Question: If Jack thinks the room is the whole world and that space surrounds the room, where does he think Old Nick is coming from when he walks in the door?

Answer: He's a five-year-old child and lives in a very structured, controlled, and unnatural environment. He isn't capable at that age to really begin questioning how and why something should or shouldn't be. He believes what he is told.


Well, except when Joy tells him that something outside Room exists and he doesn't believe what she tells him and immediately questions how that could be possible.

And that is certainly a starting age point of where a child will begin to have an ability to analyze and interpret their environment and question what they are told. They begin asking "why" to whatever they are told.


Question: Why did Joy's father not want to talk to Jack, and why could he not even look at Jack when Joy asked him?

Answer: It's not explained. For whatever reason, he apparently is unable accept that his grandson is the illegitimate product of rape. He may consider his daughter to now be sullied from the experience, and possibly blames her in some way, even though she was a victim. It is also possible he may believe that he somehow failed to protect her.


Answer: Jack was conceived through rape. Robert is unable to come to terms with it.


Question: How does Ma spend seven years with 'old Nick' and never catch his real name? She must call him something to his face.

Answer: Old Nick keeps Joy completely isolated from the outside world. He never has any reason to mention his real name to her and she certainly is in no position to force him to do so. What she calls him to his face, if anything, is never addressed.


Answer: It is shown on a news report that he was caught and arrested soon after.

Casual Person

Question: Why she didn't even try to break the ceiling glass before shouting for help?

Answer: Who's to say she never did? She's been in the room for many years, that was probably one of the first things she tried. But the man who abducted her probably anticipated this and so made the window out of something highly durable.

Plot hole: Ma rolling Jack in the rug (to pretend he was dead and then could escape from the truck when being taken away) would have suffocated him. She even put his hands over his mouth before rolling him up in the rug. (00:42:10 - 00:43:15)


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Ma: I'm sorry that I'm not nice anymore, but you know what? Maybe if your voice saying "be nice" hadn't been in my head, then maybe I wouldn't have helped the guy with the fucking sick dog.

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