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Question: What place was the Beast a Prince of? Considering that Maurice had to inform the other villagers about a castle in the woods. The village is not extremely far from the castle, apparently. Belle gets there soon enough when she wants to return, after helping her father. Were the villagers not ruled over by the Beast's parents?

Answer: One possibility is that this property belonged to the Prince. This could explain why the witch asked him for shelter, instead of asking a parent.

Answer: It's never specified that the Beast's family were rulers. Until 1789, France was ruled by one king. Lower-ranking royals can have titles and live in castles, but it does not mean they hold any political power or position. Some royals or aristocrats can hold a ceremonial or appointed role in a country's specific region. For example, Prince William of England is also the Prince of Wales and Prince Harry is the Duke of Sussex, though neither "rule" those districts. Also, this is a fairytale, so details are deliberately vague and generalized.


Question: Gaston tells Belle that she will end up as a beggar if she does not get married. I know this is a fantasy setting, but in similar settings, couldn't an unmarried woman still inherit property?

Answer: Gaston is trying to intimidate her into marrying him. If she did inherit father's home someday, it's likely that she could sell the property and go to Paris or another place with a larger population. Women could work a variety of low-paying jobs. Still not an ideal life, but better than growing old in the village and having very limited options.

Question: Is a witch or wizard basically powerless without a wand? If so, could a Muggle, maybe one who has a magical family member, perform magic if they picked up a wand and tried a spell?

Answer: They can perform magic without wands, though on a more limited basis. The books mention wizards and witches performing "wandless magic." Students even received some training in this. Also, a Muggle cannot use a wand to cast any spells. Only a witch or wizard can use magic. The wand is just a conduit for their powers.


Question: What brand of swimsuit does the water skier wear in the movie?

Question: Why did King Triton initially dislike humans?

Answer: He doesn't know, trust, or understand humans, who would be considered a potential threat to the oceans and its inhabitants.


Question: Why was Sam upset over Carl's death?

Answer: They were close friends. I also think Sam is more upset over Carl's deception and greed that ultimately destroyed both of their lives. Carl's death was also pretty brutal, which disturbed Sam when it happened.


Answer: He has an arrogant, power-hungry personality. As the situation with the medicine gets worse, he doesn't want to lose admiration from the humans and other dogs.

Answer: Paulie believed that he shouldn't have to ask Rocky for a job. In Paulie's mind, Rocky should have known that Paulie was struggling and offer him a job, and not wait for Paulie to ask for help, because that would be humiliating. Paulie believes Rocky and Adrian owe him because their success wouldn't have happened without Paulie helping them get together. Rocky believed that Paulie is a grown man, and his financial and emotional problems are his own making and if he needed help he should have been a man and asked for it. In Rocky's mind, offering a job to Paulie would have been like giving him a handout, because he doesn't have any real experience working with a fighter at Rocky's superstar level.


Question: How did Peter Parker know how to cure Sandman? He'd never found out how Sandman was created, so how'd he know how to cure him?


Question: Surely the rest of the Mafia would seek revenge on Corleone for the death of Don Fanucci, right?


Answer: Not really. It's more fully explained in a scene from the novel that was filmed but ultimately cut: Vito witnesses Fanucci get attacked by two street youths, who slit his throat from ear to ear (he survives, but with a scar). No one comes to Fanucci's aid and the youths are not hunted down, and Vito deduces that Fanucci is not well-connected at all, as if he was really a Mafia Don, no-one would dare attack him so publicly. This, combined with Fanucci's threat to report Vito and his friends to the police (something no mafioso would ever do, if they had real power), convinces Vito that Fanucci can be dealt with without retribution, and he is correct.

Question: If Linus knows the true meaning of Christmas, why didn't he tell Charlie Brown what it was when Charlie Brown brought up his feelings of depression earlier in the special?


Question: Is Goldeneye a reboot? From what I remember, there's no clear evidence that it is a reboot like Casino Royale, but there's also no evidence that it's in the same universe as the previous movies. Licence to Kill is, because Tracy's death is mentioned, and it's clear that Bond and Felix have been close friends for decades.


