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Question: When Trevor is flying over the berm onto the road, I hear a voice which sounds like Mandarin or other Chinese dialect. Can anyone tell what is said?

Question: Was there any physical indication of what killed the Maitlinds? The football players died in a bus crash and looked mangled. The girl who committed suicide had slashed wrists. I never noticed anything suggesting how the two of them died by their appearance.

Answer: They died by drowning. Jane's daughter even tells Lydia when she asks what happened. Although Adam and Barbara should have been completely wet for the whole movie, Tim Burton decided to keep Alec and Geena dry as he felt that keeping them wet the entire time would be an uncomfortable experience for both of them.

Question: Jamie is Laurie's daughter and also Michael's niece in the movie. How is this possible? Michael killed his sister at the beginning of the first movie and Laurie isn't even related to him.

Answer: There are multiple timelines in the "Halloween" series, and in this particular timeline Laurie is, in fact, related to Michael. In the original "Halloween II," it is established that Laurie is Michael's long-lost younger sister, who was adopted sometime after he killed their older sister Judith. This movie is a sequel to that film, thus Jamie is both Laurie's daughter and Michael's niece. While the most recent trilogy (starting with the 2018 film) has ignored this fact, most of the sequels have Michael and Laurie as long lost siblings.


Question: It is never explained why Catwoman hates Batman enough to attack him during their first encounter. A day or two earlier, when she was just Selina Kyle, Batman had actually saved her from one of the thugs rioting in Gotham City, so there is no reason for her to be so aggressive towards him (other than the fact that the audience expects them to be enemies, which is no explanation at all). Why does she?

Gibson Rickenbacker

Answer: Not to be rude... but did you somehow miss the part where she just blew up a building and Batman is trying to catch her for it? Of course, she's gonna fight back and be aggressive... she doesn't want to get caught. (Although she is also very seductive to him).


Answer: She was in a rage against all men, her boyfriend dumped her and her boss threw her out of a window. She attacked a mugger and felt hatred for the female victim for being afraid. She felt invincible after blowing up the building and was not going to let a man in a bat suit stop her. After falling off the building, he saved her life. That's when the sexual attraction began.

Question: Why were the sequels for this movie cancelled?

Answer: The first film made too small a profit and failed to resonate with its targeted youth audience. The global financial crisis of 2007-08 was also a factor in deciding to cancel the sequels, and New Line Cinema, the company that produced "The Golden Compass", instead put its resources into the ongoing "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

raywest Premium member

Question: Michael dragged Corey into the sewers with the intent of killing him. Why did Michael let him go?

Answer: The implication seems to be that there is some sort of subliminal connection between the two that they both pick up on. I personally took it as Michael somehow subconsciously feeling the "evil" brewing within Corey... almost as though he sees his own evil in Corey. Thus, he lets him go and subsequently "teams up" with him later on. They're a twisted form of kindred spirits.


Question: In the office scene, there is a painting in the background of a rocket ship. What is this painting?

Answer: It is an office decoration.

Question: The Russian tank has the number '206' stamped in its machine gun assembly, but mirrored. Is the picture flipped, or is it something ordinary and has no significance at all?

Answer: There are multiple Russian tanks in the movie. You have to be more specific about when.


Question: The Emperor informs Vader that Luke is Anakin's son. How did the Emperor find out? And is Vader actually surprised during their conversation, or did he secretly know this already?

Answer: In the original release of Empire, the Emperor actually says, "we have a new enemy, Luke Skywalker." In the re-release the lines are changed to, "the young rebel who destroyed the Death Star, I have no doubt he is the son of Anakin Skywalker." Hope that helps.

Adding on to this comment, the Emperor has spies, agents, lackeys. Someone could have found out the name of the "young Rebel." If a young man's last name is Skywalker and he is Force-strong, it's enough for the Emperor to guess.

Question: Chewbacca says something to Han about Lando, and Han says, "That was a long time ago. I'm sure he's forgotten about that." Has it ever been revealed what Chewbacca mentioned?

