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Continuity mistake: At the very beginning of the movie Patience is at work. She gets yelled at by the boss, she goes home and can't sleep because the neighbors' music is too loud, then she goes back to work. It's the next day, but Patience, her coworker and her boss are all wearing the same clothes. They even make a point to comment on how awful her outfit is and she's wearing the same awful outfit the next day.

Continuity mistake: After Patience overhears the information about Beau-line and is chased into the warehouse: the guards come up behind her and see a well-lit full silhouette shadow of her, and she raises her left hand. However, when the camera point of view changes to show her face, her back is up against a stack of boxes/buckets, and there is no light source behind her.

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Revealing mistake: In the jewellery store when the robbers are smashing the display cases they shatter before being hit with the shotgun butts.

Factual error: Laurel shoots her husband dead and gets the fingerprints of Catwoman on the gun. When Catwoman/Patience later is interrogated for the murder, they say that her fingerprints were on the weapon that killed George Hedare. In a case like this, they would surely do a test for gunshot residue on both Patience and Laurel. The lack of GSR on Patience would at least have created certain doubts.


Continuity mistake: When Catwoman and Tom Lone are fighting on the catwalk above the play, when she licks him her lipstick is bright red. When she purrs in his ear it's a maroon colour, but when the shot changes back her lipstick is bright red again.

Factual error: The Nokia 7610 does not support video telephone.

Continuity mistake: When Catwoman steals the motorcycle she takes off without a helmet. We see her riding between cars, etc. with a helmet on and then when she comes to a stop she doesn't have a helmet on.


Continuity mistake: The police officer had to kick the apartment door down to get to Patience, but as she is hurrying out the door, the door jamb isn't broken and the door can latch normally.

Continuity mistake: When Patience and the officer are running to get out of the rain, Patience's lipstick is first on, then off as they run into the flower shop and then back on again.

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Continuity mistake: When Patience Phillips wakes up after robbing the jewelry shop, her hand goes up to her bed and there are a bunch of jewels. She has a ring on that hand, however, as she gets a bag and puts everything in it, the ring is gone. She then finds that ring mixed in with everything, and tries it on the left and then right hand, where it stays. In the next scene as she keeps putting stuff into the bag and then finds the necklace, when she holds it up, her hands are visible... guess what? NO RING.

Continuity mistake: At the carnival, when Tom and Patience are on the ferris wheel, there is an aerial shot of them starting to go down towards the ground. The next shot is one of them coming up over the top.

Continuity mistake: In the scene after Patience escaped from the jail cell and is trying to get out of the police station she is standing in front of a window. In the shot facing the window you can see that the window is closed, by her reflection in it, but then when she turns towards the window and jumps out of it, it is fully opened. She never had a chance to open it before jumping out.

Continuity mistake: When Patience went outside to rescue the cat, she was barefoot. She came back inside, left straight away for work without putting on her shoes, but she had shoes on when she was at work.

Continuity mistake: When Catwoman is on stage during the ballet, dozens of cops enter from every entrance/exit door with their guns drawn and flashlights on, as they walk down the aisles. As Catwoman runs out through the backstage, the audience applauds thinking it was part of the show and as they applaud the wide shot, from the balcony it shows the audience applauding but not one single cop is in the theatre, the aisles or on stage. No flashlight beams are even shown.

Continuity mistake: When Patience wakes up and touches the jewelry store loot, the amount of jewels by the tiara increases between shots.

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Revealing mistake: In far shots of Catwoman walking towards ledges, such as the scene where she lands on the overlooking porch in the mansion, and moves to fall forward to the floor ahead and when she walks the top buildings, you can tell it's a CGI character by the way she falls from one level to another because the character's body doesn't react/shift the way it would if it fell from one level to another. You can see the character standing straight and as it falls a short distance it's still standing straight without any sign that it even fell.

Audio problem: Patience and Tom get into a one-on-one basketball game. Before they do, a student urging them was dribbling a ball. While catching it between both his hands (to pass it to Patience), it makes a noise like it hit the ground.

Revealing mistake: When one of the robbers is about to hit the glass in the jewelry store the glass breaks when he hits it, but if you see closely when he's about to hit it you can see that the glass actually breaks first.

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Continuity mistake: When Catwoman first meets the woman with lots of cats, she is sitting on the couch with a bunch of cats around her. The Siamese's that are next to her keep changing from sleeping, to looking at her to one sleeping and one looking at her.

Revealing mistake: When Patience escapes from the jail cell by slithering herself through the metal bars, it's obvious that one of the bars is made of rubber or another soft material. One can easily see it bend to accommodate her body and then go back to its original shape.

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Answer: It was, yes. The filmmakers deliberately didn't bother with anything resembling film continuity, intending to make this a completely new character.

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