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Question: All the Eloi seem to be the same age and are taken below when they reach maturity, which explains why there are no adults. If so, where did Weena and the others come from, and where are the children and babies?

Answer: George's narration indicated that the Morlocks, after capturing a certain number of Eloi, used them for food, but also as breeding stock. It was never explained how resulting children were bred, raised, and eventually returned to the outside world to be later harvested.


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Question: Why were so many actors in this show recast? If the showrunners knew they would be using certain characters for multiple seasons, then why not lock them in long term?


Chosen answer: Considering the show was in production for nearly a decade, it is hardly surprising that many characters were recast. Actors constantly move on to other jobs, creating scheduling conflicts. Some may not want to be tied to one project for so long a period, particularly for relatively minor roles that paid little money. As some characters became more prominent, the producers did recast a few roles with better-known actors. For example, Max Von Sydow replaced the actor who originally played the Three-eyed Raven. Some actors voluntarily left for personal reasons. Jennifer Ehle was originally cast to play Catelyn Stark but dropped out because she'd recently given birth. Other actors claimed they were replaced for "political" reasons. Here is a website with a rundown of which actors were replaced and why:


Question: If Bill is behind the death O-Ren's parents, did she know? If so why didn't she go after Bill?

Answer: There is nothing in the film that states or even particularly indicates that Bill is somehow behind the deaths of O-Ren's parents. The only explanation we get is that their death was ordered by Yakuza boss Matsumoto, who brought in the thugs that killed her father. There is a semi-popular fan-theory that the man in white (Pretty Riki) is actually a young Bill, but to my knowledge, this was never confirmed by Quentin Tarantino. (In fact, according to the Kill Bill wiki, Tarantino actually denied they were the same person, but I can't find the source for that.) So there's literally no reason for her to go after Bill. As far as she (and the audience) knows, he was uninvolved in their deaths.


Question: When Mills and Somerset are investigating John Doe's apartment Somerset comes across the hand of the Sloth victim in a jar. I'm wondering how exactly John Doe was able to use that hand to place fingerprints on the wall behind the painting. He either cut it off recently, or cut it off a year ago and kept it until he needed it. The second is highly unlikely, but even if the first case is true, is that hand capable of giving clean, traceable fingerprints? Because the hand is decayed pretty badly.


Answer: We don't know that John Doe left the fingerprints at the same time as he murdered the Greed victim. He's put a lot of work into each killing, and has meticulously planned each victim and detail, so it's possible he left the fingerprints behind the painting long ago, when the Sloth victim's hand was still, for lack of a better word, fresh.

But long before he killed the greed guy? That doesn't make sense.

Brian Katcher

Question: Why did Renfield return to Claire's grave and then destroy the headstone?

Question: What did they use to make her paintings neon? Like UV paint? But how come you can't see it in the first part like any paint and then when the light goes on it's neon colours?

Answer: There is such a thing as black light paint and you can even get special paint that is invisible until you expose it to UV light.

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Question: I thought Danny's wife Linda died at the blood mobile unit. Why did they change it to a helicopter accident?

Answer: There was an episode where Linda was mugged at a free mobile clinic ("Under the Gun"), but I don't know of any episode where she was supposedly killed before the helicopter crash. Linda was alive until The End of season 7 and killed off when Amy Carlson decided not to return for season 8. Later, it was suggested Linda's helicopter accident wasn't really an accident and she was murdered. In "Common Enemies", Danny arrests the man responsible for her murder.


Biyomon Gets Firepower - S1-E4

Question: Why did Meramon act like he was in pain from his own flames by yelling "aah, I'm burning, too hot!" while sliding down Mihirashi mountain? Palmon says there's no reason he should be in pain from his own flames-that's his nature.

Answer: He was in pain from the black gear that was stuck inside of his body.

Answer: She lives to shoot the killer thereby saving Helen. She only plays dead. Or was knocked unconscious. After all she was shot more than once. The vest may have saved her life but it didn't stop her from being out of action for a time.


Answer: Yes, she survives.


Answer: She was shown with the vest on before going out that night. She said something like makes my wonder bra obsolete.

Question: When Jake enters the gang members hideout with a shotgun why didn't he just kill them all right then since that's what his mission was?

