No Time to Die

No Time to Die (2020)

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Continuity mistake: When Logan, Felix and Bond walk down the market at night, the passers-by are not continuous between the front and back shots.

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Other mistake: On the prison computer scan of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Blofeld's date of birth is shown as 4th July 1946, but he is only meant to be a few years older than James Bond, as seen in the photo of them together as teenagers in the film Spectre. That photo is meant to be circa 1985, and the newspaper clipping (also shown in Spectre) about Franz Oberhauser's (aka Blofeld) death in the avalanche happened when he was 16 years old. If he was 16 in 1985 then he should have been born in 1969, not 1946.

Continuity mistake: When Madeleine's mum falls asleep her hand lies parallel to her legs. A shot later it's perpendicular, over her tummy.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond greets Felix for the first time, Felix's glasses disappear in the side shots only to reappear in the front shots.

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Continuity mistake: Young Madeleine sits next to her mum who asks her if she wants to play a game. A shot later Madeleine is sitting much closer to her.

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Continuity mistake: When Safin holds the baby while walking in the garden, right after Madeleine leaves, the baby's head and/or body position is not continuous between shots. (02:00:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Madeleine lies on top of Bond at the hotel in Italy, her right-hand swaps between being around his ear or behind his head.

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Ernst Stavro Blofeld: James, fate draws us back together. Now your enemy is my enemy.

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Trivia: Cary Joji Fukunaga is the first American to direct an official Bond movie.

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