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Corrected entry: In both scenes with the 'helicopter' umbrella, it shows simply the small spokes attached to the handle. Now, even if there were a motor small enough to drive the 'blades', its not spinning near fast enough, the 'blades' are nearly big enough to move any air, and the absence of a tail rotor would mean that anyone standing on the handle would be rotating the opposite direction as the blades.

Correction: At a certain point there must be a suspension of disbelief, when it comes to particular 'gadgets' in this movie and others like it. To actually put forth an explanation, as to why an umbrella-copter would not have the ability to fly is both silly and unremarkable.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: There are several biker clowns not beaten by Batman early in the movie, but they disappear for the rest of it.


Correction: Not sure how this is a mistake, just because those henchmen were not featured later in the film.


On top of that, the bikers were wearing skull masks. There's no way of knowing whether or not they were still in the film unmasked later on.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Penguin takes control of the Batmobile with Batman in it, Batman finds the remote by punching through the floor of the car. How are we supposed to believe that this mass of armour and weapons would have a floor weak enough to punch through? (01:21:40)

Correction: If anyone would know what the Batmobile's weak points are, it's Batman. It could be an access panel.

JC Fernandez

Correction: The Ice Princess is facing Batman at the top of the building -- in other words, her back is to the ground. She falls backwards. The closeup shots of her falling, she is face-up. And she lands face-up. She was never face-down.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: If Batman's little Bat-Gadget had enough force to knock out three henchmen, then how come it doesn't harm the poodle which jumps up to retrieve it? (00:53:00)


Correction: Much the same way that if you threw a frisbee really hard at someone it would hurt quite a bit, but dogs can catch them with great ease when properly trained.


Corrected entry: On Wednesday, Selena completely destroys Shreck's department store and by Saturday night they have a grand Christmas masquerade ball in the same store.

Correction: There may be more than one Shreck department store.

Corrected entry: What are penguins doing in the sewer of a big city anyway? Isn't it a bit warm for them?

Correction: Firstly, penguins live all over the Southern hemisphere, from tropical islands (Galapagos penguins) to Antartica (Emperor penguins). Secondly, penguins are very successfully kept in zoos and aquaria all over the world, so it does not seem unreasonable that they could survive in a sewer system of a big city, as long as there was plenty of water, a source of food and few predators. I assume in this movie we are meant to assume that they escaped from a zoo or other captivity.

Correction: The gun belongs to the killed Clown.

Correction: A similar mistake was already submitted and corrected. She doesn't hit him in the center, it's always to his right side. In fact, in the scene she made it a point to attack him there since she knows his chest is protected.


Corrected entry: The crib changes buoyancy throughout the opening credits; for example in one shot the crib slides down a chute and sinks very low in the water. In the next shot the crib is out much higher. (00:02:20)


Correction: The speed of going down the chute is what caused the carriage to sink lower in the water. After that it raises back up.


Corrected entry: Right after Catwoman shocks Schreck with the taser at the end, you can see the two of them walk off the set.

Correction: Looks more like the transformer just falls down and pushes them into the smoke and behind the machinery next to them.


Corrected entry: McDonalds planned to make Happy-Meal toys for this movie, but they pulled the plug because the movie was too violent.


Correction: Actually McDonald's did go through with the toy line for this movie as well as a line of promotional drinking cups, due to having already produced a fair amount of stock and spent millions on an advertising campaign before it was released. The toys can be seen at the following link and the commercial at They actually defended their choice to NOT pull the plug on the premiums by stating the tie in was meant to refer to the Batman character itself rather than the questionable content of the movie (

Correction: It is the same shot, but viewed at different angles, which is a common filmmaking technique to heighten the suspense.

Corrected entry: When Batman and Penguin converse for the first time in front of the department store you can see below them a Catwoman figure kneeling while another Catwoman is flipping from the distance.

Correction: Is this in the improperly-framed fullscreen version? Because in the widescreen version you only see her flipping between the two of them.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Bruce meets Selina in the streets of Gotham and enquires about the relighting of the Christmas tree, she says "It's going to be a hot time in the cold town tonight".this is a nod to the previous film - in that film it is the Joker who says this.

Correction: Observations in films are not trivia worthy. Additionally obvious observations such as the same line being used in a sequel is nothing new, just look at Terminator.


Corrected entry: When Catwoman breaks into the department store she beheads mannequins by snapping her whip at them. Unfortunately, her whip never even touches the mannequins - if you freeze frame the DVD you can even see that she misses by a couple feet.

Correction: Not true, Michelle Pfeiffer actually did this stunt - all four heads in the first take. There is behind the scenes footage of her performing it on the new special edition DVD. The reason it doesn't looks that way on your DVD is that the tip of the whip is travelling much too fast for the film frames to pick it up (parts of the whip can exceed the speed of sound. See True Cause of Whip's Crack Uncovered for details).


Corrected entry: At one point, one of the Penguin's clowns kidnaps the mayor's baby, and drops into a sewer to hand the baby to The Penguin. As we peer into the sewer, we see that it's a narrow stone shaft. The Penguin then slowly emerges from the manhole from one of the ducks he keeps in the sewer. He would not have been able to emerge as far as he did even if he stood on the duck's head.

Correction: There are many possibilities with the gadgets the Penguin has. What if the seat rose up or there was a ladder.

Correction: How do you know she was chauffeured to Bruce's? They agree that she will meet him at 5 and watch the tree lighting, so it is entirely possible that she drove her own car to the manor.

Correction: They never actually show Selena leaving in her car..they show her in "a" car sometime after she left the mansion. There is no telling who's car it is or the time frame.

Corrected entry: When Max Shreck is throwing wrapped gifts out into the crowd, he picks up a rectangular-shaped gift and throws it towards the crowd. But when it reaches the crowd the gift has become two smaller wrapped gifts. (00:10:20)

Correction: If you watch carefully, he actually picks up 3 gifts, not 1. You can tell because a.) there are 3 distinct bows and b.) the outside 2 presents are wrapped in red and the middle in green.

Corrected entry: When Selina returns home from work she takes milk out of the fridge and pours her cat some, leaving the carton on the bench. She then realises she forgot something and returns to the office. After being pushed out of the window, Selina returns home in a daze and gets the milk from the fridge to pour some for her cat. The milk was never put back in the fridge when she left her house the first time.

Correction: It's reasonable to assume that Selina might have more than one carton of milk at a time, to ensure that her cat has a constant source of milk. Being dazed, she might not remember that she's already taken one out of the fridge.

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Selina Kyle: Honey, I'm home. Oh, I forgot. I'm not married.

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Trivia: Harvey Dent, who would later become Two Face, was originally going to be in this film instead of Max Schreck. The plan was to have Catwoman turn him into Two Face the same way she ended up killing Schreck, except of course Dent obviously would've survived and become Two Face.

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Question: What kept the police from going into the sewers to retrieve Oswald?

Answer: Nothing was stopping them. After Penguin's true nature was revealed, they most likely started searching the entire sewer system but couldn't find where his lair actually was so they had no choice but to give up.

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