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Answer: It's never explained why but, judging from the numerous license plates from other vehicles attached to his truck, the truck driver is a serial killer and was just targeting people at random and decided to make David his next target.

Trucks used to have to be registered in multiple states if they were going to operate in them. It was very common to see semi trucks with a half dozen or so license plates on them, each from a different state.

Answer: According to director Steven Spielberg, the trucker was a serial killer, and each of the license plates were trophies from previous victims.

Answer: David pulled ahead of the truck not once but twice. He got to the gas station first, and got served before the trucker. For any normal person this would not be cause to try to murder someone, however the truck driver is an unhinged psychopath who doesn't need much reason to go into an obsessive rage. Add to that the fact that David is driving a much smaller car, and the fact that they're out in the middle of nowhere with nary a cop around, and the truck driver probably saw David as easy prey.

Answer: "It was very common to see semi trucks with a half dozen or so license plates on them, each from a different state." And that's how the psycho trucker got away with it. He could have those 'trophy' plates on the front of the truck in plain sight, and to anyone who saw it, the truck would look like just another big rig with multiple license plates. Nothing out of the ordinary or suspicious about it.

Answer: Jackie Vernon, the voice actor, known for "Frosty The Snowman." He started out as a comedian, appearing on Ed Sullivan and Jack Parr Shows. That line was written by Arnie Kogen, who wrote most of his material.

Answer: "I seemed to have lost my Congressional Medal of Honor." It was an inept attempt at a pick-up line.

There was a comedian in the 1960's did that line.

Question: What are Toxel and Toxtricity based off?

Answer: They look kind of like lizards.

Question: If Eli was blind, why did he get startled by the hanging dead body?

Answer: As he opens the doors one of the doors falls off, that startled him. Next to that the body probably smells extremely bad.


Question: Sean claims that "the state paid for" Angela's gender reassignment surgery, during her treatment. Considering that Peter was forced, by his aunt, to live as a female, why would an institution do this? Seeing how Peter did not make his own decision to become Angela.

Answer: Maybe he'd grown used to it.The way some places are, they may have done this in hopes of curing him.


Answer: It's hard to say why she wants them to eat peas. But she does say that there could be anything in there even poison. My guess is that she might have poisoned the food.

Question: At last when Cage wakes up and the battle is won, does that mean Cage is forever immortal? Because whenever he will die, the day will reset itself, even if he dies of old age, the day will reset. So will he live immortally?

Answer: No, he got the ability to reset time from the aliens. They are dead now so the ability won't work anymore.


Answer: It depends on how you view the reset power. When he and Rita have the Alpha's blood in them, they had the power to reset the day when they died, but that power wasn't their own. It was the Omega that was resetting the day, which it did whenever an Alpha died. But now that the Omega is dead, there's no reset power, so when Cage does die, even with the Alpha's blood in him, he won't return to the past. Now if somehow having the Alpha blood resets the day for Cage, even with the Omega's death, all he'd have to do is get a blood transfusion again and he'll lose the ability to reset.


Answer: She left to pursue other TV, movie, and commercial opportunities. It's a typical scenario where a breakout star on a hit series leverages their popularity for better roles and more money.


Answer: I read that Pamela departed the show because she had become pregnant with her second child.


Question: Alfred comes up to Bruce who is examining print dust on the safe after his mother's necklace was stolen. Alfred says to him "This is your idea of sounding the alarm, is it?" What does he mean? I don't understand this line.

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: The reason why Alfred says "This is your idea of sounding the alarm" is specifically because Bruce has not sounded the alarm. From Alfred's point of view, he has been told by Bruce that they have been robbed, but the only thing Bruce is doing is examine the safe for fingerprints. He found it odd that Bruce's idea of trying to find the culprit was looking for fingerprints and not actually sounding the alarm and having the place locked down so that they can find the burglar.

Casual Person

Question: The first "Friday the 13th" movie gave me the impression that Jason drowned while trying to swim alone at night. However, this movie shows that a group of campers pushed him into the lake during daytime. Which scene portrays his actual death?

Answer: Jason drowned in the lake and wasn't a very good swimmer. Maybe the kids pushed him in as a "joke" and the counselors weren't watching him. Hence how he "died" because nobody was there to save him, as two counselors were making love.

Answer: Jason didn't drown at night. I just watched a YouTube clip of Mrs. Voorhees talking to Alice (in the first movie). She says that she working the "day" that it happened. There are visions of Jason in the water. They appear dark in tone, but show enough light for a daytime setting.

Answer: It was the original Friday the 13th. Nobody anticipated there'd be a crossover. I think director Ronny Yu did this change for the sake of making Jason sympathetic.


Question: In order for the game to end, the player has to lose his or her last life. As such, the closing screen shouldn't end with Ralph being thrown off the roof, but rather with Fix-it Felix doing the lie down holding a lily, with Ralph standing at the top of the ruined building in triumph. So why does the end of a successful day show the aftermath of Ralph being thrown off the roof of the building?


Answer: If Fix it Felix, Jr. is an "endless" game, then yes the Game Over screen should only come up when the player loses. If Fix it Felix, Jr. has a final level then it's perfectly normal for a Game Over screen to pop up at the end of the last level, after Ralph has been thrown from the roof.


Question: In one of the missing/deleted scenes, Quint heads into the Amity Music Store to get some spools of piano wire. The proprietor of the store is a character named "Katie." Who plays her?

Answer: Dorothy Fielding.


