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Question: In the flashback scene of Bane inside the prison, why were prisoners attacking Bane?

Answer: Bane is acting as a protector for the young Talia, keeping her safe and ultimately holding off the other prisoners while she escapes. As for what a bunch of male prisoners might want with a young girl, well, it's not going to be nice.


Question: While it is generally known that Marni Nixon sang the part of Maria in the movie, I'm fairly sure Russ Tamblyn did not sing Tony's part. Who covered that?

Answer: Some of Tamblyn's vocals were dubbed by actor/singer/dance Tucker Smith, who was also in the original Broadway production of West Side Story. Smith also appeared in the movie version, playing a character named Ice.


Answer: James Howard Bryant dubbed Tony in the 1961 movie. Bryant said in an interview that Richard Beymer (Tony) always gave him accurate credit, because he was such a nice guy. George Chakiris (Bernardo) was the only one of the main characters (Tony, Maria, Anita, Bernardo, and Riff) whose voice was not dubbed. This was because Nardo didn't have many singing lines, except in the song America.

Question: How did the Joker convince Harvey in the hospital to become bad? I know he talked him into the whole creating chaos in the world thing but that scene confused me. Also, when did we find out that some of the cops were corrupt? Did they help tie up Rachel or something along those lines? Sorry I just got confused with those plot lines.

Answer: Harvey's basically lost it already, driven insane by the death of Rachel and his own injuries. The Joker basically just tells him that order, having rules, hasn't brought him anything but pain, that maybe he should let things get a bit more chaotic, go with random chance rather than regimented rules. In his deranged state, Harvey goes along with it. As for the cops, Harvey knows that both he and Rachel were being escorted home by members of Gordon's team, only to both wake up surrounded by bombs. Fairly obvious from that that there are some bad apples in the bunch.


Harvey also worked for Internal Affairs. He states earlier in the film (and Gordon confirms) that he had investigated many people on Gordon's team. He knows many people on Gordon's team are dirty, but as the DA, he can't do much about it without proof.


Question: Bane has a nifty facial device that apparently keeps him alive. When Batman damages it a bit, Bane looses power, nearly faints even. Bane is a beefy fellow, but how does he eat?

Answer: The mask doesn't actually keep Bane alive, it feeds him a constant stream of pain-killing gas in order to stop the excruciating pain from his injuries preventing him from functioning normally. When the League of Shadows rescue him from the prison, Bane appears to simply have his face wrapped in bandages, and certainly would have no access to a constant supply of painkillers in that environment. With this in mind, it seems safe to say that he is capable of removing the mask, it's just highly unpleasant for him to do so. Most likely when he wants to eat, he simply mentally prepares himself, takes the mask off and puts up with the pain long enough to finish his meal.


Chosen answer: A meal in the 80s would have cost 4 or 5 dollars. A bus ticket would have been around 50, or more, depending on where he was going.

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: To make them both suffer the pain they have inflicted on their victims.


Question: In Episode II, Anakin jumped out of a moving speeder while he and Obi-wan were pursuing the bounty hunter who put the poisonous insects in Padme's bedroom. Other Jedi do similar falls in the Clone Wars movie and series. So why did Mace Windu die from being pushed out of Palpatine's office window?

Answer: Anakin hadn't just had his arm cut off and been electrocuted at full force by a Sith Master. Windu's in phenomenal pain and is likely barely conscious; in no condition to focus the Force enough to survive the fall.


Question: After Obadiah Stane steals Stark's new reactor, how does the old one he reinstalled run out of power? It's a reactor: it generates power.


Chosen answer: It was basically a prototype made from, to quote Stane, "a box of scraps." It was not strong enough to last, especially when it came to powering Tony's high tech armor armor upgrades.


Answer: Yes it does create electric energy, but because of the laws of physics, energy can't just be created, it must be converted from another type of energy (chemical in this case, I assume), so Tony added a ring of palladium to the reactor while building it, which causes a chemical reaction inside to generate electric energy, so anyways, if the chemical energy inside the reactor is taken way so is the ability of the reactor to produce electric energy. Tony solves this in pt. 2 with switchable cores.

Question: How did the witch know Merida is a princess? Somehow, I don't remember if Merida told the witch that she is a princess. If Merida did tell her, where did I miss it?

Answer: Her necklace has the clan crest on it. Plus the witch is a subject of the kingdom, not to mention she can do magic, it stands to reason she'd know who the royal family was.


Question: Why was Cal laughing about the fact that he had put the diamond in the coat, and the coat on Rose?

Answer: It's just a reaction to the irony of the situation. He's laughing at his own stupidity for not remembering that the diamond was in the pocket when he put the coat on Rose (though he expected they'd still be together).