Answer: At the time of the film, it was suggested that Lando was upset because he lost the Falcon to Han in a game of Sabaac. Later (now) non-canon materials offer up other reasons Lando would hold a grudge (Such as the time Han set Lando up with the Tonnika Sisters, twin siblings that conned Lando into thinking they were a single person).


A Good Day to Die - S2-E13

Question: Why would Lucifer need to die to be sent to Hell? Since he rules Hell, shouldn't he just be able to go there of his own free will instead of shocking himself to death?

Answer: He's still lacking his wings at this point - he can't fly down to hell, so has to die to get there.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: After showing Paul that he revived the creature, Victor attempts to prevent him from going to the authorities. While doing so, he gets flung against a support beam, and he clenches his upper right side in pain. What did he injure himself on?

Question: Cochran's plan hinges on kids still having the Trademark tags on their mask, and for some strange reason they keep those tags on. Marge even said they trademarks shouldn't come off easily. Why? You'd figure the first thing you and your kid would do after buying a mask is to remove the tags, so they don't rub against your skin.

Answer: It is not a hanging price tag like you would typically find on a rubber Halloween mask. It looks more like a large silver button that is attached to the mask itself. Removing the button would leave a large hole in the back of the mask which would not be desirable. It also appears that the button has a front and back, meaning it was put onto the mask in two pieces. Presumably Marge is saying it would be very difficult to remove the buttons by trying to "open" them. The one child in the test run we see wearing the mask, albeit briefly, doesn't appear to be uncomfortable. That is until snakes and insects burst out of his head.


Answer: Yes, it is still canon. Director Jason Reitman has confirmed it is, and there are actually lots of easter eggs referencing it in "Afterlife." For example, Ray still has his bookstore from "Ghostbusters II." The "dancing toaster" is in the farmhouse. Etc. They chose not to directly reference it in dialogue since it didn't have much to do with the plot, but there are plenty of hidden details confirming it is still canon. Reitman has also said that there are plans to possibly bring back more plot/characters from "Ghostbusters II" in the future. (It just depends on what direction the sequel ends up going in).


Answer: "Apparent" drowning answers your question - things are not always as they seem. Drowning could be accidental, but it could also be a murder in disguise. Moreover, the actual cause of death has not yet been determined - accident, suicide, murder, or natural cause (e.g, heart attack while swimming). Columbo would be there to investigate if anything looks unusual for it to be a mere drowning or if there is evidence or suspicion of something else.


This was just on's "Aaron Carter Dead at 34" (11/05/2022): "Law enforcement sources tell TMZ... homicide detectives have been dispatched to the scene but we have no information or evidence of foul play. It's standard operating procedure for homicide detectives to investigate such [drowning] death scenes."


Question: Why didn't Richard Bremmer reprise his role as Voldemort in the subsequent movies?

Answer: You have to understand his role was very small and therefore he was not established as the face of Voldemort yet. So when the time came to cast a Voldemort they didn't immediately think of Bremmer. I think they were looking for a younger actor, to make Voldemort appear more energetic. Fiennes is also more experienced in playing a big role.


Question: This question applies to this movie and all the other movies where Jason is the killer. Whenever Jason is unmasked, why does his face always look different from the previous film?

Answer: Quite simply, different crews and effects teams worked on different movies, and they wanted to put their own stamp on the character and do their own interpretations. They also understandably wanted to make him look more and more monstrous and scary with each film to try to "outdo" the last one.


Question: Why would the town turn on Laurie and accuse her of provoking Michael's attacks when she was a victim and spent almost the entire time in the hospital?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Michael's primary target is Laurie but, since he's also going around killing random people, most likely everybody believes that Michael is killing anybody who gets in his way to get to Laurie.

Question: How were the ones who crashed/ejected rescued if they were in dangerous enemy territory?

Answer: Are you referring to Phoenix and Bob? They ejected over California, during training. The only members of Dagger Flight to eject/crash during the actual mission in enemy territory were Maverick and Rooster.


Question: What is the name of the creature David Banner becomes?

Answer: He is an alternate version of the Absorbing Man (Carl Creel) from the comics. The Absorbing Man and Hulk frequently fight in the comics.


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