Continuity mistake: At the beginning the wind is blowing very hard and Richard Gere and his son are having problems getting outside. Two seconds later, when Diane Lane is looking at them through the window, there is no wind.

Continuity mistake: When Connie goes to the back to meet Paul in the coffee shop, there is a shopping bag in the chair next to Sally. The shot goes between her and the other two ladies talking. When the ladies at the table are taking about her getting work, there is nothing in the chair beside Sally. When the shot goes back to Connie coming back to sit down, the shopping bag is back in the chair.


Continuity mistake: The mark that Paul writes on Connie's hips becomes darker when Connie is in the bathtub. The flower isn't even the same - it changes directions and there is a small line in between the pestles originally that isn't there in the bathtub scene.


Continuity mistake: In the scene at Cafe Noir, Constance goes to the restroom to meet Paul. She does not take her purse with her - her hands are empty. However, when she returns from making love in the restroom with Paul, she is carrying her purse.

Continuity mistake: In one of the opening scenes, when Constance first is at Paul's apartment, she puts two bandages on her scraped knee--both horizontal across her knee. In a later scene, that same day at her home, as she shows her son her knee, one of the bandages is bigger and also is off to the side of her knee, at an angle. The cuts on her knee change throughout the film. For example, when Constance is in the tub, suddenly she has a cut on the other knee, as well. And when she's on the train, in a later scene, daydreaming about Paul, the cuts don't seem even remotely healed, despite the fact that some time has passed.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Constance is in the kitchen with her son, he points out that the two pans are boiling over. A quick shot of the pans confirms this and Constance quickly takes one off the heat. A shot back and the remaining pan is not boiling over, a shot back again reveals that is suddenly boiling again.

Continuity mistake: Edward completely wrapped Paul's body up in a rug and wrapped the rug with tape. When the body is shown in the dump, Paul's right arm is exposed from it, although, the tape is still wrapped around the rug. (01:39:00)


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Richard Gere and Diane Lane begin to fool around the straps on her black slip come on & off so many times as if by magic, you're not sure if they plan on making love or not. (00:17:55)

Continuity mistake: When Paul draws the flower on Connie's skin, it is different from the one that she wipes off in the tub. Also, if you notice, when she is in the tub, the water level doesn't rise when Edward joins her in the tub as it should. Then when she leaves, the water level also stays the same for Edward.


Continuity mistake: At the start Ed has a blue shirt on. He leaves the house with his son - when he turns to wave goodbye the shirt has turned grey.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning the wind is blowing very hard and Richard Gere and his son are having problems getting outside. Two seconds later, when Diane Lane is looking at them through the window, there is no wind.

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Connie Sumner: I think this was a mistake.
Paul: There is no such thing as a mistake. There are things you do, and things you don't do.

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Question: In the final scene of the film Richard Gere and Diane Lane have their SUV stopped at a traffic light, and I've noticed that there's a police station directly to their right. This could have very well been a coincidence, but maybe it's not? Does anyone know if it signifies anything pertaining to the plot, for example, the dilemma of Richard Gere turning himself in vs. their decision to flee the country?

Answer: That's exactly what it is meant to portray. If I remember correctly, the SUV's left turn signal is on as well, which only reinforces that idea that they have a choice to make. Right, turn himself in, left, flee the country.


Nope, just watched it and there is no left turn signal.

Answer: The light stays green for a while, but the car never moves. Then it turns red. To me, that suggests that Edward realises he has to stop the insane world of commandment-breaking that he and Connie are living in. One of my favorite movie endings.

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