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Question: In the beginning they say that they are going to be 15 minutes late, but they will make it up because of tailwinds. I thought you only got "good" tailwind when flying from West to East with the Jetstream?

Answer: That is true for the global jet stream but usually at the higher altitudes. Otherwise, continental or local weather systems can produce tail or headwinds in any direction. Pilots receive information on "winds aloft" as part of their weather briefing, and it is quite possible that the weather system that day could produce tail winds. More likely, the pilot would request a higher airspeed from air traffic control to make the on-time arrival.

Question: Why does York suddenly fly backwards on the tower?

Answer: Extremely high winds from the storm. He was relatively protected lying down but blew backwards when he got up.

Answer: One possible answer is that this may be an inside joke and a nod to Johnny Depp for being a Barbie Doll collector. He reportedly has a large Barbie collection, mostly of special editions and celebrity versions. He originally bought them for his daughter, but continued collecting even after she became older.

raywest Premium member

Question: In the car with Edward driving, Bella tries to turn off the heater saying "Okay, I think I'm warm enough now." and she reaches to the heater, but Edward blocks her hand. Why is that? Do vampires like heat because their skin is so cold? I thought they rather liked it cold.

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: Edward, being a gentleman, was merely reaching over to turn the heater off at the same time as Bella and their hands bumped. It's really just a plot device to act as a clue to Bella that Edward is somehow different. She later works out that he is a vampire and his cold skin is just one trait.

raywest Premium member

Question: When the Trunchbull chases Miss Honey and Matilda through the house, why didn't Miss Honey just reveal herself? It's her aunt at the end of the day so it wouldn't have been as bad as if she'd have found Matilda.

Answer: Even though it's her aunt, it's still breaking and entering. Trunchbull would still take some sort of action against Ms Honey to ensure that it didn't happen again.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Trunchbull is biologically related (Miss Honey's aunt), but does not fit the typical profile of a loving, caring aunt. She is a ruthless, cold, and hostile person to everyone, including relatives. To say that Trumbull and Miss Honey's relationship is strained is putting it mildly. Trumbull doesn't even meet the meaning of "estranged" because her behavior has always been hostile and malicious (never "loving aunt").


Question: Just as the Trunchbull gets back to the house after pushing the car back, there's a red trail on the road. Is this supposed to be blood or some sort of fluid leaking from the car?

Answer: It might have been antifreeze that was leaking.

Anti-freeze is yellowish. The red liquid suggests transmission fluid.


Question: Why did Matilda insist on going into the Trunchbull's house after seeing her leave in the car? Knowing her father sold dodgy cars and seeing it playing up before she got put in the choky, wouldn't she be a bit more cautious in case it broke down just round the corner?

Answer: She's a kid. In her mind she can deal with the danger. Plus she wanted to get the picture of Magnus for Ms Honey.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: She wanted to get Miss Honey back her treasures like her doll.

Question: I watched the scene where fake Moody takes Harry away from the crowd after Cedric Diggory's death. I noticed that Weasley twins were looking at them when it happened. Is this possible that they informed Dumbledore about it offscreen and this caused him to realise that "Moody" was an imposter?

Answer: It's not specifically known if the twins informed Dumbledore, but it's implied that they probably did, or else they told McGonagall or Snape after Harry was suspiciously absent. No one else appeared to notice Moody leading Harry away.

raywest Premium member

Lost Vegas - S7-E1

Question: When Danny pulls a Red Corvette into a rest area diner with valet parking in Ohio where the valet stole the car, what rock song and band were playing on the Corvette radio? (00:12:38 - 00:13:00)

Answer: This appears to be a random riff used for the show. There is nothing listed on the credits or on music detecting software for the song.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Ruby claims that the Mangalores stink. If so, what's the point in disguising their appearance (like Aknot did)? The stench would blow their cover no matter the mascara.


Answer: I can't give a complete answer but in the spaceport there seems to be a garbage strike which might mask the Mangalores' smell (although no characters comment on the garbage smelling). Also, Mangalores are thuggish fighters, not clever spies, so they may not have thought of it. But I agree that doesn't explain this mistake fully.

