Batman Returns

Trivia: Harvey Dent, who would later become Two Face, was originally going to be in this film instead of Max Schreck. The plan was to have Catwoman turn him into Two Face the same way she ended up killing Schreck, except of course Dent obviously would've survived and become Two Face.


Trivia: Annette Bening was cast as Catwoman but after becoming pregnant was replaced by Michelle Pfeiffer.


Trivia: The shot where the monkey walks down the stairs to give The Penguin the letter from Batman took many shoots to complete, because Danny DeVito's makeup frightened it.

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Trivia: At the beginning of the film, Paul Reubens makes a brief cameo as The Penguin's father. He'd later go on to play the same part (if very different characterisation) in the TV series "Gotham".


Trivia: Sean Young very much wanted the role of The Catwoman. During pre-production she arrived at the studio in a Catwoman costume to confront the makers of the movie. She used other people scouting the studio grounds, using walkie-talkies to communicate, to track down the producers.


Trivia: Michelle Pfeiffer has stated that they put tuna in her blouse, so that the cats would climb all over her in the alley, in the shots where they resurrect her as Catwoman.

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Trivia: Christopher Walken's character, Schreck, is German for the word terror. Also, the same name, Max Schreck, was the real name of Count Orlok in the 1922 movie Nosferatu.


Trivia: The massive Gotham City sets were all constructed so that could be mobile, and they were often shifted between days of filming. Michelle Pfeiffer said in an interview that she routinely got lost on her way to filming each day, because she couldn't find the correct set.

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Trivia: Michelle Pfeiffer said that she went through roughly 60 catsuits during the 6 month shoot. Each one cost $1,000.

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Trivia: Robin was originally supposed to be in this film, but was cut at the last minute. His story was that Penguin killed his family during the circus, and wanted revenge, but too many elements of revenge already existed in the film and it would have been overwhelming.

Trivia: Probably in order not to spoil the effect, Danny DeVito was forbidden to describe the Penguin's makeup to anyone, including his family.

Trivia: When Michelle Pfeiffer's confronted by Christopher Walken in his office (while she's sat down), the shadow cast around her eyes by her glasses resembles the angled Catwoman mask.

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Trivia: During the initial attack by the circus gang, you can hear a snatch of "Making Christmas", which is a piece of music from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas", also scored by Danny Elfman.

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Trivia: The Christmas ball scene is symbolic: since it is a masquerade party all the guests are in disguise. The only guests who aren't wearing masks are Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. This implies that their real personalities are Batman and Catwoman respectively, and that their public persona is the real disguise.


Trivia: The film initially had a rather lucrative McDonald's Happy Meal tie-in which included "Batman Returns" toys with every meal. After the film was released, parents complained about its dark imagery and cynical themes, and McDonald's began to re-market the toys as simply general "Batman" toys as opposed to "Batman Returns" toys. The toys themselves were considered something of a rarity for some time, as a rumor was started that McDonald's pulled the toys from market.


Trivia: When Batman tosses a goon over the bridge, the goon yells a Wilhelm scream.

Trivia: Dustin Hoffman was the first choice to play The Penguin.

Trivia: Neither Tim Burton nor Michael Keaton had been signed up in advance for a sequel. Burton came on board only after the script met all his demands, whilst Keaton only agreed to do the second film after a serious hike in salary.

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Continuity mistake: In Schreck's department store, when Catwoman is doing her cartwheels, her heels collapse. (00:53:40)

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Selina Kyle: Honey, I'm home. Oh, I forgot. I'm not married.

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Question: After she falls, what exactly makes Selyna Kyle go nuts? And what is she trying to do to her apartment?

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Answer: The film keeps it ambiguous. There are two ways to look at it. Scenario A- She literally died and is brought back to life by the alley-cats somehow, adapting some of their traits. Or... Scenario B- The trauma of falling and sustaining a head-injury, along with her paranoia after Schreck tried to kill her, has driven her mad, and she uses her connection with cats to build a new persona. (Which is supported by the fact that all the things she claims "kills" her with each of her "nine lives" wouldn't actually have killed her. Ex. Her one fall is broken by the kitty-litter truck. Max doesn't hit her in any vital organs when he shoots her. Etc.) Her destroying her apartment is her lashing out at all the things she used to hold dear- her vision of a normal life, etc. It's symbolic of her purging the past and embracing the future. (Plus, oftentimes when people throw fits, they'll smash stuff up).

Chosen answer: She just died, and came back to life. The shock drove her mad. She really isn't doing anything but destroying it.

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