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Corrected entry: The team claims to have hacked the Bossman's chair to make him think he got out of the game while he was still in it. However, getting out of the game when he is done with it only means physically removing the tech from his eyes. You cannot be convinced that you pulled it off without physically pulling it off.

Correction: Sorrento was also wearing a suit and gloves that allowed him to feel everything in the oasis. You see Wade fall for real when Artemis kicks him at the dance club because it was so real as well as Sorrento feeling the after effects of Wades kick to his groin. So when he "exited the oasis" he felt the virtual version of his headset, thinking it was the real one.

Corrected entry: At the end there is mention of 3 Atari 2600 titles in the Swordquest series. However, there were 4.

Correction: Swordquest: Airworld was never released so therefore it was unplayable on the virtual Atari system in the Oasis.

Corrected entry: Wade lived with his aunt and played his game in a separate location. When he calls his aunt on the phone, her boyfriend grabs the cellphone and tells him to never call there again. This does not make sense considering he lives there.

Correction: His aunt's boyfriend is an idiot and a jerk. He thinks he has a right to tell people what to do just because he can beat them up.

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Halliday: She wanted to go dancing, so we watched a movie.



The third key Easter egg was actually a color-changing flashing pixel in the Atari Adventure game. You had to grab the purple bridge (they looked like outward facing brackets) and go into a box in the lower left corner of the blue maze and move along the bottom left corner. In the movie, it was picked up in the invisible maze. The wall you walk through then flashes along with the pixel, and you may move through it as shown in the movie to see the author's name.