Return to Oz

Visible crew/equipment: After just meeting Tik-Tok, Dorothy winds him up, and then he bows, and raises his hat. As he bows a crewmember can clearly be seen crouched behind him. (00:36:20)

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Factual error: When Dorothy runs away from the hospital she is chased by a nurse, who has a torch. Earlier in this film the doctor said they two months away from the 20th century which gives the year as 1899. Such a modern torch that the nurse had was not invented yet.

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Continuity mistake: When Dorothy finds Tik Tok, there are cobwebs that hang from the wall beside him, and are draped on the side of Tik Tok's metal helmet. However in some shots these cobwebs that hang on his helmet vanish, then reappear again.

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Trivia: Here are some interesting tidbits about where some of the aspects of the movie came from, which is a compilation of the books following the first. Jack Pumpkinhead, the Powder of Life, the Gump, Mombi, Ozma (Tip) and the escape off the top of the roof all come from 'The Marvelous Land of Oz'. The multiple heads angle, the Gnome King's Nick-Nack game, the chicken coop, Billina, and Tik-Tok all come from 'Ozma of Oz'. The tunnel under the Deadly Desert that Mombi uses to get to the Gnome King seems to come from 'The Emerald City Of Oz'.


Trivia: Since the ruby slippers were created for the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie (the book used silver shoes instead), they are still protected by copyright. Disney had to pay MGM a huge sum of money for the rights to use them in Return to Oz, where they take the place of the magic belt in the books.

Trivia: The only film directed by Oscar-winning film and sound editor Walter Murch. During principal photography, some production troubles almost caused the film to be shut down. Murch's friend George Lucas (of "Star Wars" fame) evidently watched some of the footage Murch had already shot, and impressed by what he saw, convinced Disney to resume production.

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Mombi III: Not beautiful you understand, but you have a certain prettiness, different from my other heads. I believe I'll lock you in the tower for a few years until your head is ready. And then I'll take it.
Dorothy: I believe you will NOT!

Ozma: Why did they bring you here, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Because I can't sleep, and I talk about a place that I've been to, but nobody believes that it exists.

The Nome King: Don't you know that eggs are poison?
Billina: Poison, indeed!
The Nome King: Poison... Poison to... Nomes.

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