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The Temptation - S8-E14

Question: A couple of scenes show Leanne at the beach. At the end, Ben in his usual suit, is walking on the beach, saying, "I thought I might find you here." If Ben has a practice in Atlanta, lives in an Atlanta suburb, isn't the beach a bit of a drive - about 2-3 hours from Atlanta? Of course, it's not impossible. I just don't see Ben or his daughter taking a quick jaunt to the beach.

Answer: Leanne often went to the beach whenever she was upset about something. In this episode, Leanne realised that Kevin, the guy she had been seeing, had broken into her home and taken her diary in hopes of learning everything about her. This upset her because her privacy had been invaded and Kevin thought that the entries in her diary described the kind of man she was looking for. Ben drove down to the beach to comfort Leanne.

Question: Lucian ended up with the pendant. How did Selene's father get it and give it to Selene while William's prison was being built? How did Lucian get it back so that he had it in Underworld 1 when he bit Michael? (04:00:00)

Answer: Sonja's pendant was part of the key to William's prison, which Selene's father was involved in building, and was why she had seen it as a child during the construction. Viktor later killed everyone who built the prison and took the pendant. In the next movie, Rise of the Lycans, Lucian steals the pendant from Viktor, and has it until he is killed by Kraven, and Selene retrieves it.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: What does Jon do for a living?

Answer: He's a cartoonist.

Show generally

Question: Why is The Wizard of Oz referenced so much in the show?

Answer: Because they're frequently "Not in Kansas anymore."

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Question: Does anyone have the deleted scenes of Johnny 5 being repaired by Nova? I believe the owner of the diamonds paid Nova to repair him as a thanks or something along those lines.

Question: This always kind of bugged me. Why would David think that Kirk murdered everyone left behind on Regula One? Even though they did not have a father/son relationship, surely the heroic exploits of James T. Kirk are well known? At one point, David even refers to him as an "overgrown Boy Scout." I've seen this movie a hundred times, but could there be something I'm missing?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Answer: Because David is working under the assumption that Kirk ordered Reliant to take Genesis by force. Khan had Chekov send a message that Kirk was ordering Regula 1 to turn over the Genesis project. When Carol Marcus attempted to contact Kirk to confirm the order, he had the communications at Regula 1 jammed so the message couldn't go through. This lead David to believe that Kirk was attempting to steal Genesis. The fact that the group that stayed behind never made it to the cave suggested that they were killed. Since David has no reason to believe otherwise, he assumes Kirk is responsible. He has no idea who Khan is and that he is a mortal enemy of his father. Khan's goal was simply to acquire Genesis and bring his enemy to him, having David distrust Kirk was not part of his plan. It just happened that way.


Question: How did Peter get the idea that Harry despised his father, and was an embarrassment to him?

Answer: He's simply saying that to hurt Harry, knowing that Harry has a complex about his father. He didn't get the idea anywhere - he's just saying it to be hurtful.


Question: What exactly happens with Peter Parker and Mary Jane's relationship at the end of the movie? I know they reconcile, but afterwards do they get back together and get married or is it purposefully left ambiguous?

Answer: It's implied that they are back together, but whether or not they get married is unclear. It's not purposefully left ambiguous as there was meant to be a fourth film, but Sony opted to cancel it and reboot the franchise.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: If the small predator wants to help the humans by giving them the armour, then why does he start to fight and hunt them?


Answer: Predators are proud hunters and by giving humans armour they are giving themselves "a challenge." They are making the humans harder to kill to increase the pride from killing them.


With all due respect, this doesn't answer the question being asked. The first Predator specifically came to earth in order to provide technology that would allow humans to defend themselves against other Predator attacks. Its literal sole intention was to protect them, which is why the larger Predator comes after it. Not one single human that this Predator then goes on to kill is equipped with this armour, in fact some of the first people it kills are unarmed scientists.

Different but Same - S1-E9

Question: Johnny quit drinking in the last episode. Why did he go back to drinking in this one?


Question: Why was Spot's death faked?

Answer: Spots, being "dead" can now live with his mate and raise his puppies while Chief takes care of Atari.

Erik M.

Question: Why did Watanabe taste the wasabi if he thought something was wrong with it?

Answer: He may have underestimated the "wrongness" of the wasabi, not imagining that it was, in fact, poisoned.

Erik M.

Question: Why did Joy's father not want to talk to Jack, and why could he not even look at Jack when Joy asked him?

Answer: It's not explained. For whatever reason, he apparently is unable accept that his grandson is the illegitimate product of rape. He may consider his daughter to now be sullied from the experience, and possibly blames her in some way, even though she was a victim. It is also possible he may believe that he somehow failed to protect her.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Jack was conceived through rape. Robert is unable to come to terms with it.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: I don't understand. If the aliens can remember what happened and then reset time to better react to it, how do they not win much sooner than the hundreds of resets Cage lives through?

