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Question: When Obi Wan tells Padme the truth regarding Anakin's turn to the Dark Side, he mentions to the Senator that, "He was deceived by a lie. We all were." I don't know what he means by that sentence. Can someone explain it to me?


Answer: He's referring to the revelation that Palpatine is the Dark Lord of The Sith. Palpatine presented himself as a champion of peace and democracy when in reality, everything he did was a ploy in his quest to rise to power, and everyone fell for it until it was too late.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why do the elders of the village want the villagers to stay in the village and not leave? If the monsters are fake, then why do the elders not want anyone to leave their village?

Answer: The elders made a pact to leave the modern world and never to return to it. They adopted a 19th century way of life, rejecting all modernity. If the younger members started leaving, they would be faced with a modern, technical world they had no idea existed or know how to function in. The elders also did not want any of their descendants to be subjected to the violent society they had escaped. The elders created the fake monsters to frighten the younger members from ever wanting to leave the safety of the village.

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Question: When Clark gets the lights to work, Eddie shows up. Eddie calls to Rocky and Ruby Sue to come see what Uncle Clark has done to the house. Then in the scene where Clark's boss is at the house, Clark refers to Eddie as his Cousin-in-law. Is this a mistake or is the word uncle just being used as a pet name for Clark for the kids?

Answer: No mistake or pet name. In America it's common to refer to your cousin's kids as your nephews or nieces and thus you would be their aunt or uncle. Technically, they would be your first cousins once removed, but in the English language there's isn't a specific word for that relationship, so most stick with nephew/niece and aunt/uncle relationship.


The One With Ross's Grant - S10-E6

Question: Was Monica only saying that stuff about wanting to see a movie so she could help Phoebe clean? Because I know Monica is obsessed with cleaning and being organised but I don't think she's so obsessed that she would carry the label maker wherever she goes.


Answer: In this episode I think Monica knew Phoebe had to clean so she asked if she wanted to go to the movies, knowing she would say no, and she had brought her label maker with her so she could help.

Question: When Pettigrew begs Ron to save him outside the Whomping Willow, Ron looks freaked out. Why didn't Hermione, though?


Answer: If you mean why didn't Hermione freak out its been proven time and time again that Hermione is a lot more calm and in control of herself than Ron is. She was able to keep cool around him. Plus Ron was pretty hurt and probably in shock. If you mean why she didn't save Pettigrew its because she knows who he is and what he did, she finds him quite repulsive.


What I meant was she didn't seem weirded out when Pettigrew was all "sweet girl, clever girl" and I wondered why.

Answer: Ron's still in a bit of physical and emotional shock. He was dragged into the Shrieking Shack by what he thought was a vicious animal (Sirius Black) that was going to kill him. His leg was injured when he was being pulled through the tunnel and he's in pain. The biggest issue is his learning that his "beloved" pet rat, Scabbers, was actually Pettigrew, who, for the past few years, was constantly with Ron, being held by him, sleeping in his bed... Ron was totally disgusted by finding out of the truth. That's why Hermione's reaction is different.

raywest Premium member

Selma's Choice - S4-E13

Question: Surly Duff tells a kid to "Take a picture, it'll last longer" - just what does this expression mean?

Answer: It's just a sarcastic response people say when they catch someone staring at them. As if the person staring is trying to burn an image in their mind of what that person looks like and a picture will last longer than the memory.


Extinction - S4-E1

Question: Collins has a stun cuff on his ankle. Do stun cuffs exist in real life?

Answer: They are a real device. You can find more information online. Just google "stun-cuff."

raywest Premium member

Question: How did Truman get out of his basement without anyone seeing him?

Answer: He deceived them into thinking he was still downstairs sleeping, but he snuck out through a hole he had made. The cameras aren't on everywhere, just where Truman is.


I have a problem with the fact that Truman dug a hole to escape because wouldn't the camera watching him crew have heard the sound of him digging the hole?

Well their focus is on him, I think it's one of the major mistakes they made to keep all audio focussed on him sleeping instead of the entire room. That's why he was able to sneak around and then dig the hole without being noticed. They do switch cameras around but the audio stays on him.


"He deceived them into thinking he was still downstairs sleeping," by placing a large inflatable snowman under the blanket?

Yes, exactly.


Question: What does Carter say in Chinese as they are leaving Kenny?

Answer: He's speaking gibberish, to poke fun at Kenny.

