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Correction: I watched this scene several times and could not see any part of a pair of shorts, black or otherwise.

Corrected entry: After Edward kills the boyfriend, it seems that the family is having Thanksgiving dinner. However, the rest of the movie appears to be in the spring time. When then cops come to Edward and Connie's home, they are working in the garden, and bring up the parking ticket she got "4 weeks ago" in SoHo. It just seems that the dinner scene is out of place, since it could not have been fall/winter if they were working in the garden.

Correction: Who says its not a normal Sunday dinner? You can eat turkey any time of year.

Corrected entry: When Connie and Paul make love in the cafe bathroom, we see Connie return from the bathroom like nothing even occurred. However, if she and Paul just got done making love, wouldn't she be all sweaty and out of breath? Even if she wiped her face off, you should still be able to see that she was sweating. Same with Paul.


Correction: That was a quickie. Which means it happens quick. Which also means they probably didn't get at it for long enough for her to break a sweat. And she didn't run a marathon: catching back her breath would not have taken more than a minute or two.


Corrected entry: Constance's phone number (974 555 0703) is written down on a paper in Paul's apartment. The area code 974 does not exist in New York or the USA. In fact, the number 974 is the country code for Qatar. (01:23:00)


Correction: The area code is actually 914, which is the area code of Westchester county.

Corrected entry: When Connie is leaving Paul's apartment to pick up her child she goes to get in her car and you see a parking ticket on the windshield which is dry. In the next shot she gets into the car and the windshield is wet as if it had been raining prior to her entering the car.

Correction: Connie was in such a hurry, that she probably accidentally hit the wiper blade mechanism, which also activates the washer fluid. Look closely and you will see.

Corrected entry: When Richard Gere hits the book dealer in the head there is no way hitting him on top of the head would have killed him because the part of the brain that controls heart, lungs etc is at base of the skull. Even if the brain stem was in top of the skull the snow globe would shatter way before it fractured the skull. It would have had to be almost solid glass.


Correction: There was no indication that the blow to the head by the snow globe had killed the book dealer. The book dealer could have been simply knocked out due to the blow, and then died from blood loss.

Other mistake: The first time the cops come to the house, Connie and her son see them from the upstairs window, and start walking downstairs. It then cuts to the cops in the living room looking around, and Connie walks in and introduces herself. Her husband is not home, so did the cops just walk into in the house without knocking?

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Suggested correction: I'm pretty sure the housekeeper let them in if you listen carefully.

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Connie Sumner: Edward... did you hurt him? You did, didn't you? Jesus, Edward. Talk to me. Tell me what you did.
Edward Sumner: No. You tell me what you did.

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Question: In the final scene of the film Richard Gere and Diane Lane have their SUV stopped at a traffic light, and I've noticed that there's a police station directly to their right. This could have very well been a coincidence, but maybe it's not? Does anyone know if it signifies anything pertaining to the plot, for example, the dilemma of Richard Gere turning himself in vs. their decision to flee the country?

Answer: That's exactly what it is meant to portray. If I remember correctly, the SUV's left turn signal is on as well, which only reinforces that idea that they have a choice to make. Right, turn himself in, left, flee the country.


Nope, just watched it and there is no left turn signal.

Answer: The light stays green for a while, but the car never moves. Then it turns red. To me, that suggests that Edward realises he has to stop the insane world of commandment-breaking that he and Connie are living in. One of my favorite movie endings.

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