Batman Returns

Question: What kept the police from going into the sewers to retrieve Oswald?

Answer: Nothing was stopping them. After Penguin's true nature was revealed, they most likely started searching the entire sewer system but couldn't find where his lair actually was so they had no choice but to give up.

Question: After she falls, what exactly makes Selyna Kyle go nuts? And what is she trying to do to her apartment?

Quantom X

Answer: The film keeps it ambiguous. There are two ways to look at it. Scenario A- She literally died and is brought back to life by the alley-cats somehow, adapting some of their traits. Or... Scenario B- The trauma of falling and sustaining a head-injury, along with her paranoia after Schreck tried to kill her, has driven her mad, and she uses her connection with cats to build a new persona. (Which is supported by the fact that all the things she claims "kills" her with each of her "nine lives" wouldn't actually have killed her. Ex. Her one fall is broken by the kitty-litter truck. Max doesn't hit her in any vital organs when he shoots her. Etc.) Her destroying her apartment is her lashing out at all the things she used to hold dear- her vision of a normal life, etc. It's symbolic of her purging the past and embracing the future. (Plus, oftentimes when people throw fits, they'll smash stuff up).

Chosen answer: She just died, and came back to life. The shock drove her mad. She really isn't doing anything but destroying it.


Answer: It isn't. If you look at when he dies you will see that he has cuts on his face that are bleeding red. The blue liquid is more like a bile, probably similar to saliva.

Chosen answer: It is part of the mutation that caused his peculiar appearance.


Question: Why is Penguin coughing up green stuff before he dies? And is that his blood?

Quantom X

Answer: It is poison from Shrek's factory.

Chosen answer: It is suppose to be his blood.


Question: Is the fact that the penguins that pull Oswald Cobblepot to his watery grave are obviously not real penguins count as a mistake? They blend well into the background throughout the course of the movie up until this point where it is blatantly obvious.


Chosen answer: Unless you can pinpoint something that proves they are not real penguins (exposed seams, zippers on the costumes, etc) it is not a mistake. They were indeed portrayed by 'little people' in penguin costumes, but to say that they 'just don't look real enough' would be an opinion, not a mistake.


Chosen answer: Shreck was a character created for the movie. The part was originally intended to be Harvey Dent, and the explosion at the end would scar him, paving the way for Two Face in a third movie, but the filmmakers opted for an original character instead. The name comes from a German actor who played Count Orlok in "Nosferatu".

Question: Maybe I missed something, but how exactly can The Penguin frame Max Shreck with the toxic waste and documents? In my opinion, I think that Gotham feared Penguin and would dismiss any evidence he had against Shreck. If someone could please enlighten me, I would be thankful.

Deidra Goins

Answer: He wasn't framing him, he was blackmailing him. Penguin had more than enough evidence to crush Max's Empire and put him away for a very long time. The toxic waste came from Shreck's plants, the documents were legit and shredded, Penguin taped them back together, plus he could tie him to the dead business partner for a murder conviction.

Chosen answer: If the evidence is convincing enough, the Gotham authorities would believe it, regardless of the source.


Question: If people are for Penguin then why did they bring eggs, lettuce, and tomatoes to his speech? That and why aren't the police out looking for the kids once informed given Batman has to go home and suit up?


Answer: The crowd of people were likely carrying bags of groceries.

Question: Why exactly does Penguin die? He just falls into his "moat" and comes out bleeding and dying. He wasn't hurt by the bats too much. He made reference to there being a "toxic" lagoon earlier in the movie, so are we to assume the water is polluted by toxic chemicals? And if so, how can the penguins swim in it without being hurt?

Answer: The Penguin dies because he must have a cold environment to survive. At the end of the movie, his lair is in flames and Catwoman has blown up his air conditioner. He overheats and chokes to death. He's also no doubt sufferered injuries because of the rocket bombardment.

Answer: The penguin dies because of a) the polluted water (I always wondered why it doesn't poison the animals) and b) his wounds.

Answer: I always assumed when he falls through the glass he gets cut up and bleeds, but maybe we can't see the injury.

Answer: The Penguin dies from toxic water, he let this in when he blasts though the wooden barricades which blocked it off when he gets into his rubber duck mobile, dew to his impatience and frustration with Batman which ironically leads to his downfall.

Question: One question answered on this movie says that Penguin died because he was out of the cold. Another says he just prefers cold. So does he need cold or not and why did he die?

Quantom X

Chosen answer: Penguin died due to the wounds he sustained during the missile explosions earlier.


Chosen answer: He doesn't need to be in cold to survive. He just prefers it since he's lived in the cold his entire life.


Question: What exactly happened to Vicki Vale between movies? She's mentioned a couple times in this one, but it's never said what happened.

