay goes toward the door and now there's the milk wagon on the street right in front of the door. When Hannay pointed out the two guys across the street to the milkman, the milk wagon wasn't there and the milkman is inside with Hannay so he couldn't have pulled it up.

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Triumph of the Will picture

Continuity mistake: There's one peaceful scene where the point of view is from a boat drifting down a canal in town. As the boat drifts, it passes by some sort of monument, and a very clear full-body shadow of the camera man and camera is visible against the monument.

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Mutiny on the Bounty picture

Continuity mistake: After swimming, Tehanni and Maimiti exit the sea with bare behinds, but they are covered in the following shot.

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Bride of Frankenstein picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film the Monster tells Dr. Frankenstein, to leave. The Doctor and his fiancee run off. The Monster grabs a lever and says "We stay, we belong dead." He pulls the lever which blows up the castle. If you look to the left of the screen as the roof is collapsing, you can see Dr. Frankenstein knocked out on the stairs. Seconds later they cut to the Doctor and his fiancee running to safety outside the castle. It turns out in the original ending Universal killed the doc, but it tested poorly with audiences. They probably wanted a happy ending so they did a new ending where the doc lived, but they could not afford to blow up that castle again.

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The Black Room picture

Continuity mistake: At the climax, the hero's large, short-haired dog dashes down to the village. It is obviously male. After alerting the villagers and foiling the villain, "he" runs back up to the castle, only "he" is obviously female on the trip back.

Alan Rice

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On Ice picture

Continuity mistake: When Minnie Mouse falls down on the pillow whilst attempting to skate, the pillow bursts and covers Mickey with feathers. When Mickey goes off skating you can see nothing surrounding the pillow, but when we return to Minnie later on, there are now a lot of feathers around it.

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Mickey's Fire Brigade picture

Continuity mistake: When Donald Duck is holding on to Mickey Mouse when Goofy is dangling on the ladder, you can see there is a window underneath Donald, but when he has his feathers burned in the next shot, the window has disappeared.

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Top Hat picture

Continuity mistake: During Astaire's big number "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails," he produces an invitation on stage, sings about it, then crumples it up, and tosses it away. It must be nearby on the stage, but when we finally see the entire stage, the invitation is gone.

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The Band Concert picture

Continuity mistake: When Mickey Mouse turns over the page of his music book, the title is initially "The Storm" but in the next shot changes to "William Tell - The Storm."

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I Haven't Got a Hat picture

Continuity mistake: Before Little Kitty attempts to recite "Mary Had a Little Lamb", you can see there is writing on the blackboard behind her. When she makes her exit, the writing has disappeared, and when Ham and Ex appear, the writing is back again.

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The New Adventures of Tarzan picture

Factual error: In the movie version during a series of shots of African animals, there is a shot of a tapir. This is incorrect as tapirs are not indigenous to Africa. This is probably also present in the serial version. (00:09:45)

Noman Premium member

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She (1935)

She picture

Audio problem: A native descends a rope to beat on a drum and signal those inside to open the door. As the native beats on the drum, his actions and the drum sounds become further and further out of synchronization.

Noman Premium member

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The Spanish Cape Mystery picture

Continuity mistake: For the early happy ending, Ellery Queen takes the jeweller by surprise giving him the pearl necklace, and the fella, incredulous, touches his breast. The hands swap position at the first cut. (00:07:25)

Sammo Premium member

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