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Answer: It's called a Bantu knot and it is similar to other historical Afro-texture - also known as kinky - hairstyles. Within the context of the show, the reason for the hairstyle is she probably just likes the look. Within the context of producing the show, they might have felt the hairstyle helped accentuate her deranged facial expressions.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Because then he could ask anybody to say his name three times for him, and they would release him.

Coming of Age - S1-E19

Question: When Lieutenant Chang walks into the room, he says that Wesley, Oliana, T'Shanik and Mordock that even though all four of them are top candidates for entry into Starfleet Academy, only one of them will go. Why not just let all four of them go to Starfleet?

Answer: At any competitive college, university, academy, etc, there are only so many applicants accepted each year to maintain a program's quality. There would be many other candidates elsewhere who are also applying to Starfleet Academy, in addition to those four. This is also a plot device to showcase Wesley's role on the show and how he deals with competition, rejection, and not always being the smartest person. It's also a reason to explain why someone his age would still be on the Enterprise rather than moving on to higher education.

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Question: When Margo obtains a blood sample from the Kothoga and runs it through her computer, excluding information that it was human, what other species shows up on the screen?

Answer: Reptilian creatures. Lizards, turtles, geckos, snakes, alligators and crocodiles.

Question: During the opening credits, was there a TV show being parodied by Beavis and Butthead? If so, what was the show?

Question: It's revealed that the ooze came from TGRI but, what were they planning on originally doing with it before they decided to dispose of it?

Answer: If you pay attention to the professor's explanation (starting at 0:55:55) he says "An unknown mixture of discarded chemicals was accidentally exposed to a series of radiated waves and the resulting ooze was found to have remarkable but dangerous mutanagenic properties... on our way to bury them a near collision caused us to lose one of the canisters down a sewer 15 years ago." Basically, "we had an accident and the results were dangerous and unpredictable, so we immediately went to dispose of it all." So there actually were no plans for what to do with it at all.

Garlonuss Premium member

The Fresh Prince Project - S1-E1

Question: Why did Philip think Will deliberately embarrassed him during the dinner party? Will spent his whole life in Philly and even though he knew how to act and behave around people from his own neighborhood, it was his first time in Bel-Air and had no knowledge of how others lived or how they interacted with each other.

Answer: He believed he was asserting his independence and individuality, not giving in to the conformist rich society. Movie quote, "I don't act this way to change the world. I act this way, so the godamn world doesn't change me."

Show generally

Question: At the end of every episode, it shows Fred putting out the sabertooth tiger. Has this animal ever appeared in any of the episodes? If yes, what episodes was it in? If no, then why show Fred putting an animal he doesn't own outside?

Answer: The name of the pet is "Baby Puss." He has appeared in episodes, but only a very few. The first episode was probably "The X-Ray Story" from season 2.


Question: When Del is explaining the night of the accident to Susan, he says that he told the robot to save the little girl. The robot ignored Del's order and chose to save him instead. Robots are supposed to follow any order they are given. Since the robot ignored Del's order, was it ever explained what happened to it or are we meant to come up with our conclusion?

Answer: The 2nd law states they have to follow any order given by a human unless it conflicts with the 1st law. The 1st law is that a robot can not harm or by inaction cause harm to come to a human. The robot already determined Del has a better survival rate and thus, by following Del's order, it would cause it to violate the 1st law because its inactions would cause harm to Del. Nothing happened to the robot, it didn't malfunction.


Question: When the video of the dead girl is played at her funeral it shows her mom adding something to her soup. What was she adding to the girl's soup?

Answer: She was adding some type of poisonous household substance over an extended period of time. It appears the mother suffered from Munchausen By Proxy syndrome, a psychological disorder where a parent knowingly makes and keeps their child (or some other relative) sick. The parent usually does not intend to kill the child, but they have become addicted to the attention and drama of interacting with doctors, other medical personnel and being at the hospital. In this case, the daughter died.

raywest Premium member

To add, she was feeding her daughter an industrial disinfectant and detergent called Nu-Pine (for wooden floors). She gave small doses which slowly poison the body, causing organ failure over time.


Answer: After which episode are you talking about a wig change? According to Katy Sagal, she didn't start wearing a wig until season 3. The first 3 seasons she would just do her own hair. Once the show became successful is when the show bought her a wig. Any changes to her hair style during the first 3 seasons would be natural. They may have used a couple different wigs later just to keep her hair style changing.


