Training Day

Question: When Denzel and Ethan go to visit the Spanish gangsters towards the end and Denzel gives the presents, Is the money inside the blender for them to kill Ethan's character or simply he owed some money? If then the money wasn't for them to kill him what reason did they have to kill him?


Chosen answer: The money to kill Hawke was in the kitchen appliance box.

Question: Why didn't the gangbangers kill Alonzo at the end? Did he just get away with no trouble? I thought they were going to kill him, because he was hated in the neighbourhood.

Answer: They grew sick and tired of Alonzo's arrogance and probably decided he wasn't worth the effort. Alonzo was however killed by the Russian Mafia because Jake was told that Alonzo killed one of their couriers and had to pay them one million dollars by midnight or he would be killed himself.

Question: After the incident at Roger's, where an officer was shot, both Jake and Alonzo are back out on the street in a very short time. One would think they'd be tied up giving started m statements, etc, for the rest of the day, and put onto leave after such a dramatic situation. How is it that they are back in action such a short time after an incident of that magnitude?


Answer: Maybe your point (which is an interesting one) should be transformed into a "common movie mistake"? Police officers, undercover officers, etc. spend little, if any, on-screen time writing reports (arrests, evidence seized, etc.), but report writing and other paperwork consumes a lot of the officers' time in real life. Also, they should be given desk-jobs after killing a suspect but are right back on the street.


Question: How was Alonzo going to square his $1M debt to the Russians when his take from Roger's robbery/arrest was only $250,000? I believe that they split the $1M from Roger 4 ways.


Answer: They seized $4M and Alonzo's cut was $1M.


I believe you are mistaken. The box held $4M originally. Alonzo hands out a bundle of cash that he says is $250,000. And the dialog is Alonzo: there's over $4M dollars in here! You lucky prick! First day on the job you hit a three million dollar seizure" Jake: " Wait, you said Four..." Alonzo: "Aha, taxation without representation, brotha. Nothing's free in this world. Buy your wife a mini van, put the kids through college"

Answer: From Wikipedia plot summary: Four million dollars was taken from Roger's house. That would make Alonzo's share $1 million.


Please see other reply. If you actually watch the movie, that isn't correct.

Question: How was Alonzo going to square a debt of $1M to the Russians when his cut of the take from Roger was $250,000?

Answer: From Wikipedia: His cut was one quarter of the $4 million that was seized from Roger's house. That would be $1 million.


They stole a total of $1M from Roger, the box held $4M. They kept $1M and the remaining $3M was evidence. The fruits of the bust. Alonzo handed Jake and Jeff each $250,000. Granted, Jake didn't accept his share but there were 3 other dirty cops and everyone except Jake took a cut. It doesn't add up.

Question: What exactly is Alonzo asking the three wise men for at the restaurant? Do they give him the go ahead to steal from and kill Roger? And more importantly are the three wise men corrupt cops like Alonzo?


Answer: Alonzo is asking the three wise men for a search warrant for Roger's home, effectively giving him the go ahead to confiscate the money he is hiding there. The wise men are indeed corrupt, the search warrant is completely illegal.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end, Denzel drives his car into 2 cars trying to get Ethan off the hood. After that scene ends you see Denzel driving the same car and the front and rear of the car look nothing like they did when he was crashing into the cars.

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Alonzo Harris: It's not what you know, it's what you can prove.

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