Batman: The Animated Series

Batgirl Returns - S3-E8

Question: How did Catwoman know where Barbara's school was? And how did she know that Barbara is Batgirl? And knew where to leave her note for Barbara to meet her at the pier?

Answer: Because he stole a chemical from his lab.

But Batman knew that with it, Clayface could permanently retain his shape and Clayface desperately wanted to be Matt Hagen again. In a sense, Batman stopped Clayface from becoming human.

Show generally

Question: How is it possible the doctors at Arkham can keep being fooled by the likes of Poison Ivy, Two Face, The Riddler, etc., who're only pretending to be cured? Surely they could tell when they're faking.


Answer: The problem is that you're trying to force real-world logic into a series with heavy sci-fi/fantasy elements and broad storytelling. Would a real-world psychologist be able to tell when someone is faking? Possibly. But that doesn't make for fun storytelling, especially for a fantasy-heavy series aimed predominately at children. This is one of those cases where the audience is merely expected to suspend their disbelief for the sake of entertainment. And I can tell you that as a kid who watched this show when it first aired in the 90's, I personally never even thought about it.


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Two-Face (1) - S1-E17

Trivia: Harvey Dent's demanding of a mirror to see his scarred visage at his doctor's reluctance is very similar to the Joker demanding a mirror from his surgeon in the 1989 "Batman" film. (00:20:30)


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