Quantom X

Chosen answer: The same thing that happens to all the women in Bruce Wayne's life who learn his secret: She eventually realized that she would always be second to Batman, and never know if he'd make it home each night, so she left.

Captain Defenestrator

Answer: They broke up. At one point in the movie, Bruce tells Selina that he had a girlfriend (Vicki), but, and I quote, "It didn't work out."

Question: When the Penguin kills the Ice Princess, he then tries to kill Catwoman with his umbrella and crosses the crowd to his press van. Why doesn't the mob kill him after the murder and attempted murder?

Erik M.

Answer: The public believes Batman killed the Ice Princess, and they don't know about Penguin trying to kill Catwoman. The crowd that is surrounding his van are his supporters, not an angry mob.


Question: It is never explained why Catwoman hates Batman enough to attack him during their first encounter. A day or two earlier, when she was just Selina Kyle, Batman had actually saved her from one of the thugs rioting in Gotham City, so there is no reason for her to be so aggressive towards him (other than the fact that the audience expects them to be enemies, which is no explanation at all). Why does she?

Gibson Rickenbacker

Answer: Not to be rude... but did you somehow miss the part where she just blew up a building and Batman is trying to catch her for it? Of course, she's gonna fight back and be aggressive... she doesn't want to get caught. (Although she is also very seductive to him).


Answer: She was in a rage against all men, her boyfriend dumped her and her boss threw her out of a window. She attacked a mugger and felt hatred for the female victim for being afraid. She felt invincible after blowing up the building and was not going to let a man in a bat suit stop her. After falling off the building, he saved her life. That's when the sexual attraction began.

Question: The penguins were left behind when the zoo closed. Who/what kept them alive? Oswald?

Answer: They fended for themselves. Like I wrote, they're large mutated penguins they would have no fear of dangerous predators. They hunt and defend the little ones. They use the Gotham sewers to forage for food.

Answer: It was most likely the four large mutated penguins that kept them alive, providing protection and feeding them. Being as large as they were they probably had no fear of dangerous predators.

So who kept the four large penguins alive?

Question: Although Shreck's death makes the situation moot, why would Batman risk revealing his identity to Selina right in front of Shreck if his intention is for Shreck to go into police custody? Surely Shreck would have revealed Batman's identity had he survived.


Chosen answer: It has always been in Batman's character to do everything it takes to save lives, any lives, no matter what. In Batman forever, during the circus scene, he immediately jumps to his feet and reveals who he is to Harvey Dent when Dent threatens everyone at the circus with a bomb (even though the noise of the crowd means nobody hears him, his intention was clear). At this point in the movie, Bruce cannot think of any other way to get through to Selina and show her that there is another choice besides revenge and murder. He's trying to save her from herself and save Shreck from her, giving up his identity and his secret is something he simply decides is worth it. That's who Batman is!


Question: When the Red Triangle Circus approaches the Batmobile to attach the transmitter, we see one clown with the schematics of the Batmobile. How the hell did they get hold of such plans? I highly doubt Batman/Bruce Wayne would let such information get out.

Russel Denton

Chosen answer: In the novelization of the film, it is implied that Max Shreck used his money to bribe the original designer/fabricator (or one of their disgruntled employees) to give him the plans.


Question: When the two cops find Catwoman in the department store, she uses her whip to disarm them. They put their hands up and one says, "Don't hurt us, lady, or take homes lesson 300?" To which she replies, "You've overpaid. Hit the road." What exactly is homes lesson 300?

Answer: He says "our take home is less than 300", meaning their paycheck (or what they "take home") is less than $300. Her reply is that the store is still paying them too much (i.e. they're worthless as security officers).


Answer: The cop actually says "Our take home is less than 300," presumably meaning they make less than $300 per week.


Answer: He says "our take home's less than 300". As in their net pay is less than $300 a week.

Question: How did the Penguin initially cross paths with the Red Triangle Circus? Did they just wander into the sewer and take him into their custody?


Answer: It's never explained, but more than likely someone either found him or he left the sewer on his own accord when he was younger, and he ended up in the circus due to his peculiar features. That's where he met the clowns and performers who would eventually make up the "Red Triangle gang."


Question: Why did everyone completely ignore Penguin biting a man's nose off?


Answer: He didn't bite it off, but almost. The people in the room are all just power and money hungry, they decide to ignore it in hopes to keep their job.


Answer: The same reason real-world employees might not say anything if their boss is abusive or inappropriate - they want to stay quiet and keep their jobs. Best not rock the boat, so to speak. Also, both Penguin and Max Shreck are very influential people - not exactly the sort of people you'd want to mess with or contest. Hence, everyone sort-of just ignores what happened and continues on with their day.


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Continuity mistake: Just before Batman takes his mask off at the end, the black makeup around his eyes vanishes while the mask is still on. (01:48:20)

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Selina Kyle: Honey, I'm home. Oh, I forgot. I'm not married.

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