Question: When Michael is having a fitting done for his suit, it appears that the tailor is making a pattern with the materials on Michael's body where his coat would be. With the wedding 2 days away, isn't it a little late in the game to be making a custom suit?

Question: Why didn't Damien's parents notice the 666 when he was an infant?

Answer: It's possible that the mark didn't appear until Mrs Baylock showed up and began teaching him about his heritage. The mark of the devil is said to appear only when Satan accepts a follower, and up until Mrs Baylock appears, Damien is a normal boy. Yes, he's the devil's son, but he knows nothing of his evil nature until she starts teaching him. In fact, at one point, Robert mentions that he knew every inch of Damien's body since he raised him and never saw anything, so more than likely the mark didn't appear until Damien had areas on his body where it could be hidden more easily.


Question: Why doesn't the FBI call at Alex's house when learning that he got the chip?

Answer: Imagine getting a phone call from the F.B.I. saying your son is in possession of a computer chip wanted by a group of international thieves and a terrorist cell. You either think it was from a crank call or a nutcase. Either way you'd be leaving in fear. Plus the F.B.I. didn't know the circumstances of how the kid got the chip. They may believe the kid stumbled upon it or the family was involved.

Question: During the arena battle, while Mace is retrieving his lightsaber, why doesn't Jango just shoot him there while he's disarmed and steady, instead of trying to steal it?

Answer: Because Mace Windu is a Jedi and if he gets his lightsaber he'll be able to deflect Jango's blaster shots with ease. If Jango is able to grab the lightsaber before Mace can get it, then he stands a much better chance of winning.


But if he shoots him before he got his lightsaber he can't deflect the shot.


Not saying it was either smart or prudent, but that was obviously his thinking. In his mind if he grabs that lightsaber before Windu can get it he's won.


Villains in movies don't have a lot of logic.

Question: When Kristoff takes Anna go to meet the trolls and they start singing mentioning Kristoff's name, why does Olaf say, wait "Kristoff"? I'm confused.

Answer: When Anna introduced him to Kristoff and Sven, and because of the way Olaf's questions were phrased ("Who's the funky-looking donkey?", "And who's the reindeer?"), he believed Kristoff's name was Sven.

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Question: At the beginning of the movie, when Dean is asleep, Freddy holds a sharp knife to his throat and cuts it while in the real world it looks like Dean is doing it himself. When Kris falls asleep in class, she is trying to escape from Freddy but is forced into a chair in the back of the classroom. When she wakes up screaming why is she still in her own seat instead of a seat in the back of the class like in her nightmare?

Answer: It is not consistently portrayed throughout the series where victims will end up when attacked by Freddy. Some victims are shown running from Freddy down hallways and their dead bodies are found in their bed, others are shown "sleepwalking", and end up being found relative to where they were in the dream world. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason for this inconsistency.


Question: Why does George keep saying "Hot dog" after wishing for a million dollars and then using the lighter?

Answer: It was a common phrase at the time, like someone saying "oh boy!" or "hot damn."

Question: How was Lecter able to send the message "Dear Pilgrim" published in the Tattler if he was in his cell?

Answer: We see him use the phone in the film, claiming he's talking to his lawyer. That's likely how he did it.

Jason Hoffman

Question: Right after Ralphie takes off the Pink Bunny suit his aunt Clara made him, the camera pans on Ralphie's younger brother sleeping in midst of Christmas wrapping and opened the upper right just above the kid's head is a head that looks just like Herman Munster (The Munsters TV series began in '63 I think) The story is supposed to be in the time 40's time frame. Doesn't it look just like Herman Munster?

Answer: That's not Herman Munster, it's the Frankenstein Monster. Specifically, it's Boris Karloff as the monster (from the original 1930s films), which is what Herman Munster was modelled after.

Jason Hoffman

Answer: It's just a Frankenstein's monster mask, which Herman was anyways. I think a Herman Munster mask would have a bigger nose and a smile.


Question: Towards the end of the movie, after Sarah has smashed the Terminator onto the guardrail, she rolls over with her pickup. The Terminator is then subsequently hit by a truck. At this point Sarah is stuck in the pickup only a few hundred yards away. Why doesn't he simply run there and kill her but feels the need to hijack the truck and hit the pickup with the truck instead?


Answer: The Terminator's leg is injured after either the motorcycle crash or the truck hits him and he can't run anymore. He limps rather slowly for the duration of the film.


Question: Is there actually space enough for a ship of that size to make its way as far into the city as it did?

Answer: Yes, well if it stayed on a straight course.

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