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Question: When Sorrento activated the Cataclyst, why didn't i-R0k immediately log out of the oasis by removing his VR Visor like Art3mis did in AECH's shop instead of trying to reach a portal?

Answer: I think on Battleworld it's not that simple, or anyone about to be killed can just log off before it happens. On Battleworld you need to reach a portal to log off. It's basically a PvP area. Aech's shop isn't (safe zone) and you can just simply log off directly there.


Answer: This is something that's answered in the book, but was left out in the film. In PvP areas such as Battleworld, you can't remove your visor to log out, removing your visor just leaves your character open for attack.


Question: Why does Art3mis seem surprised that she can't finish the race past King Kong for the first Easter egg? Isn't it widespread knowledge by then that nobody can get past that point (which is why there's barely anyone trying to complete the hunt anymore)?


Answer: If it's widely known then they wouldn't do the race. They keep on trying and getting to the point with King Kong is all they know, somehow getting past him this time. Artemis, when she saw the jump, thought she could do it this time, but after Parzival saves her and tells her it can't be done she realises he is probably right and she wouldn't have made it.


Answer: Maybe she thinks a motorcycle can do it because cars and trucks haven't been able to do it yet.

Question: How are you supposed to ride a motorbike at full throttle in reverse? That is what Art3mis must have done to win the first Quest and to earn her copper key. You can see her bike standing beneath the fountain while she receives the key.


Answer: It's a virtual reality world. Machines can do anything the programmer wants them to.

Answer: In addition, it isn't specifically stated that the vehicle must actually be traveling in reverse. It could be that all she had to do was turn the bike around and drive forward, but the opposite way of the track.

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Ironically, even if Halliday stated that he doesn't want to make rules, he also says particularly to go backwards, at full throttle, not forward in the opposite direction. So I will not go with that thought of yours.

That's not exactly what he said or meant. He gave a clue, an idea to break the traditional rules. He wasn't telling people to go backwards as that's how it must be. He was seeding the idea to go against the grain.

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Perhaps she turned around on the bike and rode it in backwards?

Answer: It wouldn't take too much in the OASIS to modify a motorcycle so that it could drive backwards to complete the race. Driving it would be difficult though.

Question: Why shut down their game system for only two days out of the week? Why not let it be on for only the weekends as they fix the world?


Answer: Why not shut off TV or the internet so we can can concentrate on real world problems in our own universe? The game system is pretty much the only source of entertainment and joy for most of the world's population, and the kids don't want to take it away.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Not to mention that kids use the OASIS to go to school.


Answer: Just because they were lousy at parenting and treated him badly doesn't mean you want them dead or aren't upset they are murdered.


Question: When the guy playing as Jason Voorhees gets killed in the OASIS, he throws off his goggles in a fit of rage and attempts to jump out the window to commit suicide. He's at work with other workers and surrounded by Dell computers. Am I mistaken... or are those modern day Dell computers? This movie takes place in 2045 and to me it seems unrealistic for a Japanese/Chinese company to be using almost 30 year old computers. (00:06:50)

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Answer: It is not uncommon for movies set in the future to include technology or brands from the era that they were made. For example, futuristic movies like Back to the Future Part II, Blade Runner or Alien include technology and brands that were popular when they were made, as well as appear just as they appeared at the time their respective movies were made, but become outdated as the years go by. This is done mainly because the filmmakers do not know what the real technologies or brands will be in 2045 so they have to use modern technologies and brands of our time to include in the movie. Though sometimes the technologies and brands can be incorporated with the technology the future setting in the movie has established to make it feel as real as possible.

Casual Person

Answer: I didn't notice the computers, but yes, you're right. They could have put Plexiglass boxes with glowing lights inside on everyone's desks where an electronic device might go, no wires, with maybe a place to put the headset onto for charging. I think that would have looked futuristic and been acceptable to the movie viewers. (Or maybe a pyramid design instead of a box design.) But someone else might suggest that the owner of the business where all the people work (if it is a business) might have opted for the "retro look" even though the computers/electronics inside are far beyond what they look like.;-).


Answer: 25 years from now a computer will still need an input device, a display device, and a box to hold the processor. Why would computers change all that radically? As the old saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


Computers have changed appearance radically over the past 10, 20, 30 years. Yes a computer from 1999 would have had an "input, display and box" but there's a stark difference in technology and design between that era and the modern day.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Since most people play on their own in their own homes and only on the Oasis, what a computer looks like seems much less important.


