Trivia: The film was widely despised, including by its own star Halle Berry. She hated it so much, she actually showed up to accept her "Worst Actress" Razzie award in-person (while also jokingly holding her "Best Actress" Oscar for "Monster's Ball"), and referred to the film as a "piece of shit" and "god-awful" during her acceptance speech.


Trivia: 43 cats were trained for this movie. Halle Berry decided to keep one of these for her own (a white-and-orange one called Play Dough).

Trivia: During the dinner scene at the sushi bar, Halle Berry gorges herself on sushi while Benjamin Bratt looks on in astonishment. The 'sushi' you see is actually chunks of fruit that were shaped to look like raw fish.

Revealing mistake: In the jewellery store when the robbers are smashing the display cases they shatter before being hit with the shotgun butts.

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Question: What ballet was Mr. Hedare watching when at the theater?

Answer: Mr. Hedare was watching what appeared to be a performance by Cirque de Soleil.

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