Answer: That would be too quick and easy, he wanted them to suffer. They thought they owned the road, he wanted them humiliated, they died from their own carelessness. They were so determined to win they pushed their cars to the limit and disregarded all the rules of safety.

Question: How did the Waitress at the breakfast place not see Tom, Ken, or Mort at 9am and say nothing of Mort having been in there earlier? Ken and Mort were scheduled to surprise Tom at breakfast, so Tom would have already had been inside at the time when both Ken and Mort would have interrogated him.

Answer: Mort, as Shooter, would have intercepted Ken and Tom and convinced them to go to his secluded property. Also, Mort didn't go to the store at 9. He slept past 10 am.

Question: Why did Jack think the only option available with the gap in the freeway was to jump it? Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to at least try to ring Payne and explain what was happening? A simple "We've ran out of road, could you disable the bomb whilst we turn round" - Payne could still detonate it remotely so it's not like they could use that opportunity to unload the passengers.

Answer: I'm curious why you think Payne would do anything to make it easier for Jack? He's set a bomb with the express intention of killing people if his demands aren't met...why would he give Jack even the slightest chance of escaping that? And even if he was willing to, just because Payne can detonate the bomb remotely doesn't mean he can disarm it temporarily, then turn it back on.

Because the odds of the bus making that jump intact were incredibly small - if the bus blows up because of an infrastructure issue, Payne gets nothing.

If this plan fails, just like the elevator job, then they play a different game the next day so Payne would just look for another scheme to get his money.


Payne had no way of knowing what way the bus was going to go. How could he have prepared for the exact circumstances that led to needing to jump the gap.


Answer: Payne is a raging psychopath. As long as he's alive, he can make more bombs.

Question: How did Athos realise that Raoul's death was actually planned by Louis? How could he know that the king wanted his son to die?

Answer: To add to the answers, Raoul himself mentions that he's been recalled to the front and says that he couldn't make Christine a widow. Meaning that by going to the front, both Louie and Raoul knew that the chances of him getting killed were very high leaving Louis free to have Christine.

Answer: But it is later revealed that Louis deliberately set it up in order to get Raoul killed. Christine becomes Louis' mistress after finding out about Raoul's death.

Answer: Athos knew the king well enough that he was returning Raoul to battle solely so he could pursue Christine, Raoul's fiancée, as his mistress. The king presumed Raoul would be killed by having him placed in a dangerous position at the front. Although Raoul subsequently died, he conceivably could have survived. After becoming Louis' mistress, Christine later wrote to someone in the military who revealed it was the king who issued the order to have Raoul placed at the battlefront. Christine, distraught, considered his actions to be murder; arguably the king mostly wanted Raoul out of the way, though he still was responsible. Louis had no long-term interest in Christine and had a continual succession of mistresses, soon becoming bored with them.


But it is later revealed that Louis deliberately set it up in order to get Raoul killed. Christine becomes Louis' mistress after finding out about Raoul's death.

Answer: Digimon started as a series of virtual pets, making them digital. In the television series, Digimon live in the "digital world."


Question: Was Garvin the actual mastermind behind the plan to blame Tom for the CD-ROM problems from the very beginning or was that Meredith's idea? It would be unwise for Garvin to have set up Tom from the beginning since he appeared to have confidence in the merger going through prior to the sexual harassment case. And if Meredith was going to make changes to cut costs, why would she not learn about how the drives work and any potential problems that she may cause?


Question: When Peter and Gwen hear a boy being carried out of the Oscorp training...what is the kid it something about Peter or someone taking his badge, so therefore they wouldn't let him in?

Answer: He says "Look! Listen, tell them Rodrigo Guevara is down here. Please, just tell them, Rodrigo Guevara is down here! I am Rodrigo!" That was the name on the badge Peter took, but we don't hear him say anything about someone taking his badge.


Question: When the rangers are being deployed, Nelson puts something in his mouth saying the last rope he almost bit his tongue off.


Chosen answer: I'm assuming the question is, what was it? It was a mouth guard to keep him from biting his tongue when he hits the ground at the bottom of the rope.


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Question: TV Tropes said there was an episode where Francine talks about having been molested in the girls' locker room shower in high school and Stan seems to be aroused by the story - does anyone know what this episode was called?

Answer: S04e01, "1600 Candles."


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