Most movie mistakes of 1935

1Mickey's Fire Brigade pictureMickey's Fire Brigade (1935)9
2A Night at the Opera pictureA Night at the Opera (1935)8
3The 39 Steps pictureThe 39 Steps (1935)7
4Pop Goes the Easel picturePop Goes the Easel (1935)7
5The Band Concert pictureThe Band Concert (1935)7
6On Ice pictureOn Ice (1935)6
7I Haven't Got a Hat pictureI Haven't Got a Hat (1935)5
8Bride of Frankenstein pictureBride of Frankenstein (1935)3
9Mutiny on the Bounty pictureMutiny on the Bounty (1935)3
10Top Hat pictureTop Hat (1935)1
11Triumph of the Will pictureTriumph of the Will (1935)1
12The Black Room pictureThe Black Room (1935)1
13The New Adventures of Tarzan pictureThe New Adventures of Tarzan (1935)1



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