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Other mistake: The first time the cops come to the house, Connie and her son see them from the upstairs window, and start walking downstairs. It then cuts to the cops in the living room looking around, and Connie walks in and introduces herself. Her husband is not home, so did the cops just walk into in the house without knocking?

Continuity mistake: At the beginning the wind is blowing very hard and Richard Gere and his son are having problems getting outside. Two seconds later, when Diane Lane is looking at them through the window, there is no wind.

Continuity mistake: When Connie goes to the back to meet Paul in the coffee shop, there is a shopping bag in the chair next to Sally. The shot goes between her and the other two ladies talking. When the ladies at the table are taking about her getting work, there is nothing in the chair beside Sally. When the shot goes back to Connie coming back to sit down, the shopping bag is back in the chair.


Continuity mistake: Edward completely wrapped Paul's body up in a rug and wrapped the rug with tape. When the body is shown in the dump, Paul's right arm is exposed from it, although, the tape is still wrapped around the rug. (01:39:00)


Continuity mistake: In the scene at Cafe Noir, Constance goes to the restroom to meet Paul. She does not take her purse with her - her hands are empty. However, when she returns from making love in the restroom with Paul, she is carrying her purse.

Continuity mistake: In one of the opening scenes, when Constance first is at Paul's apartment, she puts two bandages on her scraped knee--both horizontal across her knee. In a later scene, that same day at her home, as she shows her son her knee, one of the bandages is bigger and also is off to the side of her knee, at an angle. The cuts on her knee change throughout the film. For example, when Constance is in the tub, suddenly she has a cut on the other knee, as well. And when she's on the train, in a later scene, daydreaming about Paul, the cuts don't seem even remotely healed, despite the fact that some time has passed.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Constance is in the kitchen with her son, he points out that the two pans are boiling over. A quick shot of the pans confirms this and Constance quickly takes one off the heat. A shot back and the remaining pan is not boiling over, a shot back again reveals that is suddenly boiling again.

Factual error: After leaving Paul's apartment the first time Connie is shown running through Grand Central. She runs into a track tunnel, but the train's destination on the schedule board is displayed in blue, which indicates that the train is a Harlem line train (these headers are color-coded). However in the remainder of the film both Connie and Edward are shown getting off at a station next to the Hudson river which is served by the (of course) Hudson Line, which are displayed with green colored destinations on its schedule board. Long story short she's getting on the wrong train.

Plot hole: When Edward meets with his PI, he hands him pictures of Connie and Paul that were taken the day before. In these pictures, there are also pictures of her coming out of Paul's apartment wearing jeans and a raincoat. The day Edward "went" to Chicago, was the same day she and Paul went to the movies. The next day, when Edward met with his PI to get the info, she hadn't seen Paul yet. And the day Edward hired the PI to follow his wife, she had already come and gone from Paul's wearing another black dress. The PI would only have time to see them on the day of the movie trip.


Other mistake: In the cafe Connie calls her lover Paul from the phone, says she is around the corner from his apartment and asks if he will wait for her. She walks to her table, and before she even has time to sit down at her table, which is only about 15 ft. from the phone she used, he comes walking up to the cafe door. He is supposed to live on the 2nd or 3rd floor, so he would have had to jump 2 or 3 floors and hit the ground running to even possibly make it there before she is able to sit down after hanging the phone up a few seconds earlier. (00:58:20)

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Richard Gere and Diane Lane begin to fool around the straps on her black slip come on & off so many times as if by magic, you're not sure if they plan on making love or not. (00:17:55)

Continuity mistake: The mark that Paul writes on Connie's hips becomes darker when Connie is in the bathtub. The flower isn't even the same - it changes directions and there is a small line in between the pestles originally that isn't there in the bathtub scene.


Other mistake: In the scene where Paul and Connie having their first lunch out and Connie feeling nervous Paul tells her if the guy on right pays etc. When Paul says, ''and i get to kiss u'' he puts down his cigarette on a tray on the table. 2 seconds later the camera goes to Connie to say "No'' and the cigarette is back in his hand.


Continuity mistake: When Paul draws the flower on Connie's skin, it is different from the one that she wipes off in the tub. Also, if you notice, when she is in the tub, the water level doesn't rise when Edward joins her in the tub as it should. Then when she leaves, the water level also stays the same for Edward.


Factual error: Diane Lane makes a phone call from one of the stations in New York and only inserts a quarter. This film was shot after the charge for a public phone call was changed to 35 cents.

Factual error: The phone number Constance gives Paul has a 914 area code which is the Westchester County area code, a suburb just outside of NYC. In a later scene, we see Constance shopping at a supermarket presumably in her neighborhood as she is in the suburbs, but when she hastily decides to drive into NYC, she drives over an unknown bridge that would never take you from Westchester County to NYC.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Connie and Paul run into each other on the sidewalk, you can see a crash mat blowing around.

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Suggested correction: I watched this scene over and over, looking for a crash mat or any other kind of mat. Didn't see one.

Well I did. Thanks.

Look closely when they're on the ground. You can see what looks like a black commercial rug that they sometimes have when you walk into large business buildings. The kind with rubber edges. Pause the video and you'll see the black rubber edges and then next second, the crash pad disappears.

Other mistake: After Edward kills the boyfriend, there is a scene where the family is having what appears to be Thanksgiving dinner. If it really is Thanksgiving, the timeline doesn't make any sense, since the rest of the movie appears to be in the spring time. For example: When the cops come to Diane Lane's house for the second time, she and Edward are working in the garden, and they remind her that she was in SoHo four weeks prior. Certainly someone wouldn't be working in the garden a couple weeks after Thanksgiving in New York, unless the line about "four weeks ago" is an error.

Continuity mistake: At the start Ed has a blue shirt on. He leaves the house with his son - when he turns to wave goodbye the shirt has turned grey.

Tracy: Having an affair is nothing like taking a pottery class.
Sally: Could be.
Tracy: No. It would start out like that, and then, um, something would happen. Someone, uh, finds out, or someone falls in love, and it ends disastrously. It always ends disastrously.

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Question: The final scene in the car at the red light in front of the Police station. They are discussing escaping to Mexico for the rest of their lives. They hold each other. The car doesn't move. Do they give themselves up to the police? Is that what the writer is implying?

Answer: Although Connie wanted them to go to Mexico and assume new identities, it is implied that Edward, who initially goes along with that idea, will likely turn himself into the police. However, there's no definitive ending given, so the audience is left to interpret the outcome.

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An alternative ending was shot in which Edward says goodbye to Connie in the car and walks into the police station. The director discusses this on the commentary track. The alternate ending is on the DVD.

Answer: Connie wants to say she is guilty and asks her husband to forgive her.

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