Question: This isn't technically a mistake per se, but it involves Spock's funeral. Several Enterprise crewmembers are killed during the battle with Khan, and yet only Spock gets a funeral. Perhaps there was a smaller memorial for the others, and Spock got a full funeral due to his status as captain, but why is Kirk only sending Spock's body to the Genesis planet? I imagine he sent only Spocks's body there since in ST3 there aren't dozens of little regenerated human babies crawling around down there.


Chosen answer: I imagine there was a memorial service for everyone killed. Starfleet's policy on corpses is probably to return them to Starfleet HQ where their families can collect them for whatever services or ceremonies they want unless the crewman had left instructions specifying otherwise. There's no telling why Kirk sent Spock's body to Genesis. Based on Sarek's reactions in ST3 he almost certainly went against Spock's wishes, unless of course, Spock left no recorded instructions and Kirk did what he thought would please Spock based on his being highest ranking officer and Spock's closest friend. It also seems very out of character for Spock to just assume that whoever he transferred his katra to would be able to handle it and carry out his wishes (McCoy certainly couldn't!). Ultimately it seems we have to chalk it up to a plot device to base the sequel on.

Grumpy Scot

According to the novelization, Kirk's intentions were to send Spock's remains into the Genesis sun. Lieutenant Saavik altered the trajectory of the torpedo beforehand, due to Spock's desire to see the Genesis effect for himself. The torpedo casing was expected to incinerate when entering the atmosphere. As pointed out by David Marcus in STIII when the pod was detected on the scanners, the gravitational fields were in flux at the time, and the pod had obviously soft-landed on the surface.

Question: My question involves the scene where Batman is standing on top of the rubble from the explosion mourning the loss of Rachel while the firefighters are seen behind him putting out the residual flames. Is Batman standing inside the building or outside? This may seem obvious, but I recently had a serious debate on this matter. I personally believe he is standing inside the building but would like clarification if possible. Thanks.

Answer: He's on the rubble, so he must be where the building's inside used to be.


Question: What music is being played in the end credits?

Answer: Iron Man by Black Sabbath (minus the lyrics).


Question: Arsenio Hall is credited for starring in this film. When does he appear and what character does he play? I have seen this movie multiple times and don't recall ever seeing him in it.

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: He filmed a fake episode of his talk show for the film. You can see Kevin watching it (it has superheroes Gay Man and Midget Man).


Question: What's the significance of the serum the werewolves use at the church?


Chosen answer: It was a drug to control werewolf transformations that went wrong. It causes immediate transformation into a werewolf, instead of having to wait until the full moon.

Question: Just a question and an observation: When does Lymangood find out what JAFO means? He didn't know when he got into Blue Thunder for the first (and last) time: "When are you going to tell me what JAFO means?" 1. They find out about the evil plot. 2. Lymangood gets the tape after they land. 3. He leaves a recording for Frank inside Blue Thunder using "Big Brother", the cabin recorder. 4. He drops the tape off at a drive-in movie dumpster. 5. He calls and leave a voice-mail for Murphy. 6. He goes home and is attacked. So when was he told what JAFO means? Also, someone had a sense of humor about naming the Special helicopter. It was to be used in project THOR (Tactical Helicopter Offensive Response, the "proposed use of military helicopters to quell disorder"). Thor is the god of thunder in Norse mythology. Did they name the helicopter Blue "Thunder" because it was going to be used in Project THOR? It would have been nice to connect the two references in the movie.


Chosen answer: There was plenty of time from Lymangood asks what Jafo means to when he gets killed. For all we know it could have been weeks. It was only a simply question really. As for any connection between blue thunder and Thor, it could have been an in-joke, but only the filmmakers really know.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: The pills are the Matrix representations of computer programs. The red pill contains code designed to disrupt Neo's input/output signals, so that Morpheus' team can pinpoint his physical location in the real world. Once located, a signal of unspecified type is sent from their ship, which presumably serves to wake Neo up.


Chosen answer: From above the break, she can still feel everything.


Question: If Edward's bite has venom in it, why didn't Bella start changing immediately after being bitten on her stomach repeatedly to get the baby out?


Chosen answer: Vampires may have the ability to control when they inject their venom.


Question: Who was Jamie's maid of honor at the wedding? I was reading some discussion on imdb and the comments seem to indicate that it was Belinda since neither she nor Dean's girlfriend were seen sitting in the pews with Dean, Eric et al. One shot does briefly show a blonde girl holding the bouquet of flowers.

Answer: Belinda was Jamie's Maid of Honor.


Answer: It was the drama teacher.

Answer: I think it is Landon's dad's new wife.

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