Question: In various online posts, I often see the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) referred to as a T-800. However, I never heard that model used in either of the first two films, unless I missed something. I do remember in part two the terminator refers to himself as a Cyberdyne Systems model 101. So where did the T-800 name come from?

Kyle G.

Answer: In a Terminator 2 deleted scene the term is on the HUD of the terminator. The terminator itself is a series 800, an upgrade to the 600 series mentioned by Kyle Reese in Terminator 1, which only had rubber skin. The Arnold Schwarzenegger type of skin is the Model 101. In flashforwards in Terminator 1 you see a T-800 Model 102 infiltrate a rebel base, which looks different. Several types of terminator can wear the same skin Model. So there can also be a T-850 Model 101 (as seen in Terminator 3).


Question: Why is there air in and around the reactor? Humans have extensively researched the reactor, so they obviously needed air to do it, but doesn't Cohaagen control all the air on Mars, and the reactor? So if he doesn't want anyone to turn the reactor on why not simply drain the air from the reactor so nobody could go there?


Answer: The entire chamber is full of the alien graphite that converts into a breathable atmosphere for the entire planet.

Answer: They are on a planet with very little atmosphere; therefore, there must be a supply of environmental suits readily available for exploration of the planet's surface and for going outside to repair problems with the outside of the dome. If there are a number of suits available, the absence of air around the reactor would not be a deterrent. People could simply "borrow" one of the many suits and walk on in regardless of the lack of air.

Noman Premium member

Question: Why was Chico so brutally murdered?

Answer: Mort, while in his psychotic persona as Shooter, and with no memory of his actions, killed Chico. It then appeared as if "Shooter", who did not actually exist, was threatening Mort and sending him an extreme warning.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Holloway could have continued voicing Winnie the Pooh, but by that time he was in his 80s and felt he could no longer effectively use his voice for the character as he once did. He chose to retire from the role.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I did a little research on this. According to Wikipedia, the Old Man was based on MCA Inc. CEO Lew Wasserman, who was considered to be a powerful and intimidating individual. I suspect the character was left unnamed to generally represent the cold, ruthless, detached nature of corporate America.

raywest Premium member

Question: C3PO is talking to R2 and says "Scariff..." If they are at the base, how do they get on Leia's ship for her to give R2 the plans? I don't think she picked them up since she is being chased by Vader's ship.

Florida's Homecoming: The Wedding - S6-E3

Question: At Thelma's wedding, Michael is singing "You And I" from O'Bryan. But this episode is from 1978 and the song came out in 1983 (5 years later). Did Ralph Carter (Michael) originate that song before O'Bryan made it famous?

Answer: "You and I (We Can Conquer the World) " is a song written and performed by Stevie Wonder in 1972. O'Bryan just did a cover of the song.


Question: Can anyone explain how Ray managed to get the Doctor to help him? Ray told him to read the book in Hobbes' office, then all of a sudden the Doctor is willing to help.

Question: I could swear when I saw it it had a different ending. The one I saw at the end Jeff Bridges dies in the car. And Clint Eastwood pushes him out of the car and leaves him on the side of the road, then drives away. But I can't find anything on that. Has anyone else seen that version?

Answer: You must be thinking of another movie, because as far as I know there is no different ending.

I totally agree with your answer. Sometimes movies do film alternate endings that may be used in different markets (i.e. Europe or Asia). Also, alternate endings are sometimes filmed after a test audience reacts negatively to the original one and they may show up in the DVD or director's cut. I didn't find any indication that another version was ever filmed for this movie.

raywest Premium member

Question: At one point, Blue Raja mistakenly says that Bowler's father's name was Sal, which she immediately corrects as being Carmine. I never caught this till now after watching a recent animated Batman movie, but two of the big mob bosses that are rivals in Batman are Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone. Considering the influences of this movie, is this intended to be a reference to the two Batman mob bosses?

Quantom X Premium member

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