Answer: It's definitely not meant as a reboot. While there may not be any explicit references to earlier Bond films, plenty of them lack those. It may feel like a reboot because, as the first Bond film made after the end of the USSR, it had to establish Bond's place in a post-Cold War world; hence his terse exchange with the new M (Judi Dench) early in the film about how he is a "relic", and the fact that this story has its origins in the Cold War and many of its villains are ex-Soviet officials and such. It's more a transitional film in the series than a reboot.

Question: What does Luke think happened to his mother before he meets Obi-Wan and learns that his father was a Jedi? Has this been mentioned anywhere?

Answer: It's never mentioned in the original movies what Luke believed about his mother's demise. His foster aunt and uncle probably never knew her identity, and Obi-Wan likely provided little information other than Luke's name. They apparently learned at some point that Vader was the father. Lars and Beru probably told Luke that his mother died from natural causes shortly after his birth.


According to the recent series about Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan didn't even know, right away, that Anakin became Darth Vader. He thinks that he left Anakin to die after their fight on Mustafar, and Vader is literally a separate person. Only ten years later does he find out that Anakin became Vader. If you think this change is weird and unnecessary, you're not the only one.

It is rather weird, though it kind of explains why Obi-Wan, believing Anakin was dead, would reveal Luke's real name to Lars and Beru. Even so, it would have been wiser to use a false surname. Of course, it also makes little sense that Obi-Wan, after learning about Vader, wouldn't tell Lars and Beru to change Luke's last name to protect him and themselves. It sounds like a typical plot point revision after people notice inconsistencies in the storyline.


Good point. But I thought Force users could sense when someone close to them dies. Anakin could feel his mother's pain, and later, Vader says he felt that Padme was still alive.

Just more plot inconsistencies, though Obi-Wan, the one who inflicted the pain, would have been sensing as well as witnessing Anakin's agony in the moment, leading to him assume Anakin would quickly die. He probably dismissed any later Force disturbances he felt regarding Anakin, believing him dead.


Question: I once read something about a chimpanzee being in this movie somewhere. No joke. Has anyone else read or heard this?

Answer: This is likely what you are referring to: When the Emperor first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, he was portrayed by Marjorie Eaton under heavy makeup. Chimpanzee eyes were superimposed into darkened eye sockets during post-production. Https://, Portrayal, was%20voiced%20by%20Clive%20Revill.


Question: When Stanley first met up with Charlie and their dates at the Coco Bongo, why did the admission guy refuse to let him inside? The guy knows Charlie (they greet each other), and he allowed the two women to follow Charlie inside, so why not Stanley?

Answer: Because Stanley didn't appear to be part of the group, as Stanley doesn't immediately follow them. The bouncer, at least, didn't see it that way. Charlie also doesn't say anything to the bouncer about Stanley before he himself goes through.


Question: Why did the Princess not have money with her at the market? She could easily disguise herself as a lower-class person who has some amount of money with her, like the other shoppers.

Answer: Despite being a princess, Jasmine likely did not have access to money. Royals are known to never carry cash on their persons. Everything in Jasmine's life is controlled, and whatever she needs or wants is provided. She is young, naive, and has been so pampered and sheltered from the real world that she'd probably never consider how currency works.


Question: Sidious/Palpatine killed three of the Jedi who came to confront him in his office, fought Mace Windu until Anakin arrived, and later, Yoda could not defeat him. Considering this, why is Luke such a big threat to him years later?

Answer: Probably because Luke is Vader's son. Palpatine knows it creates complications and a conflict of conscience and loyalty with Vader, who becomes torn between serving the Emperor and his underlying feelings for Luke. Despite Vader's assurance that Luke will join them or die, Palpatine remains wary.


Question: A couple of times, Luke mentions Vader not being able to kill/destroy him "before." What is he talking about? At Cloud City, Vader wanted to freeze him in carbonite, not kill him. He even tested the process on Han Solo first.

Answer: The emperor wanted Vader to kill Luke outright, but Vader suggested instead to turn him and only kill him if necessary. He promises the Emperor that "He will join us, or die." Luke is saying that during their fight on Cloud City, especially near the end, he could sense Vader's hesitation to kill him. Vader even says to Luke at two points "Don't make me destroy you" and "Don't let yourself be destroyed as Obi-Wan did."


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