Peggy Sue Got Married

Question: I never understood the significance of the girl in the wheelchair at the reunion. Peggy Sue makes a big deal out of the girl but never in her "flashback" do we see this character.

Jeanne Perrotta

Answer: You DO see Rosalie in the past. She hosts the party at which Charlie and his group sing. And Jim Carrey asks for the lights to be turned out. She walks, and begins to dance with her boyfriend.

No, that was Maddie's party. Peggy Sue's mom said so when she asked her why she wasn't ready for the party, when Charlie came to pick her up.

I finally see her, thanks! She's to the left of Peggy Sue and her girlfriends as they watch Charlie and the guys sing. Then she's the girl dancing on the counter at the coffee shop when Peggy Sue meets with Michael Fitzsimmons the first time. I always wondered about the Rosalie plot hole.

Chosen answer: In the original script, Rosalie (the girl in the wheelchair) injures herself in an accident. Peggy Sue tries to change things that happen in the future, including Rosalie's accident.


Question: What was Peggy Sue's mother doing when she came home early. Selling jewelry? Having an affair? Who's jewelry was she selling? is she a thief?

Answer: She was selling jewelry because the Edsel was a purchase they couldn't afford. She didn't want Peggy or her husband to know. The same reason they eat creamed chipped beef on toast and rutabagas - cheap food. The hat business was not doing well in 1960. Fewer men were buying and wearing hats by then.

Question: Where is Peggy's son Scott in Peggy Sue Got Married? Why do we only ever see her daughter Beth?

Answer: Away at college.

Question: Carol and Maddy are with Peggy Sue in her bedroom talking. A phantom voice says: "hey Peggy Sue" Someone please explain this unusual occurrence.

Answer: When Peggy Sue cusses, Maddy reprimands her by saying "hey Peggy Sue."

Question: As Peggy Sue and her friends walk down the school hall, she glances up and sees a Mylar balloon. While it is intended to remind her of the reunion, I wondered if Mylar balloons were available in 1960?


Chosen answer: It was meant to be an anachronism. When she is talking to Richard later in the film, Peggy Sue says "I am a walking anachronism", meaning she is in the wrong time for what she knows. The balloon is a physical anachronism, being something she brought back to the past with her from the reunion.

Question: When Peggy comes home, her mom is talking to a strange man. Mom says that was nobody. Who was it, and why does mom say nobody?

Answer: He was a pawn shop owner or jeweler. She was getting quotes to sell her jewelry.

I assume that her father is made bad financial decisions because of the car. It doesn't show mom is bad but it shows mom has a lot of hidden secrets the cigarettes in the basement. Awesome mom didn't sit down at the table and Peggy pushes her to sit. One time her mother says to her even though she wants her to go on the date she weirdly says stand up to him stand up to him now. Do we assume that is abusive?

Question: When Peggy Sue looks at the children in the locket, what does this mean: "Your mother gave me those. It's you and me. You know that. So are they." Doesn't seem to make sense.

Answer: When Peggy receives the locket from Charlie in 1960, the pictures inside are baby pics of Peggy and Charlie however, in the future, Peggy had replaced the pictures in the locket to pics of her children Scott and Beth, so when she sees it she is slightly confused for a second until Charlie says, "that's you and me." When she says "so are they" she is realizing that her children are indeed her and Charlie (combined)... it's where she realises that she does want to be with Charlie otherwise her kids will never be born.

Answer: It's them to his kids and when they have kids she replaces it, and they just look alike. 9 months after he gives it to her the locket the boy will be born.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene the camera pulls back from a bedside locker to an over the shoulder shot of Kathleen Turner's character doing her make up in the mirror. Close inspection shows that the shoulder in the foreground is actually that of a double who doesn't quite match Turner's movements.

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Peggy Sue: We got married too young and ended up blaming each other for all the things we missed.
Carol Heath: So, he started having affairs and you started getting depressed.

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