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Question: Why didn't Billy and Stu kill Billy's father? They killed Sidney's mother for having an affair with him, which caused Billy's mother to leave town. Why not blame Mr. Loomis also?

Answer: One problem is that they killed Mrs. Prescott the year before, so they were probably 16 or 17 years old. If they had killed Billy's father, after his mother walked out on the family, he might have been required to live with an adult guardian somewhere. It would ruin the plans that he and Stu made.

Answer: In addition, we find out in the third movie, Roman planted the idea in Billy and Stu's mind. Roman didn't care about Hank; he was really after Maureen since she abandoned him and wanted revenge.

Torie White

Question: Randy says that the police would save time if they watched "Prom Night". I saw that movie a while ago, but I don't understand what he means. Can someone explain?

Answer: Did you watch the remake or the 1981 original? In that version, these mean kids terrorise a girl and cause her to fall out of a third-story window and die. They take a vow of secrecy and leave, then the shadow of a person appears before the dead girl. At the prom, a mysterious stalker taunts and kills the group of kids, one by one. The police, at first, believe a local child molester did it but died in a car crash. They reopen the case and arrive at the prom to see it was the younger brother of the murdered girl who discovered her body and sought revenge.

I watched the 1981 original, but as my question says, I had not seen it in a while. So, is Randy saying that the police should be investigating people who are directly connected to Sidney and her mother (Mr. Prescott, Billy, Sidney's friends)? Just as the killer in "Prom Night" was directly connected to a murder victim?

Sort of. Randy's mostly saying that the cops are wasting their time trying to track down the whereabouts of a missing suspect and that the killer is more likely to be hiding in plain sight among the victims' inner social circle.


Question: During the counseling session, the girl in the wheelchair tells another girl, "You're fat because I hate you." What does she mean?

Answer: Jessica (the girl in the wheelchair) was saying she didn't hate Laura for being fat, but that being hated by Jessica is what caused led Laura to overeat or, in some way, get fat. Sometimes, people with low self-esteem or stress binge eat to feel better and engage in other poor lifestyle choices that lead to obesity.


Answer: That's why he kissed Fred, after being called an ugly old broad. Scooby wanted to let everyone see this ugly old broad kiss a handsome young man.

Question: Why does Aurora go out into the forest barefoot? Doesn't she have shoes?

Answer: She has shoes. There's no reason given why she's not wearing them. She probably just likes being barefoot when in the woods.


Question: What caused Tom to start killing everyone?

Answer: It was many factors. First, he was blamed for letting the methane gas leak, which caused the explosion and deaths. Then, having one of the miners attack him and his friends. All that would cause anyone to go over the edge.

Question: Why is Maude dressed like a viking maiden in the Dude's dream sequence?


Answer: She looks like one of the Valkyries, a Nordic female spirit that guided brave warrior souls to Vallhalla. This may foreshadow Donny's death.


Question: Did the nihilists force that one's girlfriend to get her toe cut off?


Answer: They don't appear to have; she's a nihilist too, and seems to have been in on it. The way they put it in their confrontation with the Dude and Walter suggests this: "His girlfriend cut off her toe", "She thought we would get a million dollars." Both expressions imply that she did it herself in the hopes of getting the ransom.

Question: At the end of the film, Kip shows Memphis the car he's brought him, and Memphis says, "It's Eleanor." How can it be Eleanor? Eleanor was grey with a black stripe down the middle. The car Kip bought was brown and rusty! Even if they'd have saved Eleanor from being shredded, it still wouldn't explain the change of color.

Answer: Eleanor refers to the type of car, a 1967 Shelby GT500, not the specific car they were trying to steal.


Answer: In the movie, the name "Eleanor" refers to the one car, a 1973 Ford Mustang (Internet sources say it was a redressed 1971 Mustang). Two different Mustangs were used for Eleanor, one for stunts, the other for close-up shots, which may account for the color differences. This seems like a movie mistake. The name "Eleanor" was later used for the customized, limited-edition Shelby Mustang GT 500 (a reissue of the 1967 Mustang) that was produced in 2000.


Question: When they send in the probe into the embarkation room, why do a group of base guards rush in and take aim at the Stargate?

Answer: Because they didn't know what was going to happen, they didn't know if someone or something was going to come out of it.

Question: Is it ever explained how Voller managed to survive his encounter with being hit square in the face and falling off the speeding train without a scratch? My thoughts were that he touched the spear of destiny earlier (focused on in a scene) and became immortal, but Indy said it was fake. Plus, Voller dies at the end in 217BC. He also seems to have aged little compared to Indy. Is that a plot point they dropped or forgot about or something?


Answer: It was never explained and seems impossible that anyone could survive such an impact. My own thought was the scene was deliberately exaggerated to appear as if Voller was killed in order to fool and then surprise the audience when he later turns up alive. I also thought it looked as if he hadn't aged. Voller may have been much younger than Indy, possibly as much as 25-30 years. When Voller reappears in the 1960s, he looks more like actor Mads Mikkelsen's actual age. The film should have made him look younger at the beginning. There's a lot of "suspension of disbelief" here.


Question: Why did Alex offer up his chair to Nagata?

Answer: She meant he can't come with them on their time-turning trip because he is bedridden.


Answer: Typically, the Joker is immune to the toxin. It depends on the writer, and in this story, that would seem to be the case.


Question: At the beginning of the movie, it was shown that both Tony Stark and Nebula are stuck inside Peter Quill's spaceship after Thanos' snap. Here, Tony Stark says, "Oxygen will run out tomorrow morning." However, this doesn't make any sense. Why didn't the two of them just stay on Titan? It's not like they needed special equipment in order to breathe on Titan before. They could just stay there until help arrived.

Answer: If they have no way of communicating with anyone, they have no chance on Titan either. That planet is dead too—might actually be hazardous to stay there too long. Nobody knows they are there either. They took their chance with the ship and getting to Earth.


Answer: What help? Nobody knew where they were, where to start looking, or if they were even alive. Tony had a wife and daughter on Earth; he had to get back.

Question: When Jed and Matt caught up with their father, as he told them to follow him, where was he running them to before the paratroopers stopped him? Also, was there a reason why that one paratrooper shot at his cop car?

Question: How is it, Colonel Berman never suspects Elwood is having an affair with his wife?

Answer: Hermione is obsessed with following rules and knows she could be expelled for inflicting a spell or curse on another student. She isn't someone who gives in to her emotional impulses. For Hermione, reasoning, calmness, and logic always prevail. She may also have been bluffing and only wanted to frighten Draco, knowing he is a coward.


Question: How does wearing the sunglasses allow the wearer to hear the speakers broadcasting the "sleep" command?

Answer: It affects the brain waves. Wearing those glasses disrupts the visual and audio signals.

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