Ho Yeah! - S5-E13

Question: I don't know much about cars. Will someone explain what is humorous about Tammi wrecking a Chevette (her mother's) instead of a Corvette?

Answer: The Chevette was a short-lived, small, economically friendly hatchback. The Corvette was about 3-4 times more expensive new. While the names are similar, they didn't have anything in common other than being manufactured by Chevrolet. The Chevette name was basically meant to mean "baby Chevrolet" since it was so small and not a "baby Corvette." It's unlikely Tammi's mom would have been able to afford a Corvette.


Question: Did they steal two cop cars? They put the tiger in a cruiser at Mike Tyson's, and they stole one with the baby in the morning.

Answer: No, they stole the cop car when they were drunk and came back to the hotel trashed, and it was valet parked. When they came out with the baby in the morning, the valet went and got it.

Question: When Mr. Stacks was telling Annie what ingredients to use, and she had only heard of two of them, which two was it?

Answer: Probably steak and tomatoes. But there's really no indication which ones she actually knew (and might have been exaggerating).


Answer: I'm not familiar with this specific part, and I don't know what the third ingredient was, but I'd assume that an orphan during that time period never heard of or had the opportunity to eat steak.


Also, the reply was "Google it." You must also be thinking of a different version of the film since it's not set in the past.


Might be better not to offer replies until you've seen the specific part of the film, given your answer isn't really answering the question asked.

Bishop73 said "probably steak and tomatoes" - which is a guess. Without knowing what the third ingredient was, it is reasonable to speculate that orphans, especially during that time period, never saw, heard of, or had eaten steak. Yes, it is best to actually see that part of the movie, but this is a question that the answer can reasonably be based on conditions of orphanages and the low quality of food fed to them.


Except I made an educated guess based on knowing the scene and all 6 ingredients and indicated there was no in-film indication what the character meant. You still think it was only 3 ingredients and set in the past.


I have seen several versions of "Annie" but none lately. Whether there were three ingredients, six, or a hundred, it is still plausible that an orphan never heard of steak. Perhaps an orphan might know there is a category of food called " meat", and the "slop" in the soup was called "meat." Kids in orphanages were not treated well, were barely fed enough, and the "food" usually was not what would be called nutritious, especially when eaten day after day. Something like steak would not be likely to be served to orphans largely because the institution's limited food budget would be prohibitive - therefore, only cheap foods would be available and many orphans were hungry. Even in contemporary society, steak is not something likely to be served to kids in institutions like group homes.You might be surprised at the type of things kids who come from poverty situations don't know about. [Even some kids from wealthy families don't know that French fries are made from potatoes.]


None of this seems relevant to the actual question. Bishop73's answer was a reasonable speculation which was already qualified, and which you're nitpicking for no good reason. His other answer details all the ingredients involved and you're fixating on "an orphan wouldn't have heard of steak". We don't KNOW, so going on a diatribe about the hypothetical knowledge of orphans is way off topic. Not least because THIS version of Annie has her as a foster kid, not an orphan, and "that time period" is 2014. If you've got a better answer you can provide it as a direct answer, but excessively critiquing someone else's answer isn't helpful or productive.

There's a difference between knowing what steak is and eating it. There were 6 ingredients (not 3); fusilli, pancetta, steak, pomegranate, truffle, and sun-dried tomatoes. You think an orphan is more familiar with fusilli, pancetta, truffle or pomegranate over steak?


Yes, other than pomegranates.


If she was never exposed to steak, she would not know what it was.


Yes, if she was never exposed to steak she wouldn't know it, which is why I said there was no indication. But I can't imagine a scenario where an orphan wasn't exposed to steak, but was exposed to fusilli, pancetta, truffle or pomegranate. I'm an adult that's eaten a lot of different things and I've never had any of those 4 items (although I know what they are), so it's more likely an orphan knows steak, especially it the generic sense as opposed to a specific type of steak being mentioned.


Question: How exactly did Cochran manage to smuggle that massive Stonehenge all the way from England to California?

Answer: He wouldn't have to smuggle it, lots of things are bought in foreign countries and shipped to America. London Bridge in Arizona or put on display in buildings and parks.

Except the news report flat out said the stone had vanished and everyone was freaking out about the theft. It was not obtained by legal means. We're never told how they managed to get it; probably in some supernatural manner.

Brian Katcher

Question: How and why does the glass on the pinball machine shatter all by itself?

Answer: The Pinball Machine overloaded at speed.

Answer: They do occasionally specify Starbug 1, but it has also been destroyed multiple times and the interior changed. They either rebuild the ship or change the designation of one of the other Starbugs.

Question: If they hate their jobs then why not quit and sue their boss?


Answer: It's not easy to just quit and find a new job and they would not have good references. Lawsuits are difficult, being long, involved, and expensive processes with no guarantees of winning. (If one loses, they can be responsible for the other party's legal costs.) The three women were at a distinct disadvantage as they'd be up against an entire company that most likely would protect the boss, as they'd also be liable for allowing his abuse and be forced to implement new policies. The ladies also wanted to take a stand and fight back, not just for themselves, but for the other women who worked there, making positive company-wide changes while keeping the boss locked up.


Question: Who would have a tombstone made for Jason?

Answer: Someone who wanted to let people know that Jason was truly dead. That the crazed killer of Camp Crystal Lake would no longer be loose in the world.

Answer: Probably regulations so they wouldn't dig up that plot to bury someone else there.


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