Question: In Aech's workshop after she shuts the lunchbox with the miniature spaceships in it, and says to excuse Parzival who gets nervous around pretty girls. Aech then snaps her fingers towards Art3mis who responds by pulling out her broken bike for a heads-up display and tosses it to Aech. Only, if you watch closely, the screen that pops up in front of Art3mis appears as Aech snaps her fingers before Art3mis even moves. My question is were Aech's fingers controlling Art3mis inventory screen? Or am I seeing a mistake here that the screen appeared before Art3mis actually summons it? Cause there is a slight delay between the screen appearing in front of Art3mis before she actually moves or reacts to Aech's finger snaps. (00:17:40)

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: Because Aech is in control of the garage, its possible Aech creates a way for Art3mis to allow her bike to appear inside it. Art3mis only then puts her bike into the screen (window) which then becomes corporeal and throws it at Aech. Aech sort of allows Art3mis to spawn her bike in the garage, so Aech can fix it. I guess in a way Art3mis gives ownership of the bike to Aech so Aech can fix it.


Question: Why was Sorrento's avatar's eyes glowing yellow when he first sees Irock then turn blue after he sighs? Was this a reference to Superman's heat vision? I don't get it. Does his Clark Kent looking avatar have those powers?

Answer: Sorrento's avatar's eyes are an indication of his mood. Blue is calm, but they flare yellow or orange the more agitated, upset, alarmed or angry he is. They only go completely red once - just before he sets off the Cataclyst.

Answer: Ironically, in a movie full of pop culture references in nearly every scene, this particular thing does not seem to be a direct reference to anything in particular. If this was supposed to be an indication of Superman's heat vision the color of the eyes would most certainly have been red, the color that is almost universally used for Superman's heat vision. The eyes seem to be yellow while Sorrento is in shadow and blue when he is not. Either that or the eyes just change color at random for no apparent reason other than Sorrento thinks it looks cool.


Question: The Leaderboard shows the top 5 gunters. 1) Why would zeroing out cause the board to go blank? They were still the first 5 to get the keys. If zeroing out does it, Aech and Saito (?) should have left the board earlier (dying earlier on Planet Doom). 2) Others had to be collecting keys too, including dozens/hundreds of IOI players, and hundreds of other players. Surely someone on the planet was a gunter and was sleeping during this excitement? Unaffected by the Cataclyst, they should have moved to the top of the board.


Answer: The idea was that anyone who had anything to do with the game was there, in sector 10, certainly all IOI and Gunters. The Cataclyst is specifically meant to zero out anything it reaches, unlike a death on planet doom, which only lets you lose what you currently have on you and not your entire avatar.


Question: In the final battle, as the IOI people are killed by Chucky, their pods turn red, they bail out, run to different red pods, which turn white again, and they're back in the fight. Why can't they just stay in their initial pods and re-enter the fight?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: As I understand it, when players are "killed" in the Oasis, they lose their points and possessions (are zeroed out). The players for IOI corp probably have to go through some re initialization procedure where they get a set of weapons and tools so they can be useful doing things for IOI. (Maybe coins too, but maybe IOI players at lower levels don't need to be buying anything they are not issued by IOI).


Answer: The red pods probably need to be reset for a new player first, which takes longer than going into a new pod.


Question: How did IOI figure out how to get the first key? I doubt Wade or his friends sent them an email telling them how to do it.

Answer: They all witnessed Percival and his friends do the race backwards, they just copied the act. Eventually everyone knew how to do it.


Answer: Actually, they never got the first key. They even talked about that they didn't need to since Parzival found it. If they did start getting the keys, they would appear on the leader boards also. So only the High Five found it.

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Actually they did need to get the key. The second key can only be acquired by someone who has received the first, and the same thing with the third key. Also, the High Five is simply referring to the first five to actually make it onto the leader-board. The simple fact is that once the secret was discovered, it was only a matter of time before it was general knowledge for everyone to do.

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Character mistake: After Wade is going over the second clue in his mind and trying to figure out what part of Halliday's past is he trying to escape from, he looks over the wall of article clippings and notes he has hung up. When the camera stops on Karen Underwood's obituary, there is a hand written note beside it listing movies set in New York, with the sentence "Set in New York" underlined. This apparently him looking for clues in films set there for the race challenge that is in Manhattan. However, one of the films he has written on that list is Mad Max, which takes place in Australia, not New York. (00:35:00)

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Halliday: She wanted to go dancing, so we watched a movie.

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Trivia: In the video that Halliday left behind after his death, you see floral arrangements around his coffin that are in the shape of the Star Trek's Federation symbol and one of the Enterprise. But the really cool thing is his coffin is actually a photon torpedo, exactly like Spock was put in after his death at the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Complete with the blue Federation flag draped over the end of it. (00:08:05)

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