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Answer: He originally wanted him dead but over the year or so he was on the run he lost his family and his money and realised the horrible person he had become. He thought Jesse was already dead but when Pete and Badger told hi the blue meth was still in circulation he realised Jesse was being forced to cook and decided to save him because he was no longer the ruthless Heisenberg but was now back to being Walter Whiter.


Answer: Tarantino once explained to David Carradine that Budd was also in love with Beatrix. He left the DVAS right after the wedding massacre because he was upset he had to kill her.


Question: There was a flash back to cheerleader camp. Big red was there. Why would she be there? She was a graduating senior. She shouldn't be there since she was a senior. Once they graduated they don't go to the summer camps for the next year.

Answer: Kirsten Dunst states that the incident happened last summer. Big Red would have been between her junior and senior year at that point.

Question: Usually pep rallies are held during school. Why are the clovers holding a pep rally at night?

Answer: Some schools hold pep rallies at night for bigger games. My school had their homecoming pep rally at night.

Question: Why did they burn the Mariners boat? Wouldn't it have made more sense to capture it and use it for themselves? They know they are gonna run out of "Go Juice" at some point so why not use the fastest sail boat to find dry land?

Answer: Most likely to make sure that the Mariner and Helen couldn't follow them and rescue Enola. They were trying to find Dryland and if Enola was taken from them, they'd never be able to find it. Also the smokers ship was filled with people and using the Mariner's boat and constantly going back and forth from Dryland to the ship would have taken too long. Better to use the ship they're all on and get them there quicker. Also, none of the Smokers could read the map that was on Enola's back.

Answer: If they'd have captured it and took it for themselves then they wouldn't have been able to follow them either. They could have used the Trimaran to find dry land a lot faster than using the tanker. Once they'd found dry land, simply go back to the tanker and tell them where it is so the tanker can make its way there too.

Question: We know that for a hybrid to be created it needs a vampire virus a lycan virus and the Korvus gene. If that's accurate then why does Lucian needs blood from an elder vampire like Amelia and Marcus doesn't need blood from an elder lycan? I mean why didn't Lucian take the virus from a non elder vampire? The only thing that comes to my mind is that one of the two viruses must be from an elder either a lycan or a vampire. And Michael turns to a hybrid because Selene, the person who gave him the vampire virus, was turned by Viktor an elder vampire.

Answer: Lucian wants the most pure and powerful blood.


Answer: Lucian is an elder werewolf. Selene could be considered an elder vampire because she is over 500 years old.

Question: At the end of the wedding celebration, Jess is sitting in the car when her sister says 'Don't you want all of this?' What does Jess mean when she replies 'I want more than this'?

Answer: She means she wants more than a conventional life of being an average married woman. She wants more out of life.


Question: How the did the cases carrying the money survive intact after being dropped from so high?

Answer: For one, they fell into snow which would have softened the blow. Also, as common in aviation or even just cases that are meant to contain valuables like money, they are designed to withstand impacts or attempts to break them open.

Quantom X

Wouldn't the bad guys have to spend what could be weeks trying to find the money if the cases were to break open?

Probably yes.

Quantom X

Potentially, yes. However, in the film they remained intact.

Snow softened the blow? I thought objects went through snow.

Question: What was Rick trying to do when he ended up going inside the T-rex using a stick?

Question: What if the Volturi died? Vampires would end up killing all humans, right?


Answer: It would be rather difficult for the small number of vampires that exist to kill six billion humans. Even if they could, they would be eliminating their food supply. As to the Volturi, it's unlikely all three would die and at the same time. It's probable that a line of succession is in place to replace them. There are other vampires working within the Volturi organization that we don't happen to see.


Question: Shouldn't Peter's spider sense work when he meets Dr Octopus?


Answer: She wasn't a danger to him in the moment they met. The Doc Oc from his universe was likely still the male version we all know and his senses were attuned to recognize him. At the moment they met and she started geeking out over him, she wasn't immediately trying to harm or threaten him so his senses had no reason to be triggered by a strange woman who, at that moment, seemed normal.

Quantom X

Question: Since David was a politician, couldn't Elise have just looked him up?


Answer: I would think so.

Answer: Because they were trying to kill him and take the One Ring for Sauron.

Why didn't the nazgûl simply take ring from Frodo?

They tried, but they were interrupted by Aragorn.


How was one of the nazgûl able to stab Frodo when he put the ring on at weathertop? Considering that people who put the ring on are usually invisible.

To mortal people, yes. But the Nazgûl can sense when someone is using it. Note how they immediately changed directions when Frodo put it on at the Prancing Pony.

Brian Katcher

Question: Do phones on planes really exist? I've never seen one.


Answer: Yes, they were called "Airphones." They provided air-ground telephone services, although they were pretty expensive to use. They were more popular in the 90's, but by mid-2000's their use started to decline. In 2008 only a handful of airliners kept them in their planes, and even those were limited.


Question: Can Sauron sense when the ring is near him?

Answer: Frodo entered Mordor and came close to the tower whilst carrying the ring and Sauron didn't notice it, so this ability is either not there or highly limited. He can only sense it when someone puts it on. It's possible he can sense it when it's inside his tower though.


Question: Why were the zombies in a huddle?

Answer: The creatures in this film are not true zombies. They are still humans still alive, but mutated by the virus and in an altered state of mind. They still have their own society and social circles. They often go into a trance like state when dormant and would just be around each other for comfort.

Quantom X

Answer: It was never revealed in the film series what happened to him.


Answer: It's been years since I've seen the film, but as I recall it was because head lice was so prevalent and that was how the prison population avoided getting it.


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