Hotel Transylvania

Question: Is Griffin always naked? Because his clothes (glasses) are visible but he is not.

Answer: There's a scene where he's wearing swim trunks which are visible, but he gets embarrassed when they're pulled down and he runs away. Obviously just meant to be a gag, but if the thought of people "seeing" him naked embarrassed him, one would think he must normally be dressed in clothes that can't be seen.


Question: What is the last song from the end credits - the orchestral song during the concept artwork, not the "Problem (The Monster Remix)" song?

Answer: The last song I believe you're referring to was composed by Mark Mothersbaugh. However, there are no official names for the scores he composed. It would just be something like "End Credit Suite."


Answer: I a monster.

Question: During the party near the ending, why did the guests panic when they saw Jonathan's true identity?

Answer: Throughout the movie, Dracula has been drilling into his guests the history of humans' mistreatment of monsters, hence the building of the hotel, which was to be a monster's refuge from the human world. Most of the monsters likely had never interacted with humans, so that coupled with the stories from the past caused the monsters to freak when they saw Jonathan's true identity as a human.


But they had been hanging out in the hotel for long and johnny wasn't a bad person so the shock is unjustified.

Answer: Part of the shock would be him lying all this time, or the possibility of him being a fake Johnny.

Answer: Just what he said: it would set monsters back hundreds of years. Monsters are harmless, sociable creatures in this world yet humanity fears them. To kill a human would justify humanity's fears and set whatever progress monsters may have made toward being accepted in the world back hundreds of years.

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Question: I don't quite understand, when all the other monsters find out Jonathon is actually a human, why does he suddenly decide he hates monsters? Wasn't he impressed with monsters even when he initially thought the ones at the hotel were people dressed in costumes?

Answer: He simply says that he hates monsters because he's respecting Dracula's wish and placing a barrier between himself and Mavis. He's trying to prevent her falling for him. He says this in the movie: "if I didn't say that your dad would have killed me."

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Question: What song is playing when Jonathan is showing his scooter skills to the monsters?

Answer: LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It.

Answer: Yes, though the Draculas could turn him into a vampire.


Question: Does the majority of this movie takes place in 2012, meaning that Mavis was born in 1894?

Continuity mistake: When Dracula is heading towards Mavis' room, one of the rooms he walks past is Room 174. When he finally reaches Mavis room, her room number is also 174.

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Dracula: [Sees a Twilight movie playing.] This is how we're represented. Unbelievable.

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