Question: During "The Real Ending" Mr. Green tells Wadsworth/Mr. Boddy "So it was you! I was going to expose you!" To which Mr. Boddy says he knows, and that he's going to expose himself. I thought this meant that he knew Green was an FBI Agent and planned to kill him at some point, but then Green figures out that Wadsworth is Mr. Boddy. What exactly was Mr. Green going to expose if he didn't know Mr. Boddy's real identity?

Question: Why was Kane Hodder disallowed to reprise the role of Jason? I know that director wanted Jason to be taller than Freddy but Kane Hodder is taller than Robert Englund. Thus, if he was hired again, Jason still would have been taller than Freddy.

Answer: This is one of those questions where we'll probably never know the real reason because different people involved have different stories as to why Kirzinger was picked over Holder. Holder himself has said he doesn't know why he didn't reprise the role, especially since he was told he would and was given a script. Some accounts say Yu wanted Jason to tower over Freddy and Kirzinger is 2" taller than Holder. One of the casting directors said Yu thought Holder's version of Jason was too campy. Meanwhile, Yu said it was New Line Cinema's decision to recast Holder because they want to change the direction of the film and used this film as a reboot of the series.


Dial J for Janitor - S1-E38

Question: When Ralph promises he'll fix Norton's pipes tomorrow morning, Norton says, "This is the last night I take a bath in Fred's Gasoline Station." Why wouldn't he have been taking his baths in his best friend Ralph's tub? He had already used their water to "Stretch the Soup." Why not to bathe?


Answer: Because going to the gas station for a bath is funnier. This is comedy, funnier trumps making sense.

Noman Premium member

Answer: It is because Fred's gasoline station was a real place that really existed in the town of Tuckahoe New York. This was where Norton, Art Carney, was living at the time. It was a plug for his friend.


Answer: Art Carney lived in Tuckahoe NY at this time and Fred's gasoline station really did exist. It was a plug for his friend at home.

Answer: There's no answer. He was probably joking or exaggerating, and, unlike getting water for the soup, bathing in someone else's bathroom is an inconvenience, and it might make Norton self-conscious and it would annoy Ralph. Going to a gas station does sound like something Norton would do.

raywest Premium member

You're overthinking it. It was a silly sitcom from a bygone era.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why didn't Gore Verbinski direct this movie?

Answer: Reportedly, it was a scheduling issue. Verbinski was already committed to working on the animated film, "Rango," when "Stranger Tides" was to be filmed.

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Question: I know that Jason's father, Elias Voorhees, was supposed to appear in this movie. Why was this idea abandoned? For me it would have been interesting to see Jason's father. I just don't understand why was this idea scrapped.

Answer: Elias being removed from this movie was because the film studio didn't want to take on the responsibility of introducing Elias' background story for the next film.

Question: Even if Turner planned to stage Kale's murder as a suicide, wouldn't the fact that someone who accused a neighbor of being a serial killer, only to turn up dead only hours later make Turner an immediate suspect? I would think that most serial killers wouldn't be dumb enough to risk having the person who accused them to turn up dead in only a few hours no matter if it was staged as a suicide.


Answer: Being a serial killer, Turner is most likely a transient. When he starts to feel threatened (close to being identified as a suspect) or has committed several murders in one area without getting caught, he will sense the need to move on - relocate with a new identity. At least initially, he can portray himself as a law-abiding "gentleman" to reduce/ eliminate suspicion or buy himself enough time to flee the area and avoid getting caught.


Answer: Turner might be considered a suspect based on Kale's accusation, but there would have to be solid evidence, for which there was none. More likely, it would probably be theorized that Kale's recent erratic behavior and emotional state is what led to his "suicide" and that he had become fixated on Turner and irrationally fantasized and falsely claimed that he was a serial killer.

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Question: Why was Beethoven depicted as an obnoxious, rude and unlikable man in this movie? I read that in the real life he wasn't such a bad person.

Answer: It's a fictional version of Beethoven. Artistic license is used to enhance the drama by embellishing Beethoven's personality, likely to show his anger, frustration, and despondency over becoming deaf. Like many similar biographical movies, it is not meant to be an accurate portrait.

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Answer: KITT didn't choose to go off the cliff in Goliath Returns, it just happened as he tried to avoid Goliath. Just 'cus it happened, doesn't mean It's gonna cure his fear of "flying"

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