Answer: Time only resets when the one with the ability is killed. The aliens use this ability to win battles fast, also resetting time until their attack is perfect, which they do time and time again, using the special blue type of aliens that have that ability (controlled by the Omega) including the invasion of France. The Blue alien Cage encounters never dies again after Cage killed it so the day isn't reset for them, only that one time. Cage gained the same ability as it died though, so now the day resets for him too every time he dies, just like Rita at Verdun, until he figures out how to beat them.


Question: Why does it take Matt Farrell so long to log off and unplug his keyboard at the gas utility hub? What exactly is he supposed to be doing before he can remove his keyboard from the computer, and what would happen if he just pulled out the cord without doing the lengthy procedure first?

Answer: He's trying to stop the hackers from sending all the gas to their location. He leaves it as long as possible.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: During Venom's fight with the SWAT team, he throws an officer off a balcony and the officer lets out a Wilhelm scream. Why was this scream taken out in the DVD and Blu-Ray?

Question: If the Terminator had succeeded in killing Sarah and effectively wiping out John Conner, then that would mean the machines would win and even kill off mankind. So after Skynet's mission was complete and all humans are dead, what would the machines do now that with no more humans left to kill?

Answer: It's really impossible to answer definitively, considering the film-makers have never addressed this. The films never specify any purpose Skynet has outside of wanting to wipe out humanity. Skynet simply wants to "live", to exist as a sentient consciousness but views all of humanity as a threat to its existence. Since artificial intelligence is thus far only a fictional concept, we can't even really speculate based on information outside of the Terminator series. We can perhaps imagine a scenario wherein Skynet is successful and lives in peace as the only intelligence on Earth. The machines themselves do not have individuality and only exist for the purposes of killing humans so there doesn't seem to be a logical reason why they would exists if Skynet wins. However, there doesn't seem to be any reasonable way Skynet could ever be sure they have killed every single human on the planet so I can also imagine a scenario where the machines endlessly patrol the planet, making sure humanity never rises again. Also, and this is food for thought, the time travel scenario present in these films is a grandfather paradox. Skynet leads to it's own creation by sending back a Terminator to kill Sarah Connor. Similarly John Connor is conceived because a Terminator was sent back in time, which is the paradox. Skynet winning would create another paradox wherein Skynet could not exist because John Connor was never born so they had no enemy to fight, etc. This sort of stuff can make your head explode.


Just to be clear, the first movie doesn't say that Skynet created itself by sending a terminator back, that's the second movie. Also John Connor never being born doesn't remove their enemy, humanity is their enemy, it would stop the resistance and prevent the humans from winning, presumably. It does create a paradox though, like all time travel movies do.


The first movie deleted specific scenes which referenced the defeated Terminator being used to create Skynet. This of course was fully formed in the sequel. Technically since they are deleted scenes they may not belong in a discussion about the first movie but I was speaking generally with regards to the series as a whole. It's really only relevant to my point about the paradox which doesn't really have anything to do with the original question. Also, John Connor is specifically Skynet's enemy. Without him humanity would have been easily defeated. Technically, yes they want to wipe out all humanity but without John Connor they would have succeeded and there would be no need to send a terminator back in time, which of course is the entire point of the series. Both the humans and Skynet believe this to be true.


John Connor is the key to the paradox, true. Since John was created by Skynet's own attempt to stop him it's impossible for them to win the war. All movies tell us (except the horrible, terrible last one called Genisys) that skynet can not win the war by time travel. I had a whole essay written down but I decided not to post it, since talking about paradoxes is a paradox and they are highly interactive. Catch my drift?


Thinking about paradoxes in movies like these can drive you insane.


Yeah, but it's so much fun.


Agreed. I actually really love the paradox in the first Terminator. The idea that John gave Kyle a picture of his mother and Kyle fell in love with her because of that picture, and he always wondered what she was thinking about when the picture was taken, and it turns out she was thinking about how much she loved Kyle. Brilliant.


Yeah, you know now I think about it, the first movie doesn't have a grandfather paradox at all, it's the exact opposite. They actually created a loop, the time travel made the resistance exist and skynet always will try to use time travel to destroy the resistance. The paradox, is the sequel, where they make us believe the time travel also made skynet, which is impossible and an actual grandfather paradox because skynet invented time travel (since in the second movie the time travelling terminator from the first movie became the "grandfather" of skynet basically). Maybe we should move this to the Forum though.


Out of the Blue - S8-E4

Question: What is the pin Mayor Dutton is wearing?

Question: How did Loki know that it was Natasha who brought Bruce onto the Helicarrier?


Answer: He doesn't mean her, he means them, the Avengers, they have brought the Hulk on board.


Show generally

Question: Who is the brunette kid in the yellow shirt in the beginning? It's supposed to be Marc but it's not.

Answer: From what I've read, the kid in question was the original actor cast to play Mark and was intended be closer in age to Brendan. For whatever reason, they recast the role with Christopher Castile and didn't bother removing the original actor from the beginning of the opening credits. I guess they figured people would just assume the kid was one of Brendan's friends.

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