Return to Oz

Answer: The fire made the authorities discover the abused patients they'd locked in the basement.

Brian Katcher

Question: Why doesn't Ozma wear her crown and green dress when she first meets Dorothy? Why does she wear a white gown and have a straight hairstyle instead of the hairstyle she has when she's in Oz?

Answer: She was in the human world so she was in disguise.

Continuity mistake: When Dorothy finds Tik Tok, there are cobwebs that hang from the wall beside him, and are draped on the side of Tik Tok's metal helmet. However in some shots these cobwebs that hang on his helmet vanish, then reappear again.


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Trivia: The only film directed by Oscar-winning film and sound editor Walter Murch. During principal photography, some production troubles almost caused the film to be shut down. Murch's friend George Lucas (of "Star Wars" fame) evidently watched some of the footage Murch had already shot, and impressed by what he saw, convinced Disney to resume production.

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