Other mistake: The first time the cops come to the house, Connie and her son see them from the upstairs window, and start walking downstairs. It then cuts to the cops in the living room looking around, and Connie walks in and introduces herself. Her husband is not home, so did the cops just walk into in the house without knocking?

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Suggested correction: I'm pretty sure the housekeeper let them in if you listen carefully.

Other mistake: In the cafe Connie calls her lover Paul from the phone, says she is around the corner from his apartment and asks if he will wait for her. She walks to her table, and before she even has time to sit down at her table, which is only about 15 ft. from the phone she used, he comes walking up to the cafe door. He is supposed to live on the 2nd or 3rd floor, so he would have had to jump 2 or 3 floors and hit the ground running to even possibly make it there before she is able to sit down after hanging the phone up a few seconds earlier. (00:58:20)

Other mistake: In the scene where Paul and Connie having their first lunch out and Connie feeling nervous Paul tells her if the guy on right pays etc. When Paul says, ''and i get to kiss u'' he puts down his cigarette on a tray on the table. 2 seconds later the camera goes to Connie to say "No'' and the cigarette is back in his hand.


Other mistake: When the son is going to the potty, you hear him peeing but there is no stream of urine.

Other mistake: After Edward kills the boyfriend, there is a scene where the family is having what appears to be Thanksgiving dinner. If it really is Thanksgiving, the timeline doesn't make any sense, since the rest of the movie appears to be in the spring time. For example: When the cops come to Diane Lane's house for the second time, she and Edward are working in the garden, and they remind her that she was in SoHo four weeks prior. Certainly someone wouldn't be working in the garden a couple weeks after Thanksgiving in New York, unless the line about "four weeks ago" is an error.

Other mistake: When the police arrive at the house the marked police car had Ardsley Police on the side. The other vehicle was unmarked. Charlie tells his mom it's NYPD before the detectives come into the house and introduce themselves. (01:34:00 - 01:35:00)


Continuity mistake: When Connie goes to the back to meet Paul in the coffee shop, there is a shopping bag in the chair next to Sally. The shot goes between her and the other two ladies talking. When the ladies at the table are taking about her getting work, there is nothing in the chair beside Sally. When the shot goes back to Connie coming back to sit down, the shopping bag is back in the chair.


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Tracy: Having an affair is nothing like taking a pottery class.
Sally: Could be.
Tracy: No. It would start out like that, and then, um, something would happen. Someone, uh, finds out, or someone falls in love, and it ends disastrously. It always ends disastrously.

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Question: When Edward was talking to Paul, and he was sitting on the bed and said he didn't feel well and was dizzy and looked at him (conveyed a blurry vision) and he then got up and hit him, was Edward drugged by Paul?

Answer: No, Edward was simply overcome with emotion.


I actually thought Edward was having a panic attack when he was sitting on the bed before he hit Paul in the head. Dizzy blurry vision breathing hard seems like a panic attack to me.

Answer: In my opinion the snow globe took him over the edge - that did it for him.

Answer: That was my first guess, because he took a look at Edward the moment he poured the second glass of vodka.

Answer: That's called temporary insanity.

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