Catwoman (2004)


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Drina: I think this is so boring.
George Hedare: Don't.
Drina: What?
George Hedare: Think. Consider this a condition of our relationship.

Catwoman: Cats come when they feel like it. Not when they're told.

Lance: Hey! Man sandwich! Twelve o'clock.

Ophelia: You died, but you were reborn. Midnight knew your fate, that's why she tested you, to see if you were worthy of a gift she could give you, a gift that could change your life, and give you a new one. You are not alone child, she saved others before you, look.

Wesley: Mr. Hedare wanted me to inform you that he'll be at the factory for the rest of the afternoon.
Laurel Hedare: If by the factory you mean he's at the Four Seasons teaching Drina how to unlock the minibar. Consider me informed.
Wesley: But he said he'll be working with.
Laurel Hedare: Wesley, George hasn't said anything meaningful to me since he said "I do."

Catwoman: White Russian, no ice, no vodka... hold the Kahlua.

Laurel Hedare: I was everything they wanted me to be. I was never more beautiful. Never more powerful. And then I turned 40 and they threw me away.

Ophelia: Bastet is a rarity. The Goddess of the moon and of the sun. She represents the duality in all women, docile yet aggressive, nurturing yet ferocious.

Continuity mistake: After Patience overhears the information about Beau-line and is chased into the warehouse: the guards come up behind her and see a well-lit full silhouette shadow of her, and she raises her left hand. However, when the camera point of view changes to show her face, her back is up against a stack of boxes/buckets, and there is no light source behind her.

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Answer: It was, yes. The filmmakers deliberately didn't bother with anything resembling film continuity, intending to